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For Over thirty years not knowing of modernization of the energy system of Yekaterinburg has received a new station. CHP “Academic” is not only to solve the problem of energy shortage in a particular district of the city, but also to develop further the infrastructure of the city and region.

Modernization Plan

In 2002 the Russian Government adopted a program of modernization of power industry, the implementation of which will last until 2020. Main goals:

  • Increase the efficiency of the working stations.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption at each station for 10% of that planning should be 300 grams per 1 kWh.
  • Reduction of losses in the national network of up to 4%.
  • Reduction of losses in the national distribution complex to 6.5%.
  • Decommissioning of obsolete plants.
  • Construction of new plants, optimization of placement.

According to the implemented in real time, the liquidated power (26,4 GW) will be replaced with new, energy-efficient stations. The input will be approximately 150 units of new main substations and about 9 thousand distribution, and will lay over 300 thousand kilometers of power lines. The total cost for all works is estimated at 4.6 trillion rubles. One of the largest projects in the overall plan of the renovation and construction has become a TPP “Academic” in Yekaterinburg.

CHPP Akademicheskaya

Where he built

CHPP “Academic” and based on the investment company PJSC “T-Plus” in the new district of Yekaterinburg-Academic. It covers an area of about 1,300 hectares, which will start to rise residential houses with a total area of funds of 9 million square meters, the socio-economic infrastructure will be about 4 million square meters. This urban planning project to date is the largest in Russia.

In Addition to the residential neighborhoods in town and all accompanying infrastructure in the form of schools, kindergartens, shopping center, there will be a building of medical Academy. It is planned that the entire district will constitute a single cluster.


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One of the schools is already open and opened in 2016, the regional budget has spent for its construction about 600 million rubles. The school has at its disposal a swimming pool, theatre room, well-equipped library, lecture hall, and atrium.

the opening of the academic CHP

Grand opening

The Opening of the heating plant “Academic” has become a landmark event not only for Yekaterinburg and the entire region, but in General for the entire industry. The construction project and the opening of a new efficient heating plant has become a new way of shaping the living space of the city. The launch of the station gathered distinguished guests, among whom were A. Researchers (Deputy energy Minister), E. Kuyvashev (Governor of the Sverdlovsk region), A. Jacob (head of administration of Ekaterinburg) and other.

The Construction of “Academic” CHP and its successful commissioning, demonstrate renewed potential of the country. Some time in Russia is not carried out the new national projects, poorly implemented science-intensive technology that does not have opportunities and programs for effective modernization and replacement of obsolete equipment. The implementation of the first large-scale Government program allows to hope for successful solution of many urgent problems in various sectors of the economy.

starting an academic CHP

Investment development

Investment in the project CHP “Academic” amounted to about 12 billion rubles. Built unit, according to the Governor of Sverdlovsk region E. Kuyvashev, will ensure energy security of the entire region and will serve as the final stage of the master plan for development of Yekaterinburg.

Also, the station provides more than 160 jobs for highly qualified personnel. For industrial enterprises the possibility of increasing output and reducing its cost due to the consumption of cheap energy.

CHP academic Ekaterinburg address

Station details

CHPP “Academic” is the final stage of implementation of the investment project of the group «T Plus». The construction of the station began in 2014 and 2016 has already begun pre-commissioning activities and verification of readiness of the object by Rostekhnadzor. The first deliveries of energy had occurred on 1 August of the same year. The General contractor of the construction was the company “UK “uralenergostroy”.

Grand opening “Academic” CHP was held on 13 September 2016. The station became part of the program to upgrade the entire country's energy. The modernization plan was accepted for execution over a decade ago and provides for the introduction of nearly 30 gigawatts of new capacity. Innovation in the program was the system of financing of the projects – has developed a mechanism to attract private capital.

The basis of the CHP “Academic” is a combined cycle plant with a heat capacity of 403 Gcal/hour, electric power is 220 MW. Almost all of the equipment of heating plants is produced at Russian enterprises, the only exception was a gas-turbine installation firmAlstom. The CHP provides more than 200 high-rise buildings, more than 300 kindergartens for preschoolers and 210 schools.

academic CHP address

New station

Before there was the launch of “Academic” CHP, builders and engineers had to spend a few innovations not seen in other objects:

  • Tower a cooling tower was replaced with a compact ventilation system, due to this reduced the emissions of steam into the atmosphere.
  • Electro-gas control device is a platform with a width of 36 meters, previously, the area under such a device took about 150 meters.
  • The water treatment level increased tenfold thanks to the new equipment. Such possibility is only at CHP “Academic”.
  • All production processes are fully automated. Experts say that to ensure work was installed more than 800 kilometers of cable.
  • The Station provides the end user with heat at the lowest in the field value.
  • Industrial enterprises of the city and region had the opportunity to use the extra power, and therefore development through the work station CHP “Academic” (Yekaterinburg).

building academic CHP


The opening of the new heating plant was marked by several events. So, management investment company «T Plus” handed to the Governor of the region E. Kuyvashev “brilliant” is a symbolic display of the value and importance of the station for builders and residents. The plant has absorbed all the best and foremost, was the final stage of the investment program of the company and gave life to the largest microdistrict of Ekaterinburg.

“Academic” CHP has the following address: Avenue of Cosmonauts, build 21. Nearest metro stations: "Engineering", "Ural".

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