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Mountain geese - one of the most remarkable and amazing types of geese. They have incredible abilities and characteristics. Most of the time these birds spend on land, not on water, so they are well run, unlike their relatives. These unusual geese are listed in the Red book and are under the protection of Russia.


The name of the form encourages the idea that the favorite habitat of the birds are the mountains. The largest population of mountain goose is found in Central Asia at an altitude of 5 000 m above sea level. Favorite place birds choose banks of mountain rivers, where they equip Temporary socket. It should be noted that this species is migratory birds. In winter, birds travel to India, so are the second name – an Indian goose. mountain gooseIt Should be noted that in recent years in Northern Europe there has been an increase due to some escaped zoo animals too. Mountain geese some of the most common birds in captivity. They are well adapted under the influence of the external environment and is able to interbreed with other members of the genus crow. The total population counts up to 60 000 individuals. Unfortunately, in Russia their number is only about 1500. Every year this figure decreases because of the constant hunting and the theft of eggs.


Mountain goose, a photo of which can be seen in this article immediately differs from its congeners graceful appearance. The overall color of the bird is grey, diluted black stripes. Bill and legs lightOrange. Adult rather large size. mountain goose photoThe weight of the birds can reach 3.5 kg, and body length is 75 cm feathered Wings reach 50 cm In contrast to other species, the male goose does not vary with female size or color. Legs Mountain goose long and strong, thanks to it the bird goes good and runs. The voice of the mountain geese is very low, it is fairly easy to distinguish from the cackle of other types.


There is a perception that mountain geese never land on the water, but it is not so. These birds are not tied to water and prefer to spend all their time on land, but in case of danger can easily get in the water and to sail from the coast for quite a distance. This species is distinguished from others and unique ability to fly very high. It is necessary for life in rocky terrain. Was recorded case, when the flight of the goose was 10170 m over the Himalayas. Winter these birds prefer swampy areas of India, it happened that the same individuals returned to favorite places for several years. mountain geese never land on the waterThey are not particularly shy and are very curious, so often go to the territory of man. But noticing that they are being hunted, the birds instantly change tactics and become very cautious, preferring to forage for food at night and resting during the day. These amazing birds are quite social and work together, their relationship can be compared only to that of Human. In case of injury of one individual, the whole flock is trying to help her and doesn't explode. Before flying to the pond, the birds make a few laps, eyeing the environment. This explains why the mountain geese don't land on the water as soon as noticed her.


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The nesting Period of these birds is quite specific. To attract a female the male is playing with her “tag”, trying to catch any individual in the air. It should be noted that the geese nest in droves. Sometimes small and sometimes huge. The largest group was recorded in Tibet (Tibetan mountain goose). Prefer to build their nests on the mountainous terrain. In appearance the nest is “dump” thin twigs. Some birds prefer to build nests on the ground, then they pull a small indentation in the moss. Usually one clutch at Mountain goose consists of up to 8 eggs white. The period of incubation lasts 33 to 35 days.mountain geese don't land on the water why All this time the male protects the female and nesting areas. After hatching, the goslings are cared for by both parents. After the Gosling hatch, the geese try as quickly as possible to take the offspring in the safest place, namely on the water. Known as the goslings leave their nest high in the mountains. Was the fall of the chick with dvadtsatimetrovy height. Surprisingly, it didn't crash, but just for the time lost consciousness. Geese take flight at the age of seven weeks, and the first tail appears to 9 weeks of age. Of all the masonry in nature survive 2 - 4 Chicks.


Main treat mountain goose are aquatic plants. In addition, birds eat a variety of insects, crustaceans and small fish. If birds settle closer to human plantations, the main food is grain and farmland, which is detrimental to their owners. Geese love a variety of foods, they rarely prefer to consume the same food. Therefore, in captivity these birds should also be feda variety of products. Special attention should be paid to the diet during the breeding season.

Mountain goose in the red data book

Unfortunately, this magnificent species is on the verge of extinction. From year to year of rising poaching and hunting of these birds is gaining catastrophic proportions. The reproductive capabilities of these birds is not so great, everything else is added, the density of agricultural activities in the nesting goose. mountain goose red bookTherefore, in Russia and India (the place of zimovane) is strictly prohibited hunting of this endangered species of birds. Most parks and reserves he tries to save these birds from extinction. Some zoos try their best to improve the lives of birds.


So, the Moscow zoo is making a great effort for conservation of mountain goose. There lives a small group of birds that possesses flight abilities, but never tried to leave the beloved territory.Tibetan mountain goose In captivity mountain geese breed well. Most often the eggs are removed for artificial rearing in the incubator, and then the goslings are placed in a special enclosure, where they are given proper care. Surprisingly, the nature of this kind of bird lives for about ten years, and Captivity species can reach thirty years abroad.

It is Impossible not to note that the life of birds can not do without the help and protection of man. At the moment the decision was made to expand the habitat of these incredible birds. As mentioned earlier, geese are actively exploring Northern Europe, so there is speculation that the birds may live in different territories. This can increase the likelihood of promoting this species. Possibly with the help of people, these wild birds will find a new chance at survival.

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