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As you know, earth – this is the basis of everything. Thanks to her, the man has food on it he builds his house. What if the world saw us in a dream? Overall  most of dream books agree that the earth is in a dream – to good. However, for more detailed information, we decided to seek the assistance of a few of the most reputable and popular dream books.

what dream land

What dream land: the Dream book of Gustavus Miller

If you had a fertile land, you will be prosperity and good fortune. Also rocky and barren soil predicts to the dreamer all sorts of setbacks and failures. Newly dug earth in your own garden promises financial well-being and prosperity. If you dream that you are sailing along the sea and suddenly see a distant strip of land in the near future you will have a bright future. Clothes of the dreamer, stained with earth, warns him about the possible need to hide from the law.

fertile soil

What dream land: sex dreams

The Land in the dream interpreted by the dream as a warning that in the near future you will try to compensate for the lack of spiritual communication and spiritual closeness, giving herself over to carnal pleasures with a new partner. Perhaps you should take a break and reflect on his life: in fact, you want a stable relationship, and not the endless succession of lovers.

What dream land: an Old French dream book

Dream extensive excavation of the land promise to the dreamer gaining wealth. If a man had a fertile land, he marries a beautiful and virtuous girl, and if seen, the soil was barren and dry, then his wife will be grumpy and quarrelsome. Fields sown with bread, predict a hard but very fruitful work. If you dream you kiss the ground, then in reality you will meet with the hypocritical person.


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What dream land: the Dream book for lovers

The Fertile land heralds the dreamer the imminent acquisition of the long-awaited happiness in love and a strong marriage. Barren land, on which not a single sprout, symbolizes loneliness, separation and sorrow.

earth in the dream is good

What dream land: Dream dictionary from A to z

If you dream you dig the earth in the near future you expect material gain. Lying on the ground – a series of small troubles, which, however, can hinder your happiness. To see how other people plow the land, to a noble but thankless work. To plow the same – for a good harvest (if you are a farmer or have a dacha) or to profit. If you dream that you built a dugout and live in it, it is possible that in reality you will have to tighten their belt or even ask to borrow money. Fat and fertile land a very good sign, heralding prosperity and stable income. Weedy or parched and barren earth symbolizes the onset of the black strip, during which setbacks will be waiting for you at every step. If you dream that you are covered with earth, in real life you risk to make a mistake, which your enemies will not fail to use against you.

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