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The older Generation has not forgotten that in the Soviet Union, to put it mildly, was not welcomed by the travel of ordinary citizens abroad. That side to us, too few people frequented. These difficulties have led to the emergence of biased and one-sided representations of Russia, consisting in three words – vodka,
Bears, dolls. Not the last role in strengthening the hard-hitting opinions about our country played and is very popular among all segments of the population Hollywood. By the way, in those years few people separately allocated Ukraine, Kazakhstan or another country. We were all foreigners Russian. Now there is no iron curtain. The Russians are free to travel around the world, showcasing there, ‘over the hill”, that our nation represents. To us, too, millions of tourists come, look how we live, get acquainted with our culture.

What do you think about Russia foreigners now? How did you change their opinion? Some public organizations and the ubiquitous reporters from time to time conduct surveys, but the responses of the citizens of friendly and unfriendly countries are very different. It depends primarily on the purpose of their visit. One talking about the Russian tourists who came here for a couple of days with a tour group organized and visit only marked the program of interest. They see only what they want to show tour guides. Quite another can tell foreigners working in Russia, studying here, everyone who lives with us for a long time, and the experience of living in the capital and in the provinces differ dramatically. Even the foreigners are also different. Opinions about our country, for example, Americans or Germans largely differ from the opinions of Nigerians, Chinese or Mexicans. But one thing all foreign guests are the same: Russia is huge, to know and understand it, it takes years. Foreigners about life in Russia


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Russian alcohol

In the Western world there is the opinion that our nation is incredibly drinking. This was in one or another interpretation say almost all Europeans, Americans, Asians. But if you look at the statistics of the who, Russia in alcohol consumption for every person is not the first, not second and not even third place. In this issue we have surpassed even restrained baits. Nevertheless, the foreigners about life in Russia they say that people here drink a lot. They especially wonder why we can drink anywhere – in a restaurant, at a Banquet, on a Park bench, just outside. Guardians of order is not a stop, people remain indifferent. Perhaps that is why we all seem them drinking? And foreigners cannot understand why we are even in the store you can buy poor quality alcohol, because it is dangerous for your health. Also they were surprised that in Russia the excuse to get drunk can be very trifling, and the process that began with “a quick hundred grams for health”, often turns into a massive Bender and prolonged till late at night, and almost always well-accepted Breasts Russian begin to have an intelligent conversation about politics and the meaning of life, though, being sober, they try to avoid these topics. They are there, ‘over the hill”, on topics such speak only sober, but when drinking, just have fun or talk about their real or imagined victories.

Many foreigners are looking at our fellow drinkers, I can not understand: are Russians so rich that find the funds for this amount of alcohol? And most importantly, how after a heavy drinking the next day they quietly go to work?foreigners in Russia

Russian order

Our people, as they say, the law does not apply. We are used to it and not notice how constantly somewhere something is broken. But they notice. Foreigners about life in Russia say that there is a norm or even a duty not to follow the rules, if there is no punishment. They, on the contrary, the norm is to abide by the rules, even when there is no control. The Russian people, without a shadow of doubt cross the road on red light if, according to their calculations, to a moving vehicle is still far away, on the platforms in the subway always go over the limit line, even though it is dangerous for life, leave their cars in awkward places, but would not pay for Parking. Foreigners wonder why in the supermarkets there are dozens of banks, if you work one or two despite them going in the queue. They do not understand why we have patches of the road in the rain, and begin to repair the heating system when cold. How amaze car enthusiasts from abroad, the traffic police serving in roadside bushes!

About the safety of foreigners about life in Russia respond differently. The natives of the crime threat in Latin America, Tanzania, South Africa, Sudan believe that on our evening and night the streets of heavenly peace. The Europeans, on the contrary, believe that in Russian cities is quite hectic. Even if nothing life-threatening, it's easy to lose property or to be involved in a scandal. In this case, the streets are always full of patrolling police, so, logically, the order should be perfect.American in Russia

Russian and wealth

Earlier in the USSR was all about equal. Now, in our society there was a division between the poor and the rich. All, they have, in their distant America, Europe, only with the Russian flavor. That surprises foreigners in our rich? The fact that most of them boast of their new status, to build houses in several floors in order not to live there, but just for the prestige, the only outfit in the most expensive stores, buying expensive cars to seem even weightier and more significant. And, when jam occurs (and in large cities they have the time), our rich will have to wait for hours, nervous, late, but never go down to the subway, because it's below their newfound status. Abroad there is no such. There's even Directors of companies without the slightest damage to its image today can come to work on expensive cars, tomorrow - on the bus, and the next day - on the bike. There the rich do not see anything wrong in visiting conventional supermarkets, and are willing to buy promotional items.

Russian and feminism

It's No secret that foreign suitors willing to choose a wife for our young ladies. Foreign men about Russia they say that there is not so acute, the question of equality, as, for example, in America. There most women are trying to prove their independence, which also hurts their femininity. They pay for themselves in restaurants, painfully react, if they help to open a door or shake hands when leaving the transport. There is a woman, establishing a family, first of all guided by material considerations and in a hurry to make a marriage contract. Most Russians are not the same. Russia through the eyes of foreignersAlthough their strength of will and spirit no less than those of American women, they like to appear weak. American in Russia feels more a man than at home, because our women did not hinder him to assert himself. They are grateful for any help from men, even if the problem can perfectly cope without them. By agreeing to become my wife, our girls are primarily interested in, does their elect, and then on second place I put the question about where and whom he works, what his prospects in the service. Some foreigners are surprised at the abundance of flower shops on the streets of Russian cities. They wonder why our women are so important that the lover was on a date with flowers, and why flowers in a bouquet should be odd number.

Russian culture

Russia through the eyes of foreign tourists in this regard is simply beautiful. Mostly tour groups visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow, and are the most famous sights. It is not surprising that all interviewed tourists enthusiastically talked about the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, the Tretyakov gallery, the Cathedral of the intercession, red square. Many foreign citizens, even advanced in culture of the French, it is surprising that we like to visit museums and galleries people of all ages, and often where you can meet couples in love. Italians, Spaniards, Americans, it's hard to imagine your date with the girl in the restaurant and not even in the movie, and, for example, in an art gallery.

Almost all foreigners in Russia tell, be sure to mention our Great theatre and a wonderful ballet. Many girls from friendly countries dream to study at a Russian ballet school.

It is surprising the foreign guests of the Russian love for reading. We have the subway and the trains, in the Park on benches and public transport still read ordinary print books and Newspapers, although young people can often be seen with tablets and iPhones.

Abroad among those who have never visited Russia, there's a view that here the men play the balalaika, and women lead dances. Some foreigners who visited our country, I was surprised that they generally are unable to see Russian folklore, about which they talked so much.what do you think about Russia foreigners

Russian food

Foreigners about life in Russia is very often told, remembering our dumplings (or huge ravioli), our soup (or red soup), pancakes with meat, the most delicious in the world black caviar. Not like the overseas gourmet jelly. Many...

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