The life cycle of the family


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After two lovers got married, comes to family life, which is full of unexpected twists of fate. Unfortunately, this is only a fairy tale after the wedding "they lived happily and died in one day”, in reality, the spouses have to encounter plenty of hardships, and overcome the so-called crises of family life.

Psychology of the marital relationship involves a lot of different aspects, however, it is safe to say that almost all couples face identical problems. Experts divided family life into several stages, each characterized by their characteristics.

So, a period of time that the couple had been married, psychologists refer to the following: the life cycle of the family. I must say that the family is constantly in development and is a kind of steps.

It all Starts literally from the first day when the happy couple begin life together. Some argue that over time, feelings fade, others believe that “Apple of discord" become a domestic problem, however, many families live until their Golden wedding.

You Need to understand that for each period of married life the specific features and standard problems faced by almost everyone at some stage. Let's look at each period in a couple's life in more detail.

The First life cycle of the family comes when a couple begins to live in the same household and live in the same area. Now quite common is the concept of ‘civil marriage”, I must say that a man and a woman in a relationship without a stamp in the passport through a period of “adaptations” of the characters in this period is exactly the same as a couple, legally married. If a person has been formed the life values and beliefs, it is safe to change and adapt to the partner, because while you in no way will not lose their individuality. Everyone before marriage was their habits and traditions in the family where he used to live, so when in family life, things are not as accustomed to people, he begins to think that everything is wrong, and first begin scandals and quarrels.


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Often it happens that following the life cycle of the family comes when a couple is not ready and has not passed the first stage, it begins with the birth of the child. The couple have new roles and responsibilities. This period is characterized by the appearance of jealousy of a spouse who feels neglected by the second half. Most of the men are jealous of the women who now all of your time on the kid, and women in turn can jealous husband to work and his active lifestyle. A particular influence during this period can have a parent families who often interfere and try to influence the life of a young couple.

After this stage is over, comes the life cycle of the family, which is associated with the maturation and upbringing of the child. First it's the preschool years baby, then a period when he was studying in Junior high, and then comes a transitional or teen-age offspring. Now the husband and wife need to plan your time and allocate roles: who's gonna help me study, and who will take care of household chores. How peacefully and diplomatically resolved this question depends on the atmosphere in the family. Very often the couple is a second child, and with it a new wave of worries and difficulties faced by spouses.

When the family has already overcome all of these cycles in marriage, there comes a time when children become independent (married or just starting to live separately). Now the husband and wife will be back “alone” to each other and to organize your life. Alas, it often happens that the children were the uniting link which unites the spouses and now, being together, they are faced with the old problems and disagreements.

The Psychology of family and relationships is very specific, and I want to believe that loving people will be able to overcome all the difficulties and disagreements that await them on the road of life together.


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