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Our today's heroine - leading (“Revizorro”) Lena Flying. Biography, personal life of this blonde today of interest to many. Do you also consider yourself among her fans? Then we suggest to familiarize with the content of the article.Elena volatile personal life biography

Elena Volatile: biography, childhood

She was born December 5, 1978 in Yaroslavl. Volatile – real name Helena, and not the alias. Lena was wanted and loved child. Parents always spoil her by buying expensive imported clothes and toys.

When the girl was 7 years old, she and her family moved to the Siberian town of Tynda. All because father and mother went to the construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline.


Our heroine graduated from financial-economic College located in the city of Blagoveshchensk. Then she returned to Yaroslavl. Almost 4 years the girl worked as a financier in the local branch of «Gazprom».

Soon the blonde went to Moscow. There, she easily entered the University of Railways. In 2005, she was awarded a diploma of the University. Lena received a specialty "the economist”. But that's not all. Behind our heroine's education in the School of television «Ostankino».

Thanks to such qualities as commitment, perseverance and hard work, Flying has made all that now is.Elena Letuchaya biography


In February 2014 Lena tried his hand as a TV presenter. Prior to that, she worked only behind the scenes, was the editor and producer of many programs. “Revizorro” project, which is on our TV was not. Fearless Elena Flying with his team frequented the restaurants and hotels of major cities. Tested for purity and quality of services were not all Russian institutions. The blonde repeatedly had to engage in verbal skirmishes with administrators and owners of hotels, cafes, hostels and restaurants. The youth have a new idol – fair and sharp-tongued Elena Volatile. Personal life biography of the presenter – all this caused an unprecedented interest. To the “Friday”, a large number of positive reviews about her work.


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Volatile Elena: biography, personal life

Our heroine – a tall blonde with a cute face, blue eyes and a chiseled figure. She hardly ever had problems related to the lack of male attention. Indeed, the school and the Institute for Lena ran guys. They presented her with flowers and compliments, invited to the meeting. But then the Fly in the first place was a study.

Presenter three times made proposals hands and hearts-at the age of 23, 24 and 26. And every time she was forced to resign. She knew that she is not ready to become a caring and Thrifty wife. She wanted to move forward, cost a career.Flying Elena biography personal life

Took the man of the family?

Elena Flying, personal life, biography which is of interest to many, opposed to fleeting romances. According to her, the relationship must be serious and with the prospect of marriage.

In the Summer of 2015 the whole country found out about a new novel by journalist. The network got photos from her vacation in Sri Lanka. Next to the blonde was always a nice young man. Whom he has Elena Volatile? A personal life biography, this guy has some interesting points.

Let's Start with the fact that his name is Yuri Anashenkov. He is the owner of one of the capital collection agencies. The interesting thing is that at the moment of acquaintance with Lena, Bat the young man was in a relationship with another lady. His civil wife – Oriental beauty Hasmik Valle Reytor. They have two children together.Flying Elena biography personal life photo

Does this family managed to break Elena Volatile? Personal life biography of our heroine today under a sight of cameras and cameras. It is unlikely the girl would become a party to “footy” history. Love triangles – not its theme. Approval of the Lena, at the time of their acquaintance Yuri was no longer living with common-law wife.

New life

Elena Volatile, biography which, we considered, for several years he rented an apartment in Moscow. After she began to lead the transmission “Revizorro”, its fees increased. Because of this, the girl was able to save money to buy their own homes.

In 2015, a well-known journalist purchased the mansion in the New Riga. For several months the house was done the finishing work. Flying hired professional builders and designers.Leading revizorro presenter biography personal life

In February of 2016 became aware of Lena's move into a luxurious mansion. In a two story house presenter will live not alone but with my beloved man. Yuri already moved a part of things. Someone will rush to call him a gigolo. However, staying in their house insisted Lena. Her lover well earned. He spoils the bride with expensive gifts and jewelry. This man does not forget to provide financial assistance to the former spouse and children.

Today, many movie stars and television have accounts in social networks. Is no exception and Elena Volatile. Biography girls interested thousands of Internet users. 14 Feb blonde hurried to share the joy with your subscribers. She posted a picture on the ring finger of her right hand sparkles ring. Lena admitted that he had received a proposal from the beloved. Her response was positive. Now Elena and Yuri are in for a pleasant pre-wedding chores. The date and location have not been disclosed.

Only 37 years old TV presenter “ripe” family life. She managed to build a successful career. Now you can think about procreation.

Withdrawal from the project “Revizorro”

In March 2016 appeared the information that the presenter is leaving the popular gear. Later, the TV presenter confirmed it. Fans of the program “Revizorro» could not believe that they will leave Elena Volatile. Biography girl became famous thanks to this project.

And the envious and detractors immediately began to look for the cause of care of Lena. Some people have suggested that this is due to pregnancy blonde. A few days later, Bat denied this information. In an interview with one of the publications she reported that wants kids, but later. For a start, the girl needs to get married and build a new home.

In conclusion

Now you know which way to fame did a Flying Elena. Biography, personal life, photos of the presenter – all of this is contained in the article. Before us is an attractive girl, a talented journalist and a true professional, responsible and suitable to any business. We wish Elena every success in your career and victories on the love front!


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