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There is a wonderful birds of passerine. They have spread throughout the world. Most often they can be found in Asia, Africa and, of course, in Europe. The territory of Russia and former republics of the Soviet Union can particularly show off with this bird. It is very pleasing to the ear and lives in the mountains and on the plains. And yet they are perfectly able to live in captivity. What is this bird? This can be found by reading the article.

Description male

Externally, a bird similar to Sparrow's, so it is related to passerine. Photos of Buntings clearly shows the similarity. At the same time, it is easy to distinguish, as it compares favorably with the plumage and tail. All the bird has to 197 species. In the vastness of Russia, the most common form – the Harriers. It can also be seen on the expanses of Scandinavia and Spain. Even in Russia, dwell baby garden, corn Bunting, white hat and others.oatmeal Remez

The article will focus on the bird, called oatmeal Remez, which is a little less ordinary. Male has black-and-white pattern on the head, nape and back. Color characteristic: rust-brown with dark variegation (streaks). On his chest is seen chestnut necklace, on the sides – spots. Abdomen of male is white.

Description females

The Female of the species oatmeal Remez, painted according to the type male, but with less contrast. The head is black painted in brown. Autumn feather coloration is very similar: buff. The visible difference of females from males is the lack of white spots on the back of his head. If it occurs in females, very small, barely noticeable. Even the female has a Buffy color of the pen completely, but the Foundation. In males it only on the edges of the feathers.


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Differences between young and Mature males

The Young males of the species oatmeal Remez, with breeding, very similar to females. They are more dull and with more Buffy tinge. On the chest are observed dark-brown streaks and flanks brown with dark brown streaks on the stems. Tail feathers are pointed.

In the old males differ from Mature dull and narrow breast band, which has a brown color. On the mask they often have brown feathers (especially on ear). Because young males do not differ much from the females, can be confused with the Buntings the reed type. To avoid this, you need to look carefully at the signs. They should be distinguished by the bright spot over the ear. To all, as a rule, the feathers on the crown Remezov bristle, Recalling the crest and flanks mottled brown. Bird species oatmeal Remez is similar in appearance to the East of the region: Sultonova oatmeal.


Most of all, it flies, lives in the southern forest-steppe. The first flight occurs in spring. The arrival time is not always the same. This happens 1 to 3 decade of April. In the autumn they fly in recent times from late September to mid-October. In Moscow from late March to early April settles oatmeal Remez. Bird parwada and prefers to settle on the edge of the forest glades large size, meadows with bushes and clearings.oatmeal Remez photo

Quite a lot of birds nesting directly on the ground and rarely in bushes at a height of half a meter. They build nests of grass stems and panicles of grasses, rootlets and hairs of a bird neatly lined tray. In the southern taiga bird watching at nesting time, on the right Bank of the Irtysh river. Coniferous forests are inhabited in floodplain habitats and sphagnum bogs, covered with low-growing pine. The second half of summer oatmeal Remez, a photo of which is posted in the article, dwells in the zone of mixed forests. More than likely it is a pine ryam.oatmeal Remez bird

Flying birds in Omsk. In the nineteenth century, ordinary oatmeal deliberately brought to New Zealand (her Islands) from natural habitats – the UK. If we consider the territory of the former Soviet Union, nesting Buntings observed in the South of Moldova and Ukraine. Separate areas are in the mountainous plains of mount Elbrus. All kinds of Buntings are in the same unit. However, each bird has its own personality, its subtleties of color, its singing melody and a different way of life.

Structure, the size and characteristics of Buntings

Bird Bunting has a weakly developed palatal tubercle. The first primary wing vestigial. The outer web 3 through 6 primaries of the wings is cut. The male body has a length from 127 to 160 mm, an average of 241 mm. Length of females in the body from 130 to 155 mm, average 230 mm.

Wings have a length of:

  • Males from the 71.5 to 81.5 mm, secondary – 76,9 mm;
  • Females of 65 to 79.5 mm, average of 73.2 mm.

The Beak has a length of 11 to 12 millimeters, Tarsus – from 18 to 19 millimeters, the tail – from 55 to 65 millimeters. Males weigh from 19 to 22.3 grams (average 19,87), females – from 17 to 20.8 grams (average of 17.98 grams).

Oatmeal is not avoiding people. She often settles next to the man and even in the city. Most of all they like to nest close to farms. This is understandable, because it is easy to get food: grains seeds. Of course it is easy to guess that the most favorite treat for birds of this type is oat. Apparently the name Bunting chosen by chance. Winter bright bird can next to the stable, again because of the oats, which is enough enough. A whole population can thus feed themselves, and to survive the winter. When the snow melts and the nights still sometimes frosty, males begin to return from wintering. Then the people rejoice, they heard the first warbling of birds, among which the singing Buntings.oatmeal Remez bird photo


Waiting for the females, the males mostly spend their time in search of food. Between this vital lesson, they sing, praising the ordinances of awakening of nature, its beauty and generosity. When the snow leaves, the surface can be found from the seeds and from the ground there are the first insects. In the future they will make up a large part of the diet of Buntings. It is very important that insects will be abundant, because the offspring need to bring up. They will serve as first-time parents to feed the Chicks. In the early days the Chicks are fed invertebrates to grind food from the goitre of the parent (male or female).

When the Chicks are able to accept the whole insect, the parents carry them grasshoppers, woodlice, spiders and insects of other species. Sweet oatmeal enter into marriage after the second half of April. At the end of may they have offspring. Males are endowed with a bright color, nursed in front of females, strongly flirting with them, showing off and bursting trills with overflow. Choosing a couple, a female looking for a place to nest. Starts the construction of a family house where you can raise their offspring. In may begins EN masse to lay eggs oatmeal Remez. Birds nest has been laying 4 to 6 eggs. They are white with pink and purple hue. The eggs are visible spots and fine lines. The incubation period lasts 12 to 14 days. Young birds leave the nest when they are about 14 days. Baby birds are brought up to a greater extent on insects and sometimes half-ripe grass seeds and green shoots.

Life in captivity

The Bird has a wide distribution, but in captivity, the lives and often. She is distrustful and timid in nature. Most prefer it to have canroute. For them, the oatmeal Remez – bird (photo is in the article) need to study osadochnom song. For learning to take young males. A cage for Buntings need to take spacious to 70 centimeters long. If the cell contains other birds, the males can be aggressive. If this is the case – the male is deposited. The cells contain both Remez and ordinary oatmeal. You can also find in captivity garden, gall, tiny, grey-headed and some other types.bird Bunting black-headed penduline tit photo and description


Canary Seed, millet, rape, oats, green foxtail with a small amount of cannabis, panic, flax, sunflower, squash – everything that eats oatmeal Remez. Imprisonment imposes its own characteristics on the power of the bird, as she cannot produce their own food on their own. A good Supplement – screenings (seeds of weeds). Be sure to give soft food, which added a Daphnia or gammarus. Periods the birds are fed mealworms, different insects, especially when moulting and reproduction. It is important that the bird Bunting black-headed penduline tit (photo and description of which is above) ate vegetables and greens. The cell must be supplied with clean river sand, chalk, crushed seashell and eggshell.


This is a rare case when the poultry are bred Buntings. But if it bothers someone, then for these purposes it is necessary to use cages or large cages. In cages it is necessary (at least desirable) to have a dirt floor and a shrub. Then Bunting black-headed penduline tit, singing where you can delight the ear of the owner, can spend the winter and not afraid of frost. Already in captivity were bred hybrids. They are derived from the common Buntings and Canaries. In nature, however, this oatmeal crosses over the pine if the contact is in the zone of their contact.oatmeal Remez imprisonment


Song of the oatmeal rings in silver and consists of...

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