The decoration of wedding glasses with your hands: ideas, master class


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The Wedding - a Grand celebration which is usually celebrated with glamor and glitter. So pair a few months start training for the big day, paying attention to even the most inconspicuous details. In a happy moment when family and friends will gather at the same table, they should see gorgeous dishes, fine utensils and jewelry that would symbolize the newlyweds. In this article we will show you how to make the decoration of wedding glasses with your hands, which in the future will remind you of a Grand celebration.decoration of wedding glasses with your hands

Decorate with rhinestones and sequins

This decoration of wedding glasses with his hands emphasize the elegance of the occasion. The choice in favor of shiny stones make the pair, whose wedding appropriate crystal and diamonds. Such dishes will add not only glamour design but also efficiency.decoration of wedding glasses with your hands

How to do? Take the rhinestones are small and medium. The color may be chosen at will, because today there are silver and gold, and pearl. Before you start to glue rhinestones, please be pistol glue to the glasses not left stains. Prepare in advance a template on which you will design glassware, especially if you're doing a complex pattern or inscription. To simplify the task enough to take the washable marker and light touches to put on the glasses, and then along the contour to glue rhinestones.

Lace and soft

The Decoration of glasses lace suits couples who arrange a wedding in pastel shades, using delicate colors and light pattern. Such dishes wedding table will cause the admiration of the newlyweds and guests. Besides, this is the budget version of the design.decoration of wedding glasses with ribbons

How to do? You will need lace. Today, there are more than 10 types of patterns, which produce both hand and machine method. Select the most graceful, using glue carefully stick the lace on the glass and the stem of the glass, and then allow to dry. If the show imagination, you can make dishes lush and voluminous. For this you need to gather the fabric into a kind of headband.

Summer bouquet

Want to surprise your guests decoration of wedding glasses? Flowers and mini bouquets of fresh plants perfectly cope with this task. The appearance of the cookware will make your celebration of wealth and elegance. However, to decorate the glasses you need or celebration day, or the day before, to the beautiful and fragrant flowers wilt. decoration of wedding glasses

How to do? There are two ways: decorate with artificial flowers, or make the decor with fresh flowers. Before you glue mini-bouquet in a glass, it is necessary to consider the design and create the template. You can use small buds of roses, using glue to put them on tape, and then wrap the glass. But also not forbidden to make a small bouquet of Bud, green branches and beautiful lace, which are subsequently attached to the leg. In the spring you can use a delicate peonies or cherry blossoms. In the summer - daisies or chamomile, and in the cold season choose rose.


Create a unique decor, wedding glasses. The master class will help you to decorate the dishes to the triumph with paint. Here you can show imagination and to portray absolutely any pattern. It doesn't matter what style your wedding fairy - tale forest and a Gothic castle or a van for the hippies. The ideal solution would be acrylic paint that has dried for a day, not washed and do not disappear for a long time.decor, wedding glasses-polymer clay

How to do? Glasses of the bride and groom should be treated with alcohol to dry the surface and degrease. So the acrylic will take on a stronger surface. Always use templates, then you will be able to create smooth, beautiful and accurate figure without flaws. You have the chance to make and patterns, and beautiful calligraphic lettering, and drawings of flowers. Optionally, you can complement design with rhinestones, sequins or lace. If you want to impress, use fluorescent acrylic paint which will glow in the dark. So you will always be in the spotlight, especially when the feast will go to the evening dances.

Silk ribbon

The decoration of wedding glasses with his handsusing tape - a budget option that will still delight the guests. It is also possible to show imagination, so you should not content ourselves with mere ribbons. Choose the material satin, but to heighten the effect, it is recommended to use lace. The main advantage of this material is that to date color scheme is not limited, and can pick up the tape at the design of the celebration.decoration of wedding glasses with flowers

How to do? Use glue gun to secure the satin or lace. Wrap the satin ribbon to the stem of the glass, affecting a few inches of the bottom. Make an elegant bow and gently planted it on the glue. It's a good idea to make ribbons mens tie or a bow tie and glasses for the bride to create a light lace dress. Don't be afraid to Supplement the design with additional decoration. For example, brush a thin layer of the surface of the glass and sprinkle abundantly brilliant sand, so there is not a free mm.

Decorative rope

The Use of rope or braided cord will give your wedding an exotic. As a rule, it is recommended to use brown twine and wooden objects. In addition, the glasses of the bride and groom can use throughout the celebration and not be afraid that in the process grandiose of fun to break a family heirloom. decoration of wedding glasses

How to do? Take a thin rope of brown and glue in the gun. Apply a thin adhesive layer, and then wrap the twine glass so that there is free space. Please note in the photo above how the thread looks. You can complement the decoration of wedding glasses with ribbons and wooden items. For example, you can use thin tree bark or bamboo chopsticks. This design of cookware is suitable for those who want to do the wedding, for example, in the African style.

Polymer clay

Decor, wedding glasses-polymer clay gives scope to human imagination, because the material is the same as clay. It can be made of any drawing, inscription, figure or pattern. The main thing - to be creative and not be afraid to be different. If you haven't worked with polymer clay, it is best festive decoration of dishes left to a professional. However, you will still be able to choose the perfect and unique pattern. But if you decide to do it yourself, then this master class for decoration of wedding glasses for you. adornment glasses

How to do? Take the polymer clay colors needed and then form small petals. Use a sharp hobby knife or razor blade, so all parts are neat and tidy. Gently make little blossoms that resembled a rose. Prepare the leaves and small stems, using a thin toothpick. Before applying polymer clay to glass, it must be degreased with alcohol. Allow the glass to dry, and then apply a thin layer of glue and attach the finished flowers. You can create buds of different sizes to glasses looked more impressive. To work with the other side and not to damage the finished flowers with polymer clay you bake. Not allowed to use the oven, which can hold a glass dish for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees.

Shiny sand

To create a sophisticated design you will need glitter - sequins that look like sand or dust. To apply such decoration is easy, you only need to consider the design, but the admiring glances you provided. adornment glasses

How to do? The decoration of wedding glasses with his hands begins with the material selection. Color glitter can be used as desired, besides the sequins are sold today, ranging from the dark tones and ending with bright acid powder. The dust is applied to the surface of the glass, which was pre-treated with a thin adhesive layer. If you want to create a pattern, then you can use the gun to apply glue and sprinkle the shiny sand, and then wait a few minutes and shake off excess glitter.


The Glasses of the bride and groom will be original and unique if you use engraving. This festive tableware will be a real family heirloom that will last in the cupboard for decades. As a rule, use the couple's names, but you can complement the decor vows, patterns, and date of the bride

How to do? Engraving is best done by professionals, who carefully carve the inscription on the glass surface. You can also try to do the decor yourself using only a template (stencil) and liquid, which allows to simulate the etching of glass. It needs to handle the glass with alcohol or acetone to degrease the surface, then it is important to stick to the stencil and cover the glass with liquid. After waiting a few minutes, remove the stencils and enjoy the beautiful engraving with his own hands. To heighten the effect of the color of the liquid can be changed by adding to the mixture a few drops of paint.

Effect of spraying

This is the original decoration of wedding glasses that will take you just 10 minutes. In this way we will also be using the glitter, because this is truly a unique material. Try to create the glasses, which resemble silver, gold or frost. This designholiday dishes can make your meal magical.groom glass

How to do? Take the glitter and pour it into a small bowl. Add some liquid glue and mix with a spatula. Take a sponge and gently dip it in the bowl with brilliant sand and apply on degreased glass surface imitating frost. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated after drying of the first layer of glue. Below the glass looked effectively, can use glitters of different colors. It is not recommended to apply glitter on the edges of the glass, otherwise during the celebration the groom or bride can be poisoned as glue or the glitter. In the end, you can fix the decoration with clear varnish or epoxy resin.

Greek pearl

Tired of the rhinestones and sequins? Then use the beautiful beads that will always come to the rescue. It does not matter if your decor Arsenal of different sizes, because you can use even the beads!glasses of the bride and groom

How to do? Start with the preparation of the required material. Choose beads of the color in which you spend your celebration. Agree, it would be unfortunate if your wedding is all in red and pink tones, and on the table the young couple will stand glasses with blue and green beads. To create the decorated ware you have to use glue gun. Apply a drop of homogenized glass and with tweezers carefully place the bead. Try to make unique design: start to draw a glass with large faux pearls, gradually reducing the size of the beads. Approaching the edge of the glass, you can use small beads. Complete your glassware or silk ribbon wrap the stem with brown twine.original decor, wedding glasses

Summing up

The Decoration of glasses is truly a creative process that always stands out for its unique approach. The decoration of the interior can be a real craze and may grow over time into a hobby. Do not worry if your Arsenal is not enough skills - all comes with experience. It is enough to practice on a glass container, which is not a pity to spoil it. When you hone your skills, you can safely go to expensive crystal. You can be sure that your glasses will impress guests and loved ones. In the great wedding day is important all the details, so don't be afraid to show imagination, because all that will happen at the event will remain in memory.

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