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For the first time Want to hug the girl, but don't know how? Or maybe you've been together, but did not understand how to determine the moment when to use the loving embrace? Try to figure out how to hug a girl with whom you have relationships start, continue or still just friendship. how to hug a girl

Pick the right time

The First and most important rule of a good hug – selection of the right moment. Many young people find it very difficult to determine when she is ready for it. And often there is a problem: the guy put her arm around the waist of the girl, and she called him and ran away.

What time can be called correct:

  • When you have just met. That hug will be interpreted as “I am glad to see you” or “I really missed you”. But do not pounce all of your weight on the fragile girl, just lightly hugged as a friendly gesture.
  • Emotional moment. Girl you complaining about something or rather shared a joyous event-a time to embrace. And again remember that girl – not the man and clap on the back as hard as he could, shouting “yay, well done” - not a good idea.
  • Goodbye. Again a nice gesture, saying that you'll miss the companion. hug waist

How to understand that the girl wants to be hugged?

If we want to understand how to hug a girl, you should realize the most important thing – the language of her body. It is very important to catch non-verbal (that is, not those who say words) signs that a girl wants you she hugged him. A list of the characters attached below, but remember that this is only a stereotype, and every girl – identity


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  1. She looks at you, smiles and looks into his eyes.
  2. Keeps your curls a finger touches the hair, as if attracting your attention to them.
  3. When you are sitting together, she tries to reduce the distance, and her feet and hips aimed in your direction.
  4. Touches you during the conversation. Can gently touch the shoulder or Pat him when you are joking.
  5. Reduces the distance with requests to evaluate her perfume, or beads.

How to understand that the girl doesn't want to be hugged?

For a successful understanding of how to hug a girl, you have to understand when the girl is not ready to embrace. And if in the case of a long relationship you already can roughly understand the mood of the girl, making new acquaintances can be difficult.

She turns and looks you in the eye? He steps back, when you reduce the distance? She compressed her lips, and she laughs at your jokes? Warning signs, but do not mean that you nasty girl. It is possible that she believes that a guy and a girl hug only after a long acquaintance, and it's just not the time.

Forced to hug a girl is impossible, it is not only wrong, but also can completely ruin the relationship between you. a guy and a girl hug

Tips for arms

Complete the article with some tips on how to hug a girl:

  • Remember about the hygiene. After sport need to take a shower, otherwise you can scare lady "scents".
  • Do Not throw on the girl suddenly. Embrace – it is a smooth process.
  • Your head, listen to the girl and to what she says.
  • Don't hug too long, if you are a couple in love.
  • Odergivala hands sharply.

Many girls do not really like to cuddle. It is worth finding out if the girl gentle with you, but not responding to the embrace.

For couples who are already in long-term relationships, usually is not difficult to understand when one party needs support. However, if you have a problem with that, then try the method of trial and error. If a girl says she doesn't want to cuddle, – this does not mean that she stopped loving you or cheating on you. It is likely that some emotion she was accustomed to experience within yourself, and you disturb its cocoon. But the joyful moments she will gladly share with you. Hug often – it brings!

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