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Andy Whitfield known as purposeful and diligent man. He was a wonderful husband and a wonderful father of two children. “Why was that?” you ask. Unfortunately, the actor has already passed away. The cause of death of Andy Whitfield – blood cancer (lymphoma).

It Should be noted that the actor lived, though short, but fairly bright life. About the most important moments of fate Andy, we'll talk in our article.

cause of death Andy Whitfield

Childhood and youth

Actor Andy Whitfield was born on 17 July 1972 in the small town of Amaluza, which is located in England. In the same place, the future artist graduated from the school. In his younger years, Andy did not expect that'll be a world famous actor who will be remembered by millions of audience with their charisma and talent to fit into any role.

It is Worth saying that in the future Whitfield saw himself in the role of an engineer. It therefore took the decision to enroll in the appropriate school.

A Few years Andy still worked on his specialty, but after some time realized that does not fit into this role. The guy more wanted to see themselves on the big screen, next to the famous actors. Without thinking, Andy decides to go for his dream.

First steps to a career

Andy Whitfield, whose biography is of interest to many, for the first time went far beyond his home, to devote himself to film career. To do this, he enters the actors school, which is located in Sydney. After her successful graduation, Andy began to offer a minor role in the Australian series. They include “All the saints”, “McLeod's Daughters”, “Strip” etc.Andy Whitfield movies


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Simultaneously with the filming, Andy is actively involved in photography as well as posing for local magazines.

Love and marriage

On arrival in Australia Andy meets a beautiful girl named Terrica Smith. After several months of a beautiful relationship they decide to get married.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long - only three years. It turned out that on the way the couple stood a modest beauty named Vashti. From the first glance the young people fell in love with each other. After several years of relationship the couple decided to enter into a legal marriage. And after a while Andy and Vashti had a son named Jesse, and then a beautiful daughter, Indigo. It should be noted that until the last days of actor couple never parted.

actor Andy Whitfield cause of death

First role

Andy Whitfield, the movies which are watched by millions of viewers, most remembered by the audience thanks to his role in an art film called “angel of light”. I should say that the actor for his performance was awarded a prize in the category ‘Best acting debut”.

“angel of light" had in 2007 a huge box office. Of course, the merit of the actor in this was also. A year later, Andy Whitfield, biography, and which to this day are interested in the audience, paccel offer to star in the film “Gabriel". This role brought the actor true fame and love of millions of fans. Thriller with elements of horror “Clinic” also joined tinaarena Whitfield.

The Next crucial role, Andy was the TV series «Spartacus: blood and sand”. Here Whitfield played the role of a former soldier, who thanks to his willpower and courage has reached tremendous heights. Becoming first a Gladiator and then the leader of the revolt against the Romans, he has earned the respect and love of an army of thousands.

Andy Whitfield biography

Andy has become one of the most popular actors in Australia and other countries. We can safely say that this period was for him a real high point.


After the end of the first season of “Spartacus” was followed by second shooting. Unfortunately, to see the actor in the sequel and failed. Andy Whitfield, the films which like many, is sick. A terrible disease – lymphoma – began to spread with furious speed. The actor immediately began treatment. As told by his wife, Whitfield passed the twelve-week course of chemotherapy. At this time everyone thought that he is on the mend, because the man always had a smile and believed in their strength.

While the doctors fought with a terrible disease Andy, the producers and the Director of the series «Spartacus» decided not to wait for miracle and to remove instead of a second season mini-series "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”.

Two months later, Whitfield told his fans that the disease is finally receded. Alas, it wasn't true. The audience, it became clear that the show Andy will never appear. For the role in «Spartacus» took the other actor – Liema MacIntyre.

The Last days of the actor

Andy was sure that to overcome the disease, but unfortunately, she was stronger. When the actor learned that he remained just a matter of days, then told his wife he wanted to get a tattoo. The next day both husband and wife have tattooed on hand lettering Be Here Now.

In the last days of his life, Andy began filming a documentary. He wanted to help those who are faced with the same trouble.

Andy Whitfield funeral

It is Known that his wife Vashti asked her husband to alert children that the Pope will soon leave them forever. Barely holding back tears, the actor has found the strength to tell about it in a positive way. He said that his body like a butterfly with a broken wing. And if it ever will arrive to their house, both must believe that is part of the soul of their beloved Pope.

Actor Andy Whitfield. Cause of death

The Actor died on 11 September 2011, at the age of 39 years in Sydney. The cause of death of Andy Whitfield – lymphoma. Next, as always, were all the relatives and friends of the actor. It should be noted that the fight against blood cancer lasted more than 18 months.

Where does Andy Whitfield?

The funeral of the actor took place in the family circle. The exact location, date of farewell to Andy, as well as the location of his grave is still unknown. Relatives and friends of the actor chose not to disclose this information, because I wanted to see the beloved husband and friend in a relaxed atmosphere, without the presence of strangers.

actor Andy Whitfield

Andy's Wife reported the death of the actor on the morning of 11 September, the Australian journalists. She said he died right in her arms.

The Cause of death of Andy Whitfield really terrible. As it turned out, the discomfort and back pain began to bother the actor is already in the process of participation in the first part of the series «Spartacus». Perhaps the actor did not take his condition seriously. He continued shooting.

Many people wonder what perseverance and inner strength you need to have to know about this terrible disease with one hundred percent fatal and issue realistic and high-quality acting.

Of Course, the death of the actor came as a blow to family and fans. The cause of death of Andy Whitfield struck gold. It is unknown what heights could become this amazing person.

Despite the fact that this wonderful actor has left this world, the memory of it will remain in the hearts of fans for a long time.


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