The pregnant man - fact or fiction?


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29 Jun 2008 news websites had spread the sensational news – Thomas Beatie, known as the first pregnant man in the world, gave birth to a girl by caesarean section. Four weeks before this event, Thomas had agreed to take part in a Nude photo shoot. Then he and his wife Nancy gave an exclusive interview «world news”. The pair talked about the preparations for the happy event. In addition, they stated that not mind to have few more children.

pregnant man

True or a joke?

And a few months before this incredible story was covered by major news agencies on the planet. If in USA, in the city of bend, live pregnant man, Thomas beatie. Then, he was already at the fifth month. Everyone thought it was a joke, launched on the 1st of April. But journalists are thoroughly investigated and checked the facts.

The First interview Thomas gave to the magazine for sexual minorities under the name “Lawyer”. Assistant editor Neil Boorman said that not only communicated with by Beetee, but went to his gynecologist who confirmed the pregnancy of Thomas. It would seem, how is this possible? After all, men have no organs for child bearing. As it turned out, Beetee they are.

pregnant man photo

What is the secret?

The Secret is that the first pregnant man on this planet was born a girl. In his early years he even participated in a Hawaiian beauty contest. And already in adulthood, Thomas wanted to change sex. Such cases are now not uncommon. To implement his plan helped hormone therapy and breast removal. Beetee have started to grow stubble and he looked like a man. Thomas also changed the documents and became a man in the legal sense. The only thing left he had from a woman – is the genitals. Biti did not get rid of them, like I do some people with a sex change, and began to sew the penis.


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After the surgery, Thomas married and lived with his wife Nancy for 10 years. The couple really wanted a baby. But Nancy is quite seriously ill, and she had to remove the uterus. That's when the couple decided that the child makes Beetee. Of course, the pregnant man – this is very unusual, however a pair is not seen.

When Thomas walked the hospitals, health workers met him the solution to discrimination and real bullying. The first doctor, to which he came, told Beatie to shave. The rest are just not accepted. The registries all together laughing.

first pregnant man

The Process of conception

But despite all the difficulties, Biti did not give up. Future pregnant man, a photo of which is posted in the article, began to be active. And it was a success. After Thomas found the doctor, he advised him to abandon hormone therapy. After a while Beetee returned menstruation. Then, realizing my feminine side, Thomas agreed to the insemination with donor sperm. The attempt was unsuccessful. Began to develop an ectopic pregnancy, Beatie lost fallopian tube. Normal fertilization succeeded the second time. The pregnant man felt normal and everything was uneventful.

Despite the fact that inside Thomas has matured a new life, he never doubted his gender. In a technical sense Biti was an ordinary surrogate mother for his child, but he never stopped identifying himself as a representative of the stronger sex. Yes, now he is a pregnant male, but then become father to his daughter, and his wife Nancy – mother. And they will have a real family. By the way, they are very lucky with our location. In the small town spouses perceive as a loving happy couple.

Thomas made an agreement with a number of American media and now doesn't do interviews just. Biti recently escorted reporters “Canadian national news”, saying it was a pretty big deal, and now, only certain channels and print media can tell the world their story.

the first pregnant man in the world


When the Russian specialist Andrey Malyshev learned that there is a pregnant man (see photo above), I was very surprised and decided to study in detail this story. The doctor came to the conclusion that the injected hormones do not have a noticeable effect on the reproductive organs Thomas. And they were able to restore their function. However, this event is simply unique. He'd be the envy of thousands of “normal” of women having problems with conception. It is quite clear that birth was the execution time Thomas female roles. At the moment he returned to the men's way.

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