What weddings are and what you need to give?


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Wedding – it is an emotional event associated with the many different rites and signs. The faithful couples must undergo a religious rite, for example, in Christianity – the wedding, and in Islam-nikah. Wedding – this is the start of future joint life of two people in love. In many countries it is customary to celebrate this day with a festive feast, invite relatives and friends, it's an opportunity to once again remind each other of their undying love to each other.

What are the wedding by years of living together?

Most people know about what is gold and silver wedding, but few go into detail about how is called the first, the second and subsequent anniversary. What signs are associated with these dates and it is better to give the spouses?

By the Way, zero anniversary or the wedding itself called “green”. The name suggests that came together are still young, their family new life the couple is changing, everything is unfamiliar and fresh. The concept of “green wedding" has come to us from European countries. Previously, there was a tradition that when a daughter was born, the father planted the Myrtle tree. On the wedding day he gave his daughter a tree, as a sign of their youth and inexperience, the purity of the relationship.

To Celebrate this wedding every month to prolong the time of the enchantment wedding ceremony.

Already 20 years

The First decade

What are wedding? After 10 years, the couple can celebrate the first anniversary. The wedding is called "tin” or “pink”. The name "tin" this for that the spouses have flexible, such as tin and sturdy as metal. “Pink” – because roses are a symbol of love.

To this anniversary are encouraged to give things of tin, it can be candlesticks, vases or Cutlery. You can donate any items with a pattern of roses, bathrobes and bedding sets.

According to tradition, the husband should give to his wife 11 red roses. 10 colors signify 10 years of past years, and 1 – a sign that the further joint life happy and long.

Rose pink wedding

Anniversary from 1 to 9 years

What are the wedding by years of living together by accident 1 year?

  • Cotton. Noted 1 year after living together. The first year – 12 months, so marriage is still fragile. To give spouses usually linen, as old probably already worn out.
  • Paper. It is noted in the second year after the wedding. Usually by this time the family already has a child, which brings not only joy, but also a lot of hassle. Such a test is not something that any couple, but those unions that do not disintegrate, become stronger. Gifts it is better to choose from paper, cotton or glass.
  • Leather. The Union has not as fragile as paper and cotton, but more durable, like leather. Spouses become pliable and can accommodate each other. Presented in this case, any items of leather.
  • Linen. To the fourth anniversary of the family already appears the property is appears gingham linen bedding, here in ancient times and the name of this date. Will be appropriate pillows, curtains and tablecloths, donated spouses.
  • Made of Wood. What are the wedding by years yet? For the 5th year already often are “rapid” a holiday that is "off" to the fullest. Sometimes the wife even wears a wedding dress in this day. Tradition is considered on this anniversary, to plant a tree which symbolizes the abundance of the family in the future.
  • Cast Iron. Called the anniversary so what is the relationship between spouses is strong, although with strong impact may crack, it is too early to relax. It is considered good form to give a cast-iron statues and writing utensils of this metal, even a dumbbell.
  • Copper. 7 years – this is a huge achievement for couples, children are a little grown up, property, and Affairs went uphill. The anniversary can apply a copper coin or ring. And if the couple likes to travel, you can give even a copper pot.
  • Tin. Despite the modern Association of that word – “plate”, the name of the eighth anniversary says that the relationship has acquired a sheen, a lot of new faces. The second name of this anniversary – “wool", and “field” for the choice of gifts is very wide, you can donate wool sweaters, tin handmade products.
  • Porcelain. What are the wedding yet? “Pottery”, named so for the fact that the ninth year of marriage confirms strong enough and bright relationship. Another interpretation says that this period is quite difficult to both spouses. Traditionally, spouses are presented with ceramic jar, today it is possible to make a gift to the original – cause film.
Gift porcelain wedding

For 20 years

For Two decades – a huge amount of time for any person. What are the weddings and what to give after so many years? It is clear that during this period experienced many spouses already know very well each other, it seems that there is nothing new to learn anymore. But this does not mean that marriage is very strong, hence the name"porcelain". Very often in the 20th year of life have a crisis of family life, people get tired of each other, so it takes time to rethink his actions.


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It is Considered a tradition, so that each spouse made a list with positive traits of your partner, describe those traits which he is proud, after that lists need to share. It is a kind of psychological attack, which will allow you to save the relationship.

To Give spouses can be any thing from porcelain.

Between 10 and 20 years

10 years after the wedding, I want to believe that they will be able to live together for so many years. During this period, what wedding anniversary are you?


The name of the wedding

Which means?



You Can still call “1+1”, that is, a Union of faithful and loving people similar to the hardness of stainless steel


- Nickel

In fact, this date is celebrated 12.5 years, that is passed to the most important anniversary a half. Decided to give shiny things, mirrors and decoration



Despite the number 13, this anniversary is considered airy and very beautiful. Sometimes referred to as its “Lily”. Accordingly, it is recommended to bring a gift laces and bunches of lilies of the valley



What are the wedding yet? This is the first anniversary with the status of a gemstone. Relations of the spouses are already strong, but also changeable.



If you look on the one hand, between the husband and wife relationship is completely transparent, but still require careful treatment due to their fragility.



There is an opinion that the name of the anniversary was due to the transparency of relations. According to another version, this date generally is not marked, and no her name

17 and 19

Not flagged



In this case, the turquoise means the beginning of a new stage in the relationship. The children have already grown up, and you can already think about yourself again.

From 21 to 30 years

What are the wedding by years, beginning with the 21st year after the wedding ceremony?

  • “Maroon” complies with 21 year marriage, but why this anniversary is so named, is still a mystery.
  • For 22 years, “bronze”, that is, the relationship is already very strong, and both husband and wife appreciate each other.
  • "Beryl" of 23 years, through so many years, you can see the unique Shine in the eyes of husband and wife at the sight of each other.
  • 24 – ‘satin’, that is, the Union is so strong that resembles satin material, and the whole life together is smooth.
Between 10 and 20 years of living together

25 years

Pondering the question, what are the wedding by years of living together, the date must be extracted from the General list. Silver wedding – this is one of the first major anniversaries. Until such time is able to survive not all couples together. In this day held a Grand celebration, the date is composed of many songs and poems.

Each other do not have to give silver, but you still need to give something valuable, for example, appliances, or antique watch. Many couples often exchange wedding rings. Some even re-conduct the ceremony in the registry office.

Engagement rings

26-29 years

What wedding anniversary are still up to 30 years of marriage? Jade wedding is celebrated on the 26 th year of marriage. Called because of the hardness of this mineral, that is, the family has overcome all hardships, and is indestructible.

The 27-th anniversary called "mahogany" for the fortress and noble family ties. Decided to give a couple of products from this precious wood.

«Nickel» wedding celebrated in the 28th year of marriage. The 29th anniversary is called the “velvet” all the tenderness and softness of the relationship between husband and wife.

Large family

30 years

So, we continue the conversation on the topic, what are the wedding by years and what to give for 30 years of marriage. This anniversary is called the “pearl”. Not many couples can boast of such a long period of family life, but if failed, such date to answer solemnly, you might say, pompous. If invited to the celebration of this anniversary, we will have to give a good and expensive gift. This can be jewelry with pearl for both men and women. You can present a candle holder or jewelry box, inlaid with this gemstone. Suit pearl jewelry or cakes with pearls of cream.

After 30 years

What are the wedding after such a long period living together?

31st anniversary is called “dark”, that is, the relationship is already “tan” and they ceased to be green. 32nd and 36th anniversary not marked. “Stone” wedding – 33 years of marriage, and means that such relations cannot be broken, they are solid as a rock.

34 – “amber” wedding, that is the way the couple were able to transform their relationship from the resin instone. “Coral” – 35 years, and the name was given because of the love between husband and wife grows with each passing year, as coral reefs. 36th anniversary – “muslin", that is expensive. The fabric called "muslin" is quite difficult to produce, hence the name. 38 th the date is called “mercury” if the anniversary and to celebrate, it is only in the narrow family circle. The 39th anniversary called “Stardust”, that is, stronger relationships can be found. And the 40th anniversary is called the “ruby”.

Golden wedding

Gold, or 50 years

Concluding the consideration of the question of what weddings are "gold" (or 50 years of marriage) we call last. This is a great time, because to maintain the relationship for half a century units fails. As a rule, in this day the couple exchanged again, new gold wedding rings, and the old ones are transmitted to descendants-grandchildren. This holiday is celebrated in the family circle.

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