Roman Selin spoke about the prospects of Russian-American relations after the election of Trump


2018-10-05 06:00:15




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Financial analyst Roman Celine assessed the possible development of relations between Russia and the United States after the election of Donald trump and spoke about the impact of new American policy in the world economy.

His inauguration scheduled for January 20, 2017, so now to talk about whether the correct choice was made by the citizens of the United States, is quite difficult. According to the analyst of the Novel Selina, the reason for the rallies against the election results was a disagreement with the electoral system: because until recently was leading Hillary Clinton.

Roman Celine about the prospects of Russian-American relations

In terms of the economy trump can prove himself better. He stated the need to reduce taxes for all social groups (from 3 to 35 % depending on income level) and the introduction of protective tariffs on products of China to support the US workers and the slowing of globalization.

For anybody not a secret that winning Donald trump was good news for Russia. Let's see how can change the Russian-American relations and whether or not to deceive ourselves. As the saying goes, of two evils choose the lesser, and all perfectly understood, that in relation to Russia trump was the most loyal candidate for President of the United States. First of all, it was he who proposed to weaken or even cancel sanctions against Russia.

Roman Selin suggests that these attempts can be blocked by the Republican party and the government, but in the long term thanks to him, between the US and Russia could evolve into a partnership in terms of trade and in matters of recovery from isolation. Thus, there is a weak but still the probability that the ruble will finally strengthen on the foreign exchange market, and Russian stocks will rise in price.

A Radical change of foreign policy is unlikely to “enjoy” of Europe because Donald trump made it clear that America is not obligated to invest such a large proportion of funds in the political, military and financial Affairs of the EU. The outcome of the elections has also hit the Mexican foreign exchange market: trump even managed to break off trade relations with Mexico.

Politics Hillary Clinton was based on moderate tactics, so many have rated it the presidency is more favorable for the development of the currency market, the U.S. and increased investments in securities.

Roman Davidovich Celine I am sure that Donald trump though, and plans to adopt more radical measures, the U.S. will benefit from this: reducing the tax burden on businesses will help to strengthen prices for us stocks, however, almost all developing countries are at risk. States dependent on commodity exports, could be affected by another jump in the dollar.

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