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summary wild swansHans Christian Andersen-world famous children's storyteller. He was born in a poor family of shoemaker. As a child, his father told the boy that he supposedly is a relative of the Prince Frits. It was the occasion of fantasies about his meeting with the Scion of the Royal family. Even when Hans grew up, he did not stop to dream and come up with various implausible stories. All this is reflected in the wonderful tales, which made him famous all over the world. Many of them we know since childhood. One of his best works was written in 1838 Andersen. “Wild swans", a summary of which is given in this article – it is a tale about the value of kinship, of selfless love in all its manifestations. Even the possibility of his own death does not frighten the main character. She has only one desire-to save their brothers. Remember how it was…

Brief contents. “Wild swans". Joining

There was a king. And he had eleven fine sons and one daughter, whose name was Elsa. They lived in harmony, until, has not yet appeared in the family stepmom. She was an evil sorceress. Appearing in the castle, the stepmother immediately set their own rules. She sent Elsa to be raised in a remote village, and her brothers were turned into white swans. They flew to God knows where. Their sister, who lived in the middle of nowhere, every day was becoming more beautiful. And now it has grown into a real beauty, more beautiful to the world. When Elsa returned to her father in the castle, the stepmother, seeing her, became angry even more. She decided to make her stepdaughter ugly. For this witch had sent her three nasty toads. But, as soon as they touched an innocent girl, turned into red poppies and floated down the river to get away from her. Then the stepmother got Elsa mud, so that even my own father couldn't recognize her and kicked out of the castle.


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Brief contents. “Wild swans". Development

Andersen the wild swans summary

After that, I had a girl to spend the night in the woods. There she has a dream in which she sees herself and the brothers in childhood. The next morning, Elsa washed her face in the forest pond, and then again it got pretty. And the girl went to look for his brothers. On the way she met an old woman with a basket full of berries. She shared them with Elsa and told that soon she will be released to the river, where I arrive eleven beautiful swans with Golden crowns. In the morning the beauty went to the river and waited for his brothers. In the evening came the swans and became a great. At dawn the brothers again flew away, promising to take his sister with him. The next day they took her to a willow basket in a cave, overgrown with greenery. There remained to live with Elsa. One night she dreamed a strange dream: the old woman who pointed the way to the brothers, told her the secret of their salvation. She said that the swans turn into young men, if you wear shirts made of nettle that grows on the graveyard or the cave. Only the girl should be silent, otherwise the spell will not work. The next day Elsa got to work. She picked some nettles from the cave and started knitting the first shirt. But she did not finish the second shirt as it found the local king, who was hunting in these places. He was fascinated by the beauty of Elsa, took her to his castle and married her.

Brief contents. “Wild swans". Interchange

the wild swans summary

The mere fact was upsetting the king – his young wife was silent, indicating that she need only signs. The Archbishop, who had served him, was told that his beautiful witch. Night he saw, as she went to the cemetery and tore there the nettle. Why do we need a common girl? The king decided to see for myself. The next night he caught his wife in that way. Soon people became aware that the young Queen is a witch. People demanded that Elsa was burned at the stake. The girl herself couldn't explain why she's tearing the nettle, as it would destroy all her efforts. Even when the girl was carried to the execution, she sat and wove. She left to finish her last shirt. The swans circled around her. At the moment when the executioner seized her by the arm, she managed to throw the brothers related shirts, and they turned into boys. Only she didn't have time to finish the sleeve on the last shirt. Little brother and left with a wing instead of an arm. By doing this, Elsa fainted. The brothers told the king the whole story. At this point, logs for the fire turned into a Bush of red roses. Only one flower in the middle was a dazzling white. The king plucked it out, put it on the chest of the girl and she woke up. Destroyed the evil spell of a witch. In the heart of the Elsa settled joy and peace. Thus ends the tale of a courageous girl and her eleven brothers (here is its summary). “Wild swans" is a work of dedication and love. It teaches us the faith that good will always triumph over evil, no matter what happens. Children love this tale. Based on it and created cartoons and feature films.

Fairy Tale “Wild swans", a summary of which is shown here, perhaps one of the best works of Hans Christian Andersen.

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