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She drew the attention of the viewers from the very first appearance on TV screens in the show “the Bachelor”. She was one of the youngest members, but differed from other some tenderness and trepidation. After each of the dates with a potential suitor, she returned with hope and some fear, because the other contenders were quite pretty and could interest him. Yes, this is it, the winner of TV show 2015 Daria Kanawha. Girl, has a developed intellect, varied interests and enormous charm. The girl who managed to exercise restraint and persistent in the struggle for the heart of a bachelor.

Early years

In celebration of the Victory day, 9 may 1992, in the family of a speech therapist and engineer born daughter, Daria Kanawha. She was born in the capital of Tatarstan, in Kazan. Family several years later he again added another daughter.

Parents always paid enough attention to my girls. As soon as Dasha was three years old, she was put into swimming and dancing, she attended the children's group of the English language. Still Kananoja sure what this pattern of behavior of loving parents in a perfect relationship with their children. In her dreams – ever to open a school where kids can get early development.

Daria Kanawha

After the Doras got my hands on a high school diploma, she enrolled in Kazan state University (speciality "Management of organization"). And later she became independent, she started working as the art Director of the restaurant.


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Path to the screen

Last 2015th year was for Dasha is very important. She made the decision that changed life: to become one of the candidates for the heart «star» bachelor. The girl is very easy on the interview that it was necessary to pass. The excitement had to go somewhere, and the selection Committee did love the charm and openness Darya.

After the girl told me in numerous interviews that no one in the family except his younger sister, she didn't say about his departure on the third season of the TV show. Mom and dad found out about it only when their oldest was in the Canary Islands.

Love at first sight

Darya Kananoja Always prefer interesting adventures and extreme usual seat on the beach or a chair. Therefore, the project “Bachelor 3” seemed to her certain challenge. The girl was almost certain that in seven days she will already be home, in his hometown. Therefore, with the work she did not fire, but took a couple days off.

Timur Batrutdinov and Daria Kanawha

As we know, not all that happens appears. Timur Batrutdinov and Daria Kananoja first met it was on the project. When the girl saw the main character of the show, she realized that she was gone. Now Dasha firmly decided for themselves that they will do everything in her power to achieve from Timur reciprocity. But to realize his dream, she had to compete with another twenty-four contenders for the heart of resident “Comedy club”.

Female Friendship

Once on the project, Darya Kananoja in a matter of days realized that the sense of trust with other girls, however. Here it was everyone for themselves. So Daria just fenced off from the rest of the participants, which gave them a reason to talk about it as neodimom man, that she keeps to herself and doesn't gossip with the others. But she managed not to get lost in the web of intrigue that flourished among the candidates for the heart of the main character.

Daria Kanawha and Timur

A Little later, Dasha has made friends with ex-girlfriend Batrutdinova — Alina, whose help proved to be very helpful. With each step to the final was less girls. And to understand who will give personal happiness Batrutdinova, was not possible.

Judging by televoting, to represent this couple as Daria Kanawha and Timur, they were complicated. It seemed that guys are totally different. Because the majority of fans at the screens favored Galina Rzhaksinsky. With her Dasha has a very complicated relationship. The girls were crowded in one project. And yet in the last series of the show the bachelor, because it was the last word, put the ring on your finger that is Daria.

Sacrifice Timur

To still was able to stay on the show, Daria had to leave my job. Moreover, during the participation in this reality show, she wrote a diploma. But the girl on what did not complain and was quite happy.

Timur Batrutdinov tahirovic and Daria Kanawha

After the end of the third season of “Bachelor” Timur Batrutdinov and Daria Kanawha began to live together in Moscow, where he moved the girl. She had planned after graduation to find a job in their profession. In an interview that she had to give after the show, she enthusiastically shared with journalists that they are ready to marry and wants to give birth to their General Timur children. However, with the wedding date they have not yet decided.

Life after the project

After the fanfare died away and turns off the last camera, Timur Batrutdinov Tahirovic and Daria Kananoja started a new round of their relationship, almost not flavored pepper surveillance. But now the media began to appear articles which described the alleged truth about the personal lives of the girls before the show. Dirt poured on it enough. If not for the support of Timur, she would be much heavier.

A Little later, new information that this relationship is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Dasha is very hurt. She even showed a diamond ring, which gave her beloved.

Daria Kanawha parted

But then suddenly those who were looking forward to a Grand wedding, I found out that Timur Batrutdinov and Daria Kanawha broke up. The information came from the Dashi, which commented on the situation: if relations want only one person out of two, then it is unlikely that it can happen. And Timur, these relationships were not needed. At the festival in Kazan they were still together, but after something went wrong.

Now they share only a friendly relationship. Dasha was deeply immersed in the work. It – Director of Studio etiquette and personal development.


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