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Do you Believe in alternative medicine? Namely, the miraculous properties of various stones, amulets, talismans? The answer to these questions is possible only after verification of the theory in practice, by experience. This article will focus on whether there is a stone that protects from drunkenness?

Healing properties of stones

According to the beliefs of our ancestors, most natural stones have healing properties. In addition, they protect from negative energy, strengthens the body's defenses and strengthen the spirit. Gems are used as ornaments, amulets. They encrusted the interior and the dishes.

Stone therapy, stone therapy, magnet therapy – trends in alternative medicine recognized by modern science. Moreover, treatment of stones is used quite often and successfully. The special importance it represents in terms of restoration of physical health, combined with mental addiction. Consider this theory from the point of view of efficiency of treatment of alcoholism.

stone drunk

Amethyst: a stone from drinking

Amethyst belongs to the precious varieties of minerals. The unusual name comes from the Greek "amethystos" and is literally translated as "sober, not drunk". Original, but somewhat prosaic. In the time of gods beautiful nymph Ametis, avoiding attacks of Dionysus, God of wine, has appealed for help to Artemis. The goddess turned the nymph into a gem, which since then became an amulet against drunkenness.

Magical myth tells the story of a truly unique stone that can be discolored under sunlight. Tell that in the old days a high-ranking personality always had jewelry or amulets with amethyst. His extraordinary strength helped to stay sober, even after excessive drinking. Goblets of wine were often adorned it with amethyst.


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Water infused stone, also becomes a therapeutic tool in the fight against alcoholism. Heavily drinking man or woman this infusion is recommended to eat alone or add to other food. Healing property is amethyst, which resides in the solar plexus. Stone from drinking should not be fastened on the chain of precious metals, it is better to choose a rope made of natural fibers.

stone protect from drunkenness


Coil – another stone that protect from alcoholism. He many years ago recognized pharmaceutical mineral. Its main purpose – healing and protection. Traditional healers, medicine men, used mortars and other containers of this stone. Drug mixture stored in them, had wonderful properties. The coil not only reduces the effects of alcohol, but also neutralizes any poisons.

Coil – the stone men from drinking. Preparation of the mineral to carry in order to relieve alcohol dependence, will require observance of certain ritual. The coil is wrapped several times with thread, the ends of which dipped into a vessel of vodka. Then thread on fire from Church candles. She needs to burn completely. If goes out, light it again. Ear hook for lacing the stone should be done before the ritual. This is a very powerful amulet against drunkenness, which is near a woman should hang on the neck of the man.

gem chrysocolla

Chrysocolla: properties

What is the stone that helps you from drinking better, and some worse, it is necessary to understand in practice. Each of them has unique properties which under favorable circumstances can bring a person great benefit. Stone chrysocolla – water silicate of copper. It's blue color, with an occasional greenish tint. The basic meaning of the stone in establishing harmony in body and soul of the afflicted person. For the weak person, ready for any of life's difficulties and troubles, pour a glass of vodka, wearing a similar amulet is very important.

The Pendants are made with the use of this mineral, facilitate chronic thyroid disease and stomach ulcers. Insomnia, neuralgia, psychosis disappear after a few days, the subject of constant wear stone. For people suffering from severe forms of alcoholism, accompanied by the above symptoms, it is very important.

Jewelry chrysocolla need to wear women alcoholics, who have long forgotten about the fulfilment of their maternal duties. Stone chrysocolla opens and restores the feminine maternal instinct. He tells the female body to cure itself of virtually all diseases of the reproductive system, up to hormonal.

the stone men from drunkenness

How to use stones charms

To Make it as a talisman-an amulet, relieves the craving for alcohol, the best of two stones-amethyst and serpentine. They reinforce each other's action. Definitely need to refrain from drinking alcohol at least three days. Stones are selected in a convenient form, without sharp corners and scuffs. You cannot use a foreign or donated stone from drinking. For therapeutic purposes will need a new mineral. Doesn't matter, will it be a pendant-a pendant or a bracelet studded with amethysts and coils.

The Healing properties of the stone, which protects from alcoholism, save until, until they begin to neglected. Mineral demands respect, gentle care, and should carefully hide it from third parties, and not to tell what purpose the talisman is used. Sorcerers and black magicians often used the power of the stones with malicious intent. After all, amulets and talismans for a long time are close to the person can not only act favorably, but also to harm. Do not wear them in plain sight, it is better to hide under clothing.

Healing properties of gemstones

Help if there are any more gems from drinking? According to the majority of the astrologers and magicians, any mascot or a talisman can serve as a helper in the struggle with bad habits or ailments. The coil prevents the bites of snakes, insects, improves bone and soft tissue. People who prefer jewelry with a coil, never suffer from headaches. Emerald normalizes mental condition, and concentrates the mind, which is especially important for people suffering from hangover.

Coral necklaces and pendants are recommended for patients with epilepsy and people who are prone to nervous ticks. Of stones make powder, healing wounds and relieving pain. Lapis lazuli protects pregnant women and young children. Malachite prevents heart diseases and female diseases. It is irreplaceable as a talisman in the treatment of liver problems. It is worth mentioning the fact that the serpentine and amethyst can help get rid of craving for alcohol, and malachite restore the liver.

what is the stone that helps you from drinking

The stones in alternative medicine

To Strengthen vision and relieve inflammation in the kidneys, liver, and stomach is possible with the power of earrings or rings with amethyst. In the tank with fresh melt water for 12-14 hours insist the means of this stone, which knocks down the temperature and remove the symptoms of a severe cold. Amethyst helps to get pregnant, improves sleep, strengthens the immune system. Doctors recommend to wear products with similar jewelry people suffering from disorders of the pituitary gland and hematopoietic system.

A Method of healing with stones is called lithotherapy. Of them make ointments, powders, infusions and decoctions. Experience in this area accumulated over the millennia. Traditional medicine is safe and harmless, is often used in conjunction with traditional treatment. In addition to pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, using various statues and figurines.

The Full healing power of the stone will have, constantly being around sick. You can put mineral under the pillow, on the nightstand near the bed, Desk. Treatment of stones depends on the sign of the zodiac of the patient. Apply them to specific points on the body. Stone massage affects the blood vessels, by changing heat and cold.

stone protect from drunkenness

Protective and magical rituals with stones

Any rituals and incantations should be performed only with a pure mind and a good aura. It is impossible to speak of stones for the treatment of loved ones suffering people. Otherwise, the symptoms and poor health, will be transferred to who configured the conspiracy. To relieve sickness amulets and charms spoke on the waning moon. If you need to restore the aura and psychological state, it is better to do it during the waxing moon.

Charms, amulets and other healing things with stones, it is better to wear, occasionally reading over them moods. The words appear in random order with reference to the desired result. So the energy flow goes in the right direction and pretty quickly will help in the execution of the plan. For the manufacture of such products need to use thread or ribbon only from natural fabrics. Rings, earrings should be silver.

amethyst stone from drinking

Basic rules for the treatment of stones

The Stone from drinking will be effective, if you listen to some rules:

  • Not to neglect the energy value of the stones,...

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