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Every era gives birth to the characters who sincerely believe in the ideals, aspiring to a better life. Among the most famous next to the names of Maya Plisetskaya, Alexandra Pakhmutova, Alla Pugacheva in the anthology “Famous women of Russia” is another – Tamilla Polezhaeva. The tale of her from the article.

This woman was the first in a very interesting field. But everything in order…

Tamilla Polezhaeva

Tamilla Polezhaeva: a biography

A girl from a family of a diplomat, married to an officer of the MCC, even imagine never imagined that her case will trade, sell cosmetics, she's not just going to do a career, it will be the world's leader No. 1, the only have achieved such tremendous success in “Avon”.

It was brought up by a governess. Lifestyle her family was such that the concept of “trade” and “sale” was equivalent to the words “speculation” and “cheating”.

Tamilla was born 4 August 1972 in Riga, grew up here and graduated from the Conservatory, the University of the arts. Then there was the Moscow GITIS. She married a young Lieutenant and settled with her husband in Jurmala. The family had daughters. Lieutenant in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. They were happy, until 1991. It all collapsed. Military wages were not paid for six months.

Tamilla Polezhaeva cause of death

Time for change

You Can complain to anyone, but children that neither feed nor clothe will not succeed. A good education will not give them, the world will not show. Will not be able to help my parents and their problems will remain unsolved.


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To expect Help was nowhere, and after hearing about the Swedish cosmetic company “Oriflame”, she decided that once she is able to communicate with people, she will. It was then, in April of 1996, she came here, she came with her husband. The desire was only one – to feed to satiety. For this they were willing to work tirelessly.

Not to say that everything was easy and very simple. In the success of an unknown girl did not want to believe anybody, it was their stars. But even the first income earned instilled confidence and made me believe myself and the company.

Tamilla Polezhaeva funeral

Tamilla Polezhaeva: a success story

Much later in the company it will be called a living legend. It is for this charming women leadership had to create one by one all the new ranks, because all the degrees, including the highest, were taken, and to stop she wouldn't.

It All began when the usual couple Polejaeva, Tamilla and Vladimir has taken the vital decision to go to work in the company “Avon’ as consultants.

Today Is “Avon’ beginners offers a lot of useful literature, workshops and training seminars, experience, and assistance of those who were able to succeed.

To Beginners in 1996, and was awarded the traditional set to start, is represented by two directories, a directory of products, plan, success, jars with products, testers, makeup bag and order form, and admonished: “Go!”.

There was no mentor, even confidence in the payment of all accrued without cheating was not. No one taught Tamilla business. Done did not help her education. Helped personal perseverance and installation: “Smile! In any circumstance – smile!”.

Tamilla Polezhaeva again and again set goals and achieve them. She was learning something new every day and share their knowledge with others.

Polejaeva showed his personal example of how determination and hard work enable you to achieve success that seem incredible. Not to stand still, to do something Tamilla called always.

She believed that works not for money, not even for big money. She and her husband labored because of the opportunities that money can give.

I have never been Easy. But even when it was very difficult, they never came to mind to give up. On the contrary. They will make every effort to overcome difficulties and achieve goals, to take new heights.

Tamilla Polezhaeva biography

Another test

Crisis that occurred in 1998, made for a lot to see otherwise, something to start over. Only he made the spouses to understand how they shape the team around them. They began to work differently. And driven before the crisis, one aspiration, to make all rich and happy, now they have surrounded themselves with those who are active and want to work for someone this really is as important and vital as themselves Polejaeva.

As has been from time to time criticisms about how successful their activities, they contribute to the enrichment of the Swedes, Tamilla Polezhaeva has always rejected the only argument. This Swedish firm thousands of Russian women to thank for the fact that their children could fill feed. They had the opportunity, no one not to ask for anything. The money they earn honestly and pay taxes.

The motto of Churchill has always helped the Tamilla: “never, never, Never, in no case do not give up!”. This is what she and others taught.

Tamilla Polezhaeva age

It would Not be the achievements…

Our heroine believed that there would be all these achievements, if:

  • This reliable, serious company with products of excellent quality Swedish did not come to the Russian market “for too long”.
  • Not her endless faith in the man, his strength and abilities.
  • It would not dream and did not embody their dreams. “the Best or nothing!”, “the First – and nothing else!”.

How dreams come true

Tamilla Polezhaeva is among the few Russian women to millionaires, whose business in sales of cosmetics was built from the ground up without any special education. During hard times, which literally broke people, it is his life and his family changed radically, have achieved a lot in fulfilling their wishes.

So what are the dreams realized with this activity? Interesting facts from the biography

With the company, she managed to see half the world, but is that the limit for such a woman?

The Eldest daughter of Tamilla, received more than one higher education, also linked the life with this company. In English school the youngest daughter once gaining knowledge of Byron and Churchill. She also followed in the footsteps of their parents.

Tamilla dreamed of meeting the Queen. She was honoured to receive an audience with the Queen of Sweden, Her Majesty Sylvia. From her hands the best Russian Leader of the company received the diploma of the International Children's Fund, together with the company “Avon’ founded by Her Majesty.

The Entire network industry can boast a Leader, a prize cheque of one million dollars. But it was given to Tamilla in Rome at the Gold conference. And the title of President Diamond she got too.

Every year in her honour the best Leaders and Consultants of the company receive honorary awards.

She wanted to conquer the sky. However, she always said for her personally the sky is not the limit.

It was from her mouth aphorism Dostoevsky, “Money – minted freedom” has been adopted by many networkers.

Tamilla Polezhaeva success story

The Broken song

The problem happened suddenly. This occurred at a time when life at home got better. Career, won competitions, the property acquired, a lot of satisfied customers, recognition when the leading network marketing companies strategies and concepts Tamilla become a real boon, and… terrible diagnosis-cancer.

And again she proved that she is strong, confident, life-loving woman. She even mind not filed, that is sick. She hadn't lost her way of life.

It Was an expensive treatment and foreign doctors. But the disease Tamilla Polezhaeva was taking its toll.

She said goodbye with their Leaders in Lisbon at the Gold conference, coming on the scene with her husband. Her words that she's struggling, she wants to live will be remembered by all her colleagues, the participants of this meeting. And all believe that this fragile but such a strong woman will win.

Tamilla fought until the last days. And to the last hour on her face was a smile, and she never ceased to encourage those around her.

The Early November morning in 2011 died Tamilla Polezhaeva. The funeral was held at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery in Moscow. Together with family mourned the entire team “Avon’ all over the world.

disease Tamilla Polezhaeva

How our word will respond…

When Meeting with his team, with colleagues at seminars, conferences and other meetings, Polezhaeva Tamila did not get tired to convince everyone that even if a person never engaged in network marketing and any trading activity, if he was a doctor or an engineer, a worker or a teacher, for him there are no barriers, if he wants to succeed. The more that you can do in any part of our country: in Moscow and in the far East, in Murmansk and Siberia, but anywhere!

Thousands have been able already to work and earn, reach and strive for new. And it's...

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