The quarter life crisis - a description, characteristics and ways of overcoming


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All children dream of becoming adults. But what happens when there comes the long-awaited time? Carefree time behind and in front of endless duties and responsibilities, test their capabilities. The word “need” and “needs” rooted in the lexicon. The person is under the hood of their own hopes, broken and confused. Psychologists call this condition a quarter life crisis. This article will look at the description, causes and ways of overcoming this psychological phenomenon.quarter life crisis


The quarter life Crisis covers the period from 20 to 35 years. Sometimes the beginning of it coincides with the transition of a teenager into adulthood. Before a person gets serious choice. Which way to go next? What is more important: self-actualization or personal life? These questions evoke a sense of loss, confusion, fear, disappointment.

The Term ‘quarter life crisis" was first used in the book 2001, and formulated by analogy with mid-life crisis. The authors were two 25-year-old American Abby Wilner and Alexandra Robbins, working at the New Yorker magazine. They both have experienced similar experiences.

The Study of the psychological state began Erik Erikson in the 90-ies. He proposed the concept of the eight crises that people are usually faced during your development. One of the first is “the crisis reach”. According to psychologist, in the period from 18 to 25 years young people are particularly keen to establish “intensive” romance. In case of failure in the personal sphere there is a feeling of loneliness and depression. They will inevitably affect all areas of human life, introducing the imbalance.list of signs of a quarter life crisis


In Addition to depressive moods, a list of the signs of the quarter life crisis includes and other phenomena. They help “diagnosis”.

  • I Want to do something crazy, but binds indecision. For example, due to the pressure of daily routine there is a desire to drop everything and go to India to live in the Ashram. But there are doubts, bring it happiness and freedom. But if this is a mistake, you get to return to his former life? Maybe I should decide on something else?...
  • Feel nostalgic for school and student days. They were truly carefree. Then the most challenging was the question of what to wear to prom. And now a person feels stuck between childhood and adulthood. Only memories can brighten this situation, but after they left a bitter aftertaste of despair.
  • Scared about budget planning. The beginning of adult life brings with it a financial responsibility. Utilities, food, entertainment, transport and other things require careful and attentive calculation. But this man is often just not ready.
  • Sudden fear of failure. At the University it was possible to miss the seminars, to retake tests and to change the faculty in case of wrong choice. Adult life of such concessions does not. We need to act decisively and surely, to choose once and right. It causes fear.
  • Bored with your friends. Relax at the club with noisy company no longer seems an attractive idea. Increasingly want to spend the evening alone. Friendships weaken. Appears to be a misunderstanding.
  • Are weighed down by unreasonable expectations. In childhood, adult life seemed successful, interesting and eventful. But in reality everything turned out differently. Aggravate the situation, the achievements of their peers.

The Presence of at least one symptom is alarming. You must find the causes of psychological stagnation.the quarter life crisis phase


The quarter life Crisis, like any other phenomenon, has its origins. Among them, experts have identified three main

  • Pressure from parents. They are older, and therefore wiser, more experienced and far-sighted. They are the absolute authority. But it is not always their concern to be helpful. The child, being already in the adult period, trying to justify parental expectations. For this he neglects his own desires and goals.
  • Information space. Virtual life has made people closer. Now without leaving the house you can see where the neighbor was traveling, what car was presented by classmate and how many children have a childhood friend. Receiving information of this nature, the subconscious mind involuntarily runs the diff program, which leads to depressive mood, dissatisfaction with his life.
  • Erroneous assumption. society and the mediaformed a certain stereotype of success. As a rule, the measure here is income. Very often it becomes a cause not only of quarter life crisis, and inferiority complex 30-year-old. Another mistaken belief is that financial state “put together”, without effort, and talents. And when unjustified expectations are confronted with reality, the crisis is particularly acute.

Some psychologists associate the concept of quarter life crisis with the generation Y. these are young people born after 1981. They deliberately delay the transition to adulthood, remaining longer in the parental home.the quarter life crisis stage


A researcher from the University of Greenwich (London) Oliver Robinson for several years studied the mechanisms of a quarterlife crisis. According to them, this phenomenon usually lasts two years and ends with a positive result. Man alone is aware of the problem and after considering several options it finds a good solution. During this time he undergoes the four phases of the quarter life crisis:

  • The first young man feels hopelessness and driven into the framework of career or personal relations. Even after getting freedom, he would not feel relief.
  • In the second stage of the quarter life crisis comes an understanding of the need for change. The person is no longer suffering, and is exploring options with the same interests. That is, he begins to seek its own path of development. What can and, more importantly, wants to do.
  • In the third phase the person goes to rebuild his life. To do this, he needs to get rid of all superfluous and to reconsider system of values.
  • And finally, the final phase of the quarter life crisis is consolidating the new focus and commitment.

Despite the complexity of the process, the researcher Robinson is sure that it leads to positive changes. Walk this path – one of the key elements of self-development.quarter life crisis stages

How to overcome?

However, in rare cases, the process is delayed. This is due to different factors: physical and mental health, living conditions, environment and other things. A reasonable question arises: "How to overcome a quarter life crisis?" Specialists in this respect there are a few universal tips. Use them quickly, painlessly and most beneficial to avoid this period.

Not match the word “needs” with age

This is the most common mistake of the young generation. Guided by social stigma and pressure of senior man afraid of inconsistencies. He believes that living wrong that needs to do more to his age, to be socially above… How to cope with a quarter life crisis in this case?

In fact, if everything's going this way, then that only speaks to a different system of values. So do not rush into extremes. A sense of meaninglessness drives people to rash acts: conflicts and unnecessary purchases. You have to recognize and emphasize their individuality. Determination to exercise for the sole purpose of creating a comfortable personal space. Communication with unpleasant people is better kept to a minimum.quarter life crisis how to overcome


Psychologists strongly suggest that during the crisis the first quarter of life is not to withdraw into themselves. It's just pointless and can give an incorrect result. In one interview A. Robbins confirmed that people in this situation often experience all alone. Wiser it would be to share with peers or older generation. Crisis happens every second, so surely there is a good guide that will help to successfully overcome this condition.

Not all at once

To make adjustments to your life better gradually. Grabbing several things at once, you can not succeed at all. There is a risk to make mistakes, to correct which would be difficult and more painful. It is important to determine the wishes of and without panic, fuss to proceed in stages, starting small. Should also work with beliefs. All the people are going to succeed in different ways. Some are rapid and short, and others – is long and thorny. It is impossible to measure all of the same line. Sometimes it takes a while.the crisis of the first quarter of life

In culture

The Phenomenon of the quarter life crisis lighted up not only in psychology. It is reflected in film art. This theme is dedicated to the films “Graduate”, “Transition to adulthood", ‘Paper chase’, ‘translation’, ‘Ghost world" and others. In each picture age crisis played in the original key: comedic ordrama. Trace is a psychological phenomenon in the series “Girls” (2008). The emphasis usually is on the personal sphere of the characters. But the semantic context alone. No matter how difficult was the period of quarter life crisis, it is useful and even necessary. It makes a person stronger and wiser, helps you find your way.

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