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Tatiana Lukyanova — it's one of those Soviet and Russian Actresses, who rarely appeared in films, although we had all the makings. Her biography is almost unknown to the audience, what can be said about her father, daughter and even granddaughter. To fill this gap, this article will help you.

Tatiana Lukyanova


Tatiana Lukyanova, biography, filmography, and details of the personal life which is presented below, comes from a famous theatrical family. Her father — Sergey Lukyanov — was twice winner of the Stalin prize. Nationwide fame came to him after the release of the famous film Director Ivan pyreva «Kuban Cossacks". The role of the Chairman of the collective farm of the proud Raven had forever become his trademark. However, it was during working on «Kuban Cossacks» Sergey Lukyanov first saw Clara Luchko. The love of this young beauty forced him to leave the family and to enter into a second marriage.

Mom Tatiana Lukyanova — Nadezhda Zakharovna Tyszkiewicz — also had to do with the theatre. Being a successful ballerina of the Kirov theatre and universally recognized beauty, she left the scene and went to get her husband into exile. Upon returning to the capital the woman has devoted all itself without the rest to create a reliable back-up to Sergei Lukyanov and Tatiana. She's going through a divorce with her beloved husband, which was seen as a betrayal, and never gave their personal lives.

performances c Tatiana Lukyanova

Childhood and youth

Lukyanova, Tatiana S. was born in 1939 in Moscow. From childhood she was brought up in the environment of the Bohemia and knew firsthand what the theatre and cinema. In particular, according to the memoirs of Tatyana Sergeyevna in 1949, she spent the whole summer on the set of «Kuban Cossacks" and returned to the capital just because it was time to get ready for school.


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Even Though dad almost immediately left the family, Tanya has maintained traction in the mummery, and after maturity never pondered over what University to enter.

A Tragedy in the family

In 1957, Lukyanova, T. S. entered the famous Shchukin school and soon successfully graduated. In 1962, in her family there was a misfortune, Sergey made a suicide attempt and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. From there it took mom Tatiana, and the two of them had a long time to nurse father, who, after recovery, returned to Clara Luchko. However, 3 years later he died, which was a heavy blow to his eldest daughter.

Luk'yanova tat'yana Sergeevna

Career in the theatre

Since 1960, Tatiana Lukyanova is an actress of the Moscow theater of drama and Comedy on Taganka. In 1993, the actress along with a number of our colleagues left the band Lyubimova. At the moment it is in the theater "Commonwealth of actors of taganki".

Its partners in different years were and are Pasynkov V. A. Barinov, D. Belotserkovsky, M. Basov, O. Bicocca, A. Bogin, N. Bodyakova, N. Bondar, V. Vasetsky, S. Vlasov, E. Gabet, K. Grubnyk, A., Dankova, M. Dobrzynska, A. Elisavetsky, A. jemcov, T. Zhukov-Kirtbaia, V. Zaviktorin, I. Ivanov, M. Lebedev, D. Mickle, A. Mokhov, D. Perov, and others.


Tatiana Lukyanova, biography which you already known, not so often acted in films. Among the most famous movies with her participation can be noted of the work:

  • “Kakadia all know" (1976);
  • “Premature” (1971, the role of Dunyasha);
  • “late Flowers" (1969, Frosya);
  • “There, beyond the window, summer” (1968).

In addition, the actress starred in the documentary paintings “People in the picture” and “remembered”, dedicated to her father.

Tatiana Lukyanova actress

Working in the field of the dubbing

Tatiana Lukyanova participated in articulating the Franco-Italian paintings “Rocco and his brothers”. In this famous drama, which starred Alain Delon, Annie Girardot, Renato Salvatori, Katina Paxino, Rocco, Vidolasco, Alessandra Panaro, Spiros Fokas, Corrado Pani, Max Cartier, the actress dubbed .. — wife of Vincenzo, performed by the gorgeous Claudia Mori.

Of the latest projects with her participation can be noted the voice acting of the new Russian TV series ‘the Secret of the Sukharev tower” directed by Sergei Seregin.

The Plot of this tale set against the backdrop of Moscow of the 18th century. One of the main cartoon characters is a real historical person — master James Bruce, who was one of the closest associates of Peter the great and founded Novigatsky school.

The Sukharev tower, which was located in his alchemical laboratory, the series becomes a magical place. That's where the adventure begins characters. In addition, the Tower offers a gateway to Magical realms. The adventure involved the daughter of Bruce and Margo and his faithful disciple Peter.

Unfortunately, the project didn't deserve the audience's attention he deserved, although experts considered it one of the best large-scale works of the Russian animators in recent years.

Tatiana Lukyanova biography filmography

Tatiana Lukyanova (actress): contemporary repertoire

At this point the heroine of this article can be seen in several productions of her own Theater "Commonwealth of actors of taganki". Among them:

  • “play”. the Play is based on the play of the young playwright M. Lado. He talks about lovers who found out that they have a soon to be born child. The girl's father does not like young man who has no penny. He demands that the daughter had an abortion. To save the unborn baby decide Pets, which for the sake of this noble goal is even willing to sacrifice themselves.
  • “Ms. and the mafia”. the Play, whose author is Nadezhda Ptushkin's composition, the appearance of the virgin to the seedy inhabitants of the Russian villages. They, as usual, asking for her help, and soon all the people's wishes begin to come true. At the end of the play, the peasants meet with V. I. Lenin and to tell him about his troubles.

Personal life

In the 1970s, Tatiana Lukyanova met budding translator of the publishing house «Progress» Vladimir Poverennov. Despite the fact that the young man had no relationship to the theatre, he was able to win the heart of actress and soon they were married. In 1972, the couple had a daughter, Daria. Over time, however, the marriage of Tatiana cracked, and she divorced. Like her mother, no longer married and raised his only daughter. It really helped Nadezhda Zakharovna Tyszkiewicz, who after his retirement has dedicated his life to bringing his beloved granddaughter. Ex-husband has almost disappeared from the life of not only Tatiana, but Dashi, and there was when she was 17 years old.

actress Tatyana Lukyanova biography

Darya Poverennova

Actress Tatyana Lukyanova, biography which is quite typical for representatives of the theatrical dynasties, considers its main achievement daughter.

Darya Poverennova, who from childhood showed a great ability for languages, could not decide what to become: a translator, as father, or follow in the footsteps of my mother, grandmother and grandfather. However, the world Melpomene seemed more attractive, and she chose the theatre. In 1989, she made an attempt to enter the Shchukin school, where he once studied her mother. Although the girl failed to pass the exams, thanks to a good knowledge of English and other parents Arcadia Arkanov Daria took a job as a translator for the film crew, directed by A. Mitta, who worked as a painting “Lost in Siberia». Upon returning from the expedition, she again passed exams and this time was able to enter the Shchukin school for a course V. Ivanov.

Since 1994, the actress is working in the theater. Mayakovsky, where he played many interesting roles. In parallel, Darya Poverennova a lot of filming, but the real success came to her after the release of TV series ‘the Bourgeois's birthday”. In addition, the actress starred in many reality shows of the First channel, such as “Circus”, “Empire”, “the Great race” and “Violent games".


In 1992, Tatiana Lukyanova born granddaughter Pauline. She didn't want to go in her mother's footsteps-the Actresses, nor the father of the Director (Alexander Zhigalkin). The girl entered the faculty of journalism, and by its end had a successful career in the publishing business. Today Pauline Gigalkin is the editor of a popular fashion magazine Fashion Collection.

Tatiana Lukyanova biography

Now you know who's Tatiana Lukyanova. Unfortunately, she rarely appeared in films, however, due to dramatic work the actress managed to win the love and recognition of spectators. So if your city touring theater "Commonwealth of actors of taganki" and plays of c Tatiana Lukyanova, you W...

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