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Hero of the article is the founder and pastor of the Church of “New generation” Alexey Ledyaev, a talented poet and composer. A caring father and husband, a good leader, author of books and people, range of interests and communication which goes beyond his professional activities. However, for a good three decades around its activities do not cease heated debate.

Alexey Ledyaev

Pastor Alex

Alexey Ledyaev was born March 10, 1958 in Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan, in a Baptist family. The fifth child of seven children. Grandfather Ledyaev, Orthodox believer, in the 20-ies became acquainted with Stundists and adopted their doctrine. He preached the gospel and became head Stundists movement in the Penza province. The only and long-awaited son was named in honor of his grandfather, Alexei.

When the boy was 13 years old, from rheumatism of the heart his mother died. After 2 years the father married the woman who took care of their large family for themselves. The kids took it and began to call mother.

School Alex graduated with a gold medal. Then continued his education on a speciality the chemist at the Kazakh University. According to Aleksey Ledyaev, biography it made a sharp turn after the arrival to Latvia.

Alexey Ledyaev photos

Personal life

With the future spouse they met at Church. Olga also grew up in a large Baptist family and, like Alex, was the fifth child. Friendship of young people, which lasted 5 years, gradually grew into the confidence to link their destinies forever. In 1981 they were married.

Young has decided to leave in the distant Latvia. In Riga, Alex got on the scene, Olga is at the factory. A year later, in 1982, the young family had a daughter Maria, then Tatiana. In 1988 – a daughter Anastasia. Wife Olga with the first days of married life I understood and supported him, as told Alexey Ledyaev (family photo above).


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Alex defends the principles of family values and remain faithful to Christian morality. In 2005, the magazine “IN VICTORY” said Ledyaev in the category “Reformer of the year”. In 2007, at the IV world Congress family, he was awarded a medal «For the active protection of the traditional family”.

Lemaevich prosperous and happy family. Olga as well as the husband serves as pastor. Daughter walked in the footsteps of their parents. Alexei family values come first and in your personal life.

Alexey Ledyaev family photo

Alexey Ledyaev and the ‘New generation”

Alex attended a Baptist Church and experienced a “spiritual baptism”. In the late 80-ies he and his associates went to the Pentecostals, where Ledyaev served as a musician and a preacher. After emigrating to the pastor of the Church in America almost unanimously to be the leader of the Church was elected Alexey. The Lutheran Church where they held services, was closed for the Pentecost its doors. But they continued service on the steps of the temple. Later Norwegian friends gave them a tent, and in it they held meetings.

But the day came when the Church split into two camps. The bishops of the fraternity was suspended Ledyaev from pastoral Ministry. In 1989, Alexey Ledyaev and his supporters created a new Church. In 1994, it consisted of 1,500 people. Today ‘New generation” - an extensive organization, which has more than 200 churches in 15 countries around the world.

The Church has a television Studio, a publishing division, recording Studio, created a Bible school. The building constantly operate a Barber shop, a café and a bookstore. The Church holds Christian conference, where are the preachers from around the world. Much interest music projects Ledyaev.

Alexey Ledyaev personal life

Musicals and concerts

Alexey Ledyaev – poet and composer, is the author of many poetic works. One of the first projects created by it, became the musical "brazen serpent". It was shown in Jurmala in 1994 at the conference "Wind of change”. At the 1995 summer conference were presented the musical play "Noah's ark”. In 1996 – “Bartimaeus" and "Torn curtain". From 1998 to 2002 was created musicals “Exodus”, “Cephas", "the Bush".

Under the leadership of Alexey came out of the music program: “the Broken tablets”, “I'm going into the depths of God”, “the Incense of love”, “Silhouettes”, “I believe I can fly” and “Let your kingdom come”.

In 2009 it was created the first project, designed for professional theatre scene - "Game is Over”. Participation in it was accepted by the people far from Christianity that has caused a wave of criticism.

Alexey Ledyaev is the author, Director and producer of many of the Christian programs that are in different countries. Audience “New generation” has more than 200 million people.

Book by Alexei Ledyaev

  • «Go and make disciples" (1994) – an overview of the program of the Bible school;
  • “stumbling block" (1994);
  • “to Survive, to live" (1996);
  • “boomerang” (1999);
  • ‘Seal of righteousness" (2001);
  • ‘New world order”;
  • “EUROPETICUS HOMO” (2005);
  • “straight Talk" (2006);
  • “the Secret identity took place”;
  • “How to survive during the financial crisis”;
  • “Great Commission”;
  • “the dust on the piano”;
  • “Personality” (the trilogy);
  • “Idea” (the trilogy).

Alexey Ledyaev biography

Who are the judges?

Telling about Alexey Ledyaev, it is impossible to ignore the criticism in his address. The condemnation of the Ministers of many Christian faiths have been the idea of Alex creating "new order", where all industry was controlled by religious people. But critics point to the prohibition of mixing Church and politics.

As relates to Ledyaeva Orthodox Church? For many years the Church “New generation” called a sect. Some representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ledyaev was invited to speak in sermons, they worked together. But the leadership of the UOC concluded that the sermon Ledyaev threat to Ukraine's sovereignty, and the Church has all the hallmarks of a totalitarian cult.

Russia has approached this matter "responsibly" or, as in the quote from the Bible, “with all authority". In March 2002, at passport control in Sheremetyevo Ledyaev took his passport. Then, without explanation, taken to a cell where he was kept for several hours. Lawyer Alexei replied that such a person did not come. After the media leaked information and photos, Alexey Ledyaev was escorted under guard to the landing and sent back to Riga. Entry to Russia he was banned.


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