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It May seem surprising to many that laburnum Bush has nothing to do with that, sung in songs. This is a completely different Botanical family and features they have are different. This is the plant that has the name of the laburnum Bush, you can read in this article.

Rod broom

This genus belongs familiar to all from childhood yellow acacia, is actively growing and densely blooming. From her soft pods did many whistles, good and loud sounding.

There are about 60 species of broom. Quite popular among gardeners laburnum Bush. The spread of it, except for Russia, noted in Africa, Europe and Asia.Rakitovo Bush

The usual acacia and broom some differences. Yellow acacia (caragana tree), rodneyse with other acacia only as a General family (Fabaceae), leaves consist of several pairs of small leaflets. And broom often has trifoliate leaves located on the stem in regular order.

Rakitovo Bush: photos

Flowers moth have a broom, tight to the branches during the flowering period, almost concealed from the eyes of its small leaves. And the flowers are good at attracting attention to themselves insects, but sharp thorns located on the branches, not letting enemies to the bushes.Rakitovo Bush: photo

In Italy, the broom is called a Broom of coal miners for the fact that it often grows near coal mines. Then a little more in detail describe the laburnum Bush.


The Broom is a genus of deciduous shrubs, rarely small trees of the legume family. For the most part deciduous, semi - evergreen or plants, some with small spines.Rakitovo hive: description


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Brooms – excellent honey plants, but many varieties are poisonous. Plant height varies greatly depending on growing conditions and appearance: the largest reach 4-5 meters, medium – 2 metres, the lowest increase to 0.5 meters. There is also creeping plants of this species, whose growth reaches approximately 20 cm.

Laburnum shrub has small leaves on flexible thin branches. In form they are trifoliate or single. Some of them begin to bloom in the spring (early or late), and the other in summer.

Similar in shape to pea flowers of broom beautiful, gathered in axillary racemes: large upper petal like a sail, two narrow elongated lateral petals as wings and two fused in the Shuttle lower small petals. They decorate the broom during the month. Its color is very diverse, depends on species and hybrids: yellow, white, pink, purple, red. Occur in nature and two-tone varieties.

And smell the different kinds of flowers: pleasant, sharp, thin. Flowering under the most favorable conditions of growth of broom is so heavy that it flowers completely cover the branches of a Bush.Rakitovo Bush: spreading

The Most common varieties

The nature of several varieties has a laburnum Bush. Classification types:

  1. Prutovidnyi broom has green glossy branches in may-June covered with numerous yellow flowers.
  2. Russian broom – quite a popular ornamental shrub, growing to a height of 2 metres with an abundance of flowers-butterflies yellow color.
  3. Spanish genista, or Spanish broom is a lush shrub, covered all summer long racemose inflorescence with very fragrant flowers of yellow color.

Other types of hybrids

Laburnum Bush is, as noted above, and other unexpected flowers for this plant colors. They are all hybrids of Scotch broom.Rakitovo Bush: classification

Below will briefly present some of them.

  1. Broom early is slightly curved, drooping branches. It blooms in the spring one of the first bright yellow fragrant flowers. There are varieties of this species with other colors of flowers.
  2. Oblong broom – medium size shrub (1.5 m), flowering in June the Golden-yellow flowers.
  3. White broom – a small Bush that blooms white flowers in the spring.
  4. Hemeroby laburnum Bush size is low (about 70 cm), begins to bloom in may, bright yellow flowers.
  5. Purple Broom sedge-prostrate shrub with purple flowers and grows up to 30 cm Flowering usually in may-June.
  6. Regensburg – one of the small species (up to 30 cm), erect. Single, gathered in small inflorescences of a few flowers have 2 shades of yellow (deep yellow and pale yellow) with inclusions of reddish-brown color.
  7. Moroccan – with a tall (to 5 metres), it has large leaves and a dense inflorescence of yellow color with a flavor reminiscent of pineapple.
  8. Creeping Broom – the smallest (10 cm) with Golden yellow flowers and pubescent leaves.

A Little about the features of cultivation of broom

Laburnum Bush unpretentious. It is equally well tolerate both high and low temperature, but still prefers to grow on a bright Sunny places.

Brooms, depending on the species, can grow in calcareous and acid soil. Suitable for Bush even sandyinfertile soil, but loose and with good drainage. In the case of bushes growing in flower pots require regular watering. And grown in the open ground the plant is resistant to drought and requires little or no irrigation. Culture potted once in two months should be fed with organic matter, and to combine feeding need regular watering.

In General, look great bushes of broom, especially in the flowering period in any of the city parks and on private land. They are the perfect bright addition to any landscape design.

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