Unfeeling man. The problem of the unconscious man's relationship to others: the causes of


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We live in a world of people communicate, interact, and improve. Family, school, College, work... Everything that surrounds the child from infancy, affects, generates and fosters in him a person prepared to live in society. Being by nature a simple biological species, man develops as a social individual. It is no secret that the behavior of people like. They think, say, do some action. At the same time we are all different, have only their subjective features. Personality affects a person's ability to activities, his attitude to surrounding people.

dollars and cents

Insensitive attitude of man to man

If people gradually replace their feelings with rationality and prudence, then, for this was the assumption. The exact reasons for this behavior have not been studied. But most likely, it is a reaction to the surrounding reality. To less experience disappointments, suffer and worry, the individual starts to behave. He understands that in these difficult times always remains to win a hard-hearted man. He is indifferent to everything, he nothing is going through. So emotional once the individual becomes cold and reserved type.

Abandoning the manifestations of participation in the lives of others, a person loses the ability to empathize. It follows an insensitive attitude towards people. Arguments in justification of this phenomenon is simple: live better for some modern patterns. That is a lot of work and pay less attention to others, think only about themselves and their own benefits. According to the opinion of such individual, stencils simplify life, leaving no space for thought and feelings.


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the problem of the insensitive attitude of man towards others the arguments

Coldness and calculation insensitive

Hard-hearted man never feels the emotions that will make him cry. He is not interested in what is happening. Or he treats it as something mundane, boring, grey. He is devoid of compassion, experiences and participation. Such a person will never compromise. By its nature it is cruel. Indeed, indifferent individuals life is a lot easier. The problem insensitive attitude towards people does not concern them. Do not touch them of the situation, which many people suffer, worry and suffer. These people do not know the pity. Hard hearts care nothing for other people's troubles. They have relatively low sensory threshold and a weak perception of the world.

In terms of their tasks and thoughts, they move through life literally on the heads. They have strong armor from the stressful moments and worries – cold-blooded and selfish. On the decline of his life such people may Wake up in the soul something human. And, in retrospect, they will understand the consequences of insensitive attitude of man towards others. Arguments do not work: they understand I spent a miserable existence, being in his old age all alone, knowing no love, no kindness, no happiness.

insensitive attitude of man to man

The Problem of the insensitive attitude of man towards others. Arguments

Manifestation of the insensitivity often leads to tragedies. It breaks fate. A few years ago, the world was shocked by the story, when the conductor in the middle of the road in the winter, planted from the bus boy because he could not pay the fare. And as a sad result – the baby lost her way and froze. This attitude is unacceptable, as has led to tragedy.

It is believed that there is nothing worse than indifference and insensitivity. These qualities corrupt the soul. And we appreciate warm-hearted, helpful and friendly people. Unconscious man found at every turn – in the collective, on the street, in the family. Now emotionless attitude outgoing – this is the norm, not the exception. Insensitive are not only cruel and selfish people, but those who have returned evil for their participation, and responsiveness. These people, fearing again to distress, pass by cruelty, trying to close his eyes.

What is this life?

Let's see, that gets a hard-hearted person not interested in the problems of others:

  • Self-Sufficiency. A man confident. He is harmonious and comfortable to be “hermit” deal only with their own problems.
  • No need in other people. There is no need to be friends because you don't have anything to talk about with friends. They live in a world that is alien and not understandable to such individual.
  • Exception of close contacts. Communication with other people is acceptable, but dealing with them close doesn't make sense. Annoying friends will try to dictate the rules.
  • No need of love. In the opinion of the individual, this feeling is dangerous. It forces to open up, to trust, to become weak. And for a self-sufficient person is a direct path to the loss itself.
  • Unwillingness to understand other people's feelings. When not interested in close relationships, there's no need to feel their feelings.
  • Rejection of emotions. There's no time. If the senses does not bring happiness, then, of course, they are easier to refuse.

the problem of insensitive attitude towards people

Cause of numbness

What is the reason for depreciation that is related to the expression of participation? The origins of indifference are rooted in deep childhood. It is the parents bring up the insensitive attitude of man towards others. Their arguments are conventional: they are too busy making money to waste such precious time talking with children. And this is the main error for each adult.

His own hands the moral cripples of the child, nurturing him meticulously, using only the psychological attitudes that do not involve empathy and participation in the life of the baby. Growing up, the offspring gets used to think straight and cold. He doesn't know how to show feelings. Little man did not receive warmth and love, becomes selfish, which ignores the problems of others and tries to engage them in communication.

the problem of the unconscious man's relationship to the surrounding

Feature insensitive

Insensitive people find it difficult to understand personal emotions, to learn to Express it. Therefore, they do not understand the feelings of others. Insensitive people have no imagination and intuition. And the presence of immaturity leads to pragmatism, a false view of life and conflicts with others. Psychologists in the following way characterize a unconscious person. In their view, it is characterized:

  • Difficulties in the definition or description of personal feelings of others.
  • Difficulty identifying emotions and bodily sensations.
  • Lack of ability to fantasize.
  • Focus mainly on external events (at the expense of internal).
  • Ability to think straight with a deficit of emotional expressions.

Often this is caused by a lack of affection, care, attention and warmth in childhood. Statistics show that the most insensitive people – adults who are not loved and not spoiled. Sometimes parents teach children to hide their feelings, try to be strong and confident. And as a result, grows people who can't love, feel, and sympathize.

insensitive attitude to the people the arguments

How not to become a callous person?

So that your child is not turned into a callous type, devoid of any participation of other people, it is necessary to educate him in love. It should not isolate yourself from loved ones by a wall of indifference. Very terrible problem insensitive attitude of man towards others. The arguments of this phenomena, whatever they may be, are not worth the eternal bleak loneliness that you will get a “gift” for his selfishness. Awaits you devoid of emotions life. When suddenly everything around seems boring and unnecessary-it's scary.

So as not to become a man, devoid of any feelings, you need to enjoy life, to take it here and now. The black bands are replaced by white. No need to rush to the reserves and save the wild animals, to go to underdeveloped countries to give huge amounts to charities. Just need to be a little kinder, more merciful. To teach the younger generation, and the world around you will change for the better. Kindness, pure thoughts, ability to feel and respond to requests for assistance to make a man great and wonderful.


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