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Today, when almost everything is bought and sold, and a stable financial condition allows to realize any dream, money is considered almost an object of worship. People spend health, mental energy, and for many years to provide a high standard of living. However, there are those who, in pursuit of the coveted bills uses various signs, money rituals and superstitions. Perhaps this makes sense? It happens that some of the money flowing though the person seems to not make a special effort, and someone works from morning until night and still cannot secure a decent earnings.

It Is believed that the first category of people just using some magic based on centuries-old folk wisdom, which today is presented as cash signs to increase money. Maybe many will consider it self-indulgence and foolish waste of time, but surely there are those who are already in your wallet experienced the power of magical rituals, and even saw a positive result. In any event, information on ways to increase cash flow never hurts.

How to handle money

Today you can find thousands of articles and books telling about the rules of handling finances, as well as linking the monetary signs and wealth. Let's get acquainted with the most interesting recommendations:

money and signs of wealth

  • Respect for money — a prerequisite, the implementation of which promises a continuous flow of material resources and, in the opposite case, complete lack thereof. It is believed that the amount of money depends on us how much we allow ourselves to have, and many will come. Thus categorically it is impossible to think that a lot of money, otherwise your wallet may again go blank.
  • Respect for the money — they should always be neatly stacked in order in a purse. Bills of a large denomination is better kept separately from small and, of course, from the little things. You need to enjoy any parish finances, even a minor one, saying: “money, money”, and to give material resources are also recommended with pleasure.
  • Attention to finances — welcome to raise found money, whether it be a large bill or a penny. It is believed that the universe thus checks whether a person in the Finance or not. However, you cannot raise the money for crossing roads in the morning, being hungry.
  • Provision of Finance to the constant turnover — they should not “hiding” beneath the mattress. Money “prefer” movement — it is better to keep savings in banks and invest elsewhere. Many monetary signs and conspiracies associated with the disbursement of the funds.

Household signs to increase money

These financial omens and superstitions are General guidelines for the conduct of life in the home, which reached us from time immemorial. It is believed that their observance will help to defeat poverty, to get rid of unnecessary spending, and to attract wealth.


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cash omens and superstitions

It is Impossible to sweep the floor towards the exit of the home — so the hostess can “drive out” financial well-being. Remove debris from the threshold of the front door and MOP the floor need from the same place. After sunset and before dawn is impossible to conceive of such an event.

You Need to keep all things in their places, to prevent the accumulation of dirt and scattered objects — money, love cleanliness and order. Spider in the house — for profit, so it is impossible to kill.

In the home to attract money you need to sort through the corners of the coin or all the rooms to put on the red envelope with the denomination inside. Also suggest the apartment to grow a money tree, it kind of shows the level of financial condition.

The Table in the home — a special place that should be used exclusively for food. You cannot leave it empty, dirty dishes and keep food in the factory packaging.

Popular signs to improve the financial well-being

Now few people pay attention to signs, money spells and rituals, however, because they often can not only stay out of trouble, but also to attract good luck and financial stability.

signs, money spells and rituals

So, a number of interesting superstitions:

  • When paying at the checkout, should put the cash on the counter, and to take delivery from the hands of the seller;
  • All the debts it is advisable to return in the morning — in the evening;
  • Spend more time with successful and wealthy people — from them comes a special cash energy;
  • To attend the expensive boutiques and restaurants, even if it is not possible to buy something just to try on any clothes or have a Cup of tea;
  • Regularly to sort out household stuff and to dispose of unused;
  • Buy home a picture of any of reservoirs;
  • Desirable to have a cat or cat better if it is a stray animal;
  • To maintain an optimistic view of the world — money attracted to an active and cheerful;
  • To prevent voids in the wallet, otherwise it will become permanent;
  • As often as possible to count cash, regardless of the number of — this ritual will involve in building financial stability;
  • Do not give or lend funds in the evening — it means a material loss.

Cash signs for every day

There are Also cash-point on the days of the week that will help you to properly manage finances.

money signs on the days of the week

Here are some of them:

  • Monday — should not count cash, to borrow money or to repay debts;
  • Tuesday — is also not a great day for receipt or repayment of borrowed money;
  • Environment — if you put a Nickel under the heel, it promises success and increase of Finance;
  • Thursday — not recommended for big spending;
  • Friday — a good day to account for material resources;
  • Saturday — the best time for all sorts of purchases;
  • Sunday — it is forbidden to borrow money and to incur debts.

How “scare” money?

To improve the financial well-being are not only monetary signs to increase money, but also certain rules that should be observed in order not to block the flow of funds.

cash description to increase the money

You can't carry cash in my pocket — the love of money expensive high-quality wallets or purse, in which there should be nothing but cash.

Should abandon boasting with money and conversion of foreign Finance. If you have savings, then you should not constantly look into the location of the stash.

In the apartment there should be only one broom that is placed down the working surface. Also you can't place a mirror opposite the entrance to the house, it is better to have it in the kitchen over the table.

Many people's money signs relate to perfectly harmless activities, such as whistling in the house — it turns out that the money he "despised". It is necessary to monitor the condition of the plumbing, all breakages must be resolved in a timely manner, especially the current cranes.

The Money should “relax” — should not count at all to do with them any action in the evenings. It is not recommended to change large bills into smaller ones — it will attract unforeseen expenses.

A must-feeding the poor, it is believed that the money back a hundredfold, however, to put only the coins, not paper notes.

New year's eve will help you to get rich

Cash description that will help to get rich is often associated with the holidays and the New year has always been associated with magic and wish-granting.

money signs that will help rich quick
Here are some common signs in this case:

  • You cannot grant the money borrowed on the eve of Christmas and Easter;
  • During the night, as often as possible to use the number 7 — cook 7 dishes to put under the chair 7 coins, invite seven guests;
  • If you have debtors, ask them to give the borrowed funds till midnight;
  • During the battle of chimes close the fist coin and make a wish, then throw the money into the glass and drink the contents, and eat the coin, of course, not necessary — it can be used later as a decoration;
  • New year's eve it is forbidden to wash dishes, this should be done January 1 to noon — otherwise, Finance “leaks”;
  • On the first morning of the new year to wash need the money — just to RUB their coins on hand and moisten the face with water, filled with money energy.

All the signs on money luck, even if they are not going to be effective must cheer up the holidays for the whole family.

Rituals and spells to attract wealth into the house

If one believes in omens, money spells and work hard, and finances are not delayed and as if funneling is not clear where immediately after a payday, is to resort to...

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