Types of winds: the General laws


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The Wind is called large-scale fluxes of atmospheric gases, moving in the same direction and generally at the same speed. In meteorology the types of winds  first of all classified according to the direction of movement, speed, spatial scale, forces, their geeky, regional identity and the impact on the environment. These air streams play a very important role in the life of mankind, as the centuries and millennia served as a source of clean energy (sailing fleet, balloons, windmills etc.).

View of the winds

The Types of winds also vary in duration. So, short duration flows up to several seconds with higher speed is called the gusts and even more severe and long-squalls. Prolonged winds may vary depending on force, direction, magnitude and some other parameters that distinguish a breeze (offshore wind), storms, storms, hurricanes, typhoons, and other.

All kinds of winds have their own purely individual peculiarities by which they identificeret and meteorologists. For example, a characteristic feature of the breeze is changing direction twice a day. The winds are not only short, they can be seasonal, that is, to show stability for several months. Such atmospheric phenomena are the monsoons. But the trade winds generally have a permanent and stable nature.

direction of wind

Almost all kinds of winds are an essential and integral part of the ecosystem of the planet, the key relief forming factor of its geological evolution. They take an active part in the processes of soil formation, causing erosion of rocks, which significantly changes the appearance of the surface of the planet. Air currents can also carry seeds of various plants, thereby contributing to their wider dissemination.


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The Wind, being one of the most powerful elements of our planet, had a huge impact on all aspects of the development of human civilization. In many Nations of the globe the winds were religious or divine characters in mythology and epic, the main inspirers of poets and writers. In ancient times, when the manifestations of this element too much depended in the lives of people, was invented by a pointer to the direction the wind-vane, the modern version of which is called anemometer.

Often, these atmospheric phenomena have driven historical events, expanded the range of trade relations and cultural exchange between the ancient Nations. They were the driving forces behind the different mechanisms and inexhaustible sources of energy. Air flow allowed the first man up in the sky, without them the invention of the parachute it would not make sense. On the strength of its winds influence comparable only with the energy of the Sun and the water element.

solar wind

But, like any natural phenomenon, the winds are not only progress and development, but also destruction and death. They contribute to the spread of forest fires, they cause unrest in the reservoirs lead to the destruction of various hydraulic and other structures. Rampaging tornadoes and tornadoes are always accompanied not only grandiose destructions and human victims. With the impact of this climatic effect is the reason such a dangerous natural phenomenon of sand storms.

But the wind is not a purely terrestrial atmospheric effect. The largest winds in the Solar system, a thousand times superior to their most destructive terrestrial counterparts, recorded on the surface of the gas giants of Saturn and Jupiter. In the open space also rampant your version of this powerful and extremely  the disaster – solar wind, which is a giant and deadly stream of ionized radioactive particles. We all owe him this phantasmagoric phenomenon as the Northern lights. Colliding with the earth's magnetosphere near the poles, this extremely powerful stream of solar radiation makes it glow.

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