How to pin friends? A few tips


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Real friends – close and devoted to us humans. With them it is always possible to talk, to mourn, and, of course, a joke. Because, you see, always be serious – impossible. How to pin friends to have fun, get a lot of pleasant emotions? It's very simple! You know where the other are points, “press” that could be a good hook. And even if initially he's a little offended, then eventually will calm down. But you have to be prepared to answer from his side.

How to pin friends and whether you need it to do?

So, in order. How to pin friends? Importantly, the draw was good-natured. Thus, you will be able to let off steam and Express your feelings in comic form. In addition, you will be able to execute them if they did something that would cause you irritation. And it is not necessary to wait until the first of April. Sometimes the drawing don't need a reason. But to defuse the situation at home, at school or at work from time to time just need! You only need to show a little to pin friends

Popliteus words

And the options can be many. How to pin friends? Yes, just tell them that you are tired of having to deal with them more you don't want, and that they, in fact, always irritated. Say in a convincing tone – so that you may believe. And while all are a little freaked out, tell them that you wanted to have some fun.

Dinner and abduction

And here's a couple of interesting ways for those who wondered how to pin friends. You can invite a friend over for dinner. The table is to cover only those dishes that he hates. Of course, not necessary to use causing his Allergy foods. But unloved – at the time. You'll have fun playing the other with his culinary tastes and preferences.


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We Can proceed as follows. Invite a friend to a place where there will be several pre-podgovorennye you. Ask him to wait, and hide themselves. “Your” people at this time grab a friend and begin to interrogate him, accusing, for example, in a theft. After that you can leave it somewhere in the basement, telling to reflect on their behavior. Just don't "overdo it".how to play tricks on friends words

Internet and phone

Well, how to pin friends in the correspondence? Send to a friend on email address a document containing a number of separately written numbers and letters. Code it as if it were a virus. Moreover, do not confess that the letter – your handiwork. Say you have been hijacked, and you to the document have absolutely nothing to do.

Often friends taunting you also using voice jokes for phone. Order, for example, a message with the voice of a member of a particular Bank which will think about the fact that one must pay a large sum of the loan. And let it be to assure that any credit not taken. Decorated he is supposedly in his name. Because to pay still have to pin friends in the correspondence


To figure out how to pin friends at all easy. The main thing is to joke successfully. The lottery can put a person not just funny and even foolish. It's funny to everyone except the one to whom the joke is directed. This can be a serious offence against the person. To respond to such an action are not capable of adequately each.

The Man, teasing his friends, at all risks to remain without them. Moreover, he can declare a boycott, or even use physical force. And too “original” sweepstakes – double the risk. A desire to have fun may characterize a person not from the best side. So first consider carefully whether you joke about that? Do you want this? In short, don't forget about the possible consequences. It could end very badly.

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