How to understand that people lie? Practical advice of a psychologist


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Lying to all people, without exception, differ only in the regularity and the extent of the lies. One person will tell my mom stayed in the store, carelessly kept silent about the small accident on the way home, and the other will tell the long and fascinating history, invented from the beginning to the end. And yet, in some situations, to know the truth is almost vital. How to understand that people lie, and bring them to clean water?

Important features

How can you tell if people are lyingIf you really want to get to the truth, be prepared to look carefully and listen. It is important to assess what and how the other person says. But the value are not just words, pay attention to gestures, facial expressions and poses. Only a comprehensive analysis and the presence of several signs of lies to avoid mistakes. How can we understand whether a person is lying? It's not always easy, if you are a real expert on lying, it can quite efficiently hide all the signs and behave quite naturally, speaking the truth. And yet, some little thing will certainly give it. But inexperienced liars to recognize quite easily.

What you tell the person?

How to understand whether a person is lyingEven if the person looks confident, with a false story it would still be excited. Please note, liars rarely look in the eye. However, movements of the eyeballs can be controlled. How to understand whether a person is lying or not, if he looks you in the eye? Because of the release of adrenaline in the blood, the pupils will be dilated. However, this sign is rather indirect, as it can be observed when pleasant emotions or characteristics of the lighting in the room. Further evidence lies – frequently blinking even thought the cheating – it is a serious stress to which our body will react. Some liars will unconsciously bite my lip, but of course this action also cannot be regarded as wholly a symptom of untruth.


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Sign Language

How to understand whether a person is lying by the expression on his faceSpeaking the truth the person should be calm and relaxed, if there is an unjustified gain, the sweating, the redness go pale skin – there is reason to doubt the honesty of the interlocutor. In the excitement of a mechanically teasing in the hands of some object or too often correct clothes. How to understand that people lie? Nothing could be simpler – look, it doesn't really have a leg, or maybe he beats with his fingers to some rhythm? Some experts say that lie provokes quite a physical itch in the neck and lower face. This means that a liar during his story will be scratching this area, pull the chin or to straighten a shirt collar. Another typical symptom of untruth – the desire to cover your mouth, speaking as if ashamed of his words.

Methods of determination of unrighteousness

How to understand whether a person is lying or not,We've All seen the spy movies, which are so like to show off the lie detector. Such devices exist in reality. During their work they assess nonverbal reactions of the body during responses or narrative. Yet, their results cannot be considered absolute. Experts to the question: “How to understand that people lie?" answer that has meaning to try the specialized drugs or hypnosis. In practice, experienced psychologists using these tools can not only detect lies but also to get to the truth. A similar method one can try at home. Create a companion for maximum comfort – offer him a delicious meal, a relaxing tea or alcohol. Try to win sympathy, and your chances to know the truth will rise significantly. But hypnosis and “the pill of truth” the layman is not recommended. However, medicines that suppress the will, you will hardly find in a conventional pharmacy.

How to understand that people lie: the applied psychologist's advice

How to understand whether a person is lying by correspondenceThe Abundance of minor details and details in the story may indicate the desire of the speaker to distract from the main problem. Liars love and do to translate the theme. This technique can be used against them. Offer to speak about something else yourself. The interlocutor must not be the obvious relief and joy at this turn of conversation. To confuse the person speaking the truth, you can, specifying the details. It is desirable to do after a while. Go back a few sentences ago and casually ask: “since you say you got there?» or «And why it went so – I do not understand». The answer is likely to be received, but to reflect also will take some time, and to hide this embarrassment will not work. You already know how to understand whether a person is lying by his facial expression, but you can optionally use and simple exercise. Remember in details the whole story or even record it on tape. Later return to this conversation and ask him to talk again. Clear differences in the reproduction of the same story – a definite sign of unrighteousness. You can go the other way, after the completion of the story have to repeat it all again but backwards – the result and end of story to its beginning. But note, this only works when your absolute memory. In addition, even in the event of differences in the story, the liar will try to convince you that the first time you listened to him inattentively and / or misunderstood. If you suspect a lie, you can also try to ask unambiguous questions that can only be answered “Yes” or “no”. Liars are usually bad with specifics, responses will be slow, tortuous, and the excitement will increase.

How can we understand whether a person is lying, by correspondence?

All the features described above and the tips are more appropriate for personal communication. How to calculate a liar in correspondence? You can try to use some advice from the previous paragraph, but remember that even instant chat in real-time gives you a few seconds to think. The virtual communication we have to evaluate only the words and phrases. First alert needs the extra assurances of the truthfulness of what was said. If your partner several times used the “truth”, “did I ever lie?” or “do not want – no way.” before you accused him of lying, then, reason to doubt there. Alerted, if the letter is too emotional – with an abundance of exclamation marks and text selections.


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