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From birth to death man periodically experiencing the feeling of fear. Someone exposed him to a greater degree, someone in smaller, but there's no such people who would be quite afraid of nothing. Sometimes this feeling is understandable and natural, and in some cases its nature is unknown. What are the causes of fear and how to get rid of it?

What is fear?

Fear – the negative state of the human psyche, provoked by real or imaginary threat. Everyone in their life have experienced this feeling in different situations. Even the bravest and most courageous person may deep down be afraid of something.

In the psychology of fear relate to basic emotional processes inherent in man from birth. It mobilizes the body's defense system, prepares him to fight the threat or to escape.

Fear – this kind of alarm about the danger that contribute to the realization of the instinct of self-preservation. Under the influence of fright can a human being do such actions, which are not normally capable of. For example, to run with great speed, jump over high obstacles, to show the amazing ingenuity and resourcefulness.

fear this

Human Nature of fear

Fear has arisen together with by humanity. It has roots in the distant past, when its main function was the preservation of the life of our ancestors. Fear is inherent in human nature to ensure a quick and accurate recognition of hazards.

Ancient people tend to fear the unknown and incomprehensible. They were terrified of any unfamiliar sounds, a natural disaster of unprecedented animals. With the development of science people have got knowledge about many phenomena, which before were afraid.


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Today, it no longer carries the functions of a struggle for survival. With the exception of those cases when the person gets to the emergency situation. However, in today's world to change fear of real danger came in all sorts of social phobias. This is because at the moment people are very important to be recognized by society, to respect in his person.

fear is a feeling or emotion

Fear – that feeling or emotion?

Psychology treats fear as an emotion of a person with a bright negative connotation. At the same time, some sources consider this concept as the human condition. So what is fear? This feeling or emotion?

The Word “fear” people in ordinary life, used to call as a feeling and emotion. In fact, a clear boundary between these concepts is missing. On the one hand, the fear is more related to emotions because often is of short duration and is designed to enhance the protective functions of the human body. And the other?

If he does not stop for a long time, transformeres, repeated periodically, taking on new forms, then we can say that fear is a feeling. In this case, he already does not serve for salvation, but rather destructive effect on the body. Fear – it's not an instant reaction to a stimulus, and the product of human consciousness.

fear is life

Forms of fear

There are many various classifications of fear. It all depends on what caused this uneasy feeling. Thus, there are real, existential, and social fears. Briefly dwell on each of them.

The Real or biological fear – it is the fear related to immediate danger to the life or health of the person. In this situation something is a potential hazard for the individual. For example, the huge dog trying to attack the person, or a natural disaster such as a tsunami or earthquake.

Existential fear – an unreasonable fear of anything, do not pose a real danger to humans. Such fears lurk in the depths of the subconscious of people and can't be completely explained. This group includes the fear of the dark, of death, of aging, confined space.

Social fears – a relatively new group of phobias people, not the former. They can't cause real harm, and carry only a nominal threat. These include fear of the authorities, responsibility, public speaking, failure, blows to the ego. Fear of this type are the most common in the modern world, cause psychological discomfort and lead to a lot of problems.

fear is a feeling

Children's fears and their causes

The Fears children often have no basis in reality, they are far-fetched and exaggerated. Kids imagination is so rich that even a simple thing might appear to them sinister. For example, the shadow of the toys might seem intimidating to a child monster.

In addition, children do not have enough information about our world, too, can produce any fear. It's okay if a child shares with adults their concerns, asking for help and protection. Parents should try to explain to your child the frightening nature of its phenomena, to reassure and to engender in the baby a sense of security.

But in some cases the fears of children caused by real events that made a great impression on them. This can happen if, for example,in the eyes of a child passer-by was hit by a car, or he was bitten by a dog. Such phobias can stay with a person for life, though with time and fail.

fear of death

Fear of death

Some people don't think about the fact that they will live impermanent for others the fear of dying becomes a real phobia. The fear of death – this is one of the strongest emotions, it is basic human. Afraid to die is logical, because each fears for his life, seeks to preserve and extend it.

No Reason to be afraid of death in humans a lot. This and the frightening unknown of what comes after, and the inability to imagine its non-existence, and the fear of pain and suffering before leaving to another world.

People previously not thinking about death, getting in a situation, really life-threatening, begin to experience real fear. This can occur, for example, if a person was nearly hit by a car, or a plane narrowly escaped the crash. At such moments, one begins to appreciate their lives and to think about the fact that we are not eternal.

love is fear

Fear of failure in love

Many people, single and disappointed in the partner, afraid to build new relationships. For them love – it's the fear that negative emotions and suffering will occur again. Now they find it difficult to believe the man to open his heart to him and begin to trust.

The Fear of a new failure in love makes people insular, closed to communication and new acquaintances. Very often, to overcome this feeling, take many years, and some never cope with his phobia in a lifetime.

In such situations, it is important to understand that there are very few people who never experienced love failure. Made a mistake once, not all men or all women assumed to be the same. It is important to believe that you will be able to find someone who will make you happy and help you forget the previous turmoil.

fear is good

How to get rid of fears?

Fear – this emotion from time to time, plaguing every human being. People are afraid of completely different things, so one method of getting rid of our phobias can not be.

To begin to try to understand what exactly caused your fear. Sometimes make it very difficult, as the fear of certain things hidden deep in our subconscious. Knowing the source of your phobia, you need to think about whether your fear – that's life in a constant nightmare and experiences, or it is, in principle, does not cause you much inconvenience. As a rule, short-term fear as an emotion does not require much struggle, but if he begins to grow into a phobia, then get rid of it as soon as possible.

Next, you need to understand yourself, to perform at which points you begin to fear the most. Try to minimize stressful situations in which you experience discomfort, anxiety and fear.

In the struggle with their phobias need to learn to shift attention to something positive and good, as soon as you feel that fear began to get close to you. If you yourself are not able to cope with the problem, do not hesitate to seek help from professionals.

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