Why man knows himself? The good purpose of self-discovery


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To people understand the meaning of his existence, he is given the opportunity to learn in the first place itself. The world is arranged so that it was all balanced. Why man knows himself that he gives? These questions have many different answers from saints, theologians, philosophers, psychologists and ordinary wise men.why should man know thyself

What is the meaning of life?

In one episode of the cartoon "Smeshariki" lamb from the wise crow asks: "what is the meaning of life? I don't understand. Why should I live?" Raven realized that the lamb is not just asking, he really doesn't want to live without meaning. He suggested him to go to look brittle (this is the cleaned seeds, glued together with molasses or honey). The lamb doesn't know what it is. Raven uses it and leads him very far in a hard place. Had even his life to fight in a terrible snowstorm. Brittle so they are not found, but the lamb realized that the house is good. The meaning of life that surrounds him. Then he took in the foot tea with jam and smiled, saying: "the Meaning of tea with jam that I warmed and refreshed!"

This instructive episode can answer the question: "Why should man know thyself?" Surrounding things, of course, are the main elements for the knowledge itself, but man's relation to them can say a lot. Undoubtedly, we must know ourselves from within, to start from the heart, from the soul.

Learning about yourself from a spiritual point of view

We Can see how kind, generous and honest man applies to all men, animals, and even things with care, affection. He has peace in his heart, and therefore loving to everything around him. The one who decided to know itself from within, needs to look at the world and evaluate it. If you like everything, nothing annoying, all happy, so peace of mind is guaranteed.why should man know thyself


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Irritated, angry, cranky person is spiritually broken, it needs to be fixed. If the spirit is unhealthy, your soul covered with dirt, then your body will ache. "Why man knows himself?" - ask this jiznennovazhnykh. Namely, then to see all the bad and to expel from his soul. Naturally, no desires, nothing will happen. There are such words: "you reap what you sow". This saying applies to the perception of the life of man.

Christian view of life

It so Happens that people wonder: "Why do I live? What's the point? Lived-lived, will die, nothing changes!" The Orthodox Church has already given the answer to this question. And she says that man is born in order to learn about love, patience, forgiveness. Christians are family people, and there are monks. Each chose their own path. One is to continue the human race and to teach little ones to love, to respect, to be like God, others - in order for all mankind to pray to the Lord day and night, to fulfill the obedience in the monastery. These people know the meaning of life, why man knows himself. Briefly we can say that they are happy. Why? Because going down that path, which God has prepared. This is the road of love, mutual support, forgiveness, kindness, charity.why man knows himself briefly

It Will be useful to observe those who helps others. The young man helped her grandmother lift a heavy bag up the stairs, the girl gives way to a pregnant woman in transport, everyone has a smile on her face instead of irritation.

Why isn't this working and all has failed?

Failures are often plagued angry, disgruntled people. Need to know what a negative attitude to the whole person will not lead to a happy life. On the contrary, it will pursue failure because he unconsciously "anchored" to yourself all the bad. It is worth noting that many diseases associated with nerves, a state of mind. For example, a person complains: "I am your... itch! How you got me, drop it!" What will happen to him? Right! He earns liver disease and various cramps. It is not necessary that all of the disease targeted, they can occur in other organs and body parts. Why people find themselves in times of illness? Then, to normalize my life. No wonder they say that God sends sickness as for sin, and in order to realize his weakness, to stop and think about the main things.

A mirror of the soul

Unhappy and lost people even in the mirror afraid to look, because on the other side will be terrible, unhappy, haggard face. Even in the eye itself look does not want such a person. After all, in the mirror, you can get the answer to the question: "Why man knows himself?"the answer to the question why man know thyself

As you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. They can see something strange, fascinating. Eyes you can even read how is a person to someone, if he's lying. In the mirror in your eyes will not see the person who is at peace with himself. If so, then it is advisable to immediately begin to understand himself. Why man knows himself in this case? The lack of understanding from others for a reason appears. It turns out that the man himself leads himself, does wrong, no one appreciates. To blame don't need anyone but myself.

If you want to build relationships with people and to be happy, you need to be retrained.It is recommended to look at other people, observe those to whom they are nice and act like these people. You can see how they are polite, kind, unselfish.

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