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Rhino is one of the largest equids on earth. Previously its population was more numerous, but today there are only five varieties. Three of them live in Asia, and two – Africa.


As a rule, the rhinoceros lives where? In Savannah on the African vastness of this animal is rather common. There are a lot of species of black color in the East, South and centre. There used to be much more before the continent was invaded by Europeans and began the extermination.

actual liveIn the 20th century this type consisted of 13.5 thousand heads. Since then, the situation only worsened and the population decreased to 3,5 thousand More they are found in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and some other countries.

The establishment of new protected areas where the rhinos live in relative safety from poaching, which mostly thrives in the West. The situation there is unstable, so count the number of animals is quite difficult. Statistics need to be constantly updated. In protected areas there is good fertility and positive indicators, while in the West one of the subspecies extinct.

White individuals

Where does the Rhino white? In the same Africa. His image can be found in elements of rock paintings that suggests that this kind here for a long time.

The Europeans encountered the creature in 1857 on the South of the continent. It began actively hunting, resulting in just 35 years remained a matter of individuals. Miracle this animal survived, it was discovered in 1892 in places where previously people did not penetrate near R. imfolozi game reserve.


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Since 1897, the places where rhinos live, began to protect. In 2010, the year was a statistical summary, according to which only 20 thousand individuals. The main form is stable and even shows some increase in the South, although there was a time when the population of 2500 (as of 1960) was reduced to 5 members in 2014. So the threat of disappearance is inexorably hangs on. Require protection of the places where rhinos live. Photos might be the only thing with which we will be able to see them in the near future, if you do not exercise due care.

Rhino where he lives in Savannah


Of Course, this beautiful animal is not only in Africa. Exploring the question of where the rhinoceros lives in which country, we learn that they also are found in the South and South-East Asia. Especially took a fancy to the Indian view of the mountains of the Hindu Kush. Once these animals was typical of the people of Iran and China, their remains were found in Yakutia.

Exploring the history, we can conclude that all the troubles of these animals by Europeans who arrived in Asia, began to cut down the jungle. The population increased, so that the wildlife has become a bit crowded. For hunting in areas where rhinos live, used a firearm. Now, as in Africa, these animals can be found only in places that are carefully protected.

In our time, the main habitat type is Indian, Bangladesh, Nepal, much of it to be found in Pakistan, and Sindh in India. A lot of them in the reserves and parks of national importance. In Pakistan and Bangladesh you can still see a small number of animals living freely in places where man seldom comes.

On the conservation of populations of working Kaziranga-national Park in India, where there are 1600 of these rhinos. Also shows a good performance of the Nepalese nature reserve of Chitwan, where they are 600. In Pakistan, there are environmental complex Lal-Suhanra, where more than 300.

where does a Rhino in what country

Sumatran Rhino

There are also sumatrana variety of this animal, which also had a wide distribution in Asia. It was possible to meet her representatives in India, China, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, etc.

Generally, the places where rhinos live – it's swamps and forests in the tropics. Now they can be found only on several Islands, the number – 275 individuals. This type is included in the Red book, as it is on the verge of extinction.

The Last hero

Also in the nature of usual Javanese rhinoceros, whose representatives in the world. Previously, he flourished it can be found in the South-East and South Asia, particularly India, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malacca, Sumatra and Java. At the moment the situation is deplorable, since there are only 30 to 60 individuals, living in Indonesia and Java. In other places the species became extinct in the last century. He tried to keep in the zoo, however, the idea has not justified itself, as in 2008, died the last representative of this type that live in captivity.

The Problem of the disappearance of the rhinoceros is quite urgent. Efforts are being made to its solution. Prior to our time of the century these animals were treated somewhat irreverently, exterminated them in the mercenary purposes, but nature too patient up to a point, so many types just could not resist the pressure.

where does the rhinocerosNow, environmental organizations trying to restore the delicate balance. In many medical practices often patient being prescribed peace and quiet. The extinction of the Rhino can be called a disease that is treated by giving the animal a relaxing environment.


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