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Women get a beloved man love and warmth, make it life is beautiful festival, life is comfortable, and often receive in return? Cheating! Sometimes it is simply impossible to forget, and I want to make sure that he suffered. How to punish the guy? Here are a few options.

how to punish the guyProvoke jealousy

Call your friend and arrange a meeting (of course, it is necessary that your abuser does not know this person). Gentleman used to believe that women are their property (humble and gentle), so your boyfriend will be very geared-esteem. To arrange everything so that it (accidentally) saw you together, and it is desirable that this happened in the presence of his friends. You can visit the club or cafe, where he often appears, or take a walk near work at lunchtime. Believe me, it will give the effect!

To punish a guy by using social networking?

A lot of Options: to remove from the category of “Friends”, to upload pictures with another person on a holiday or outing, to add to “blacklist”, to write a scathing comment to throw his friends an ironic collage.

Return gifts

This gesture will certainly make him nervous. Real action – not just talk. And, therefore, you're serious. After this he will surely ask you for forgiveness.

how to teach manHow to punish the guy for the offense?

One of the options (only for the brave girls): consult a doctor and ask to write a reference if he / she has any disease of an intimate nature. Send the document to him and add that samples were taken in secret, as they suspect him of cheating. Believe me, he will be shocked.


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Will Spoil his reputation.

How to punish the guy? This is not a problem. For example, you can send colleagues the offender incriminating photos or voice recording (try to provoke an unflattering comment about friends). You can still make on his behalf an account on a Dating website and write a phone number or create in local newspaper the announcement of sale, e.g. car at a low price. Believe me, he's unsettled because of the endless calls and questions. Also a good option: print posters where his photo will be all that you think about it. Hang them on the way to his work.

Play it

Now, there are many agencies, which organize lotteries. They will answer you question about how to teach man. Do not take the money, take advantage of their services. You can enjoy a lot of scenarios. For example, you can stage an attack on him, kidnapping, serious conversation with the police, etc.

Use the dirt

How to punish the guy? If you know about some of his secret, then it's time to use it. It may not be very responsibly performed work or lied to the chief. Will suit all.

how to punish the guy for the offenseCreate the black dossier

Ask girl friend to seduce him and as if in jest, or tied to the bed, undress and then dress in a funny costume. Then you come with your friends together and laughing at him.

And last: live well – is the best revenge. Smile, achieve all goals and enjoy each moment.

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