Find knife: omen. What to expect if found the knife in the woods?


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For anybody not a secret that the knife is one of the oldest tools invented by man. Nowadays, it plays a role and essential household tool, and dangerous units of bladed weapons, so many treat this subject is ambiguous. And seeing him on the street, trying to ignore: people are afraid that the discovery does not promise them anything good. In this article we try to answer the question: "What to do if you found a knife?". Also there will be considered the main signs associated with it.

find the knife sign

Signs of a knife

Not all sharps are negative. It would seem that the danger may present a small penknife, fit only to sharpen pencils, remove gum from the soles or Villapiana firmly stuck nails? What can we say about the tool, designed for cutting bread, or the fact that the wizard uses, watachiwa of wood their masterpieces? What here is evil! Continuous positive — not otherwise. Our ancestors understood this, using the knife as a powerful talisman. For example, it was placed in a cradle to the baby before baptism: who is not good look at the baby — there will cut. Tool stuck to the wall of the barn to protect livestock from disease, and pregnant women hid it under the pillow, believing that he can protect them from the influence of demonic forces.

At the same time, other emotions arise in a person, if he could find a knife. A sign said that it is better not to take in hand, it is not known who previously owned the object. For example, if its owner is a murderer who killed innocent, then the negative energy the weapon will pass to the person who discovered it. Need to find a knife, was known by our ancestors. They were confident that such a discovery is brought into the house, brings to housing woes and misfortune, disease and bad dreams.

sharp knife

Where is the knife found?

Trying to interpret the signs associated with the knife, note the place where you found it. Most often, these locations are the fields and the banks of the river, where he could drop the mushroom. In this case, the discovery heralds a different kind of trouble: loss of money, quarrels, separation, illness. In short, a complete package of “all the charms of life”. One good thing: the problem you won't Jive if you haven't touched the blade. At least, it says the sign. Therefore, seeing a subject flee from the place as soon as possible.


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Much worse to discover a strange large knife is not in the nature or city streets, and in your own home: behind the wardrobe, under the table, in the basement, and so on. Most likely, it gave you previously hovering spell on a sharp object. In this situation, you must correctly enter: psychics suggest to carefully wrap the knife in a handkerchief without touching it with his bare hands, and bury away from home. After returning, wash your hands with Holy water, sprinkle it in every nook and cranny of the home, walls, floor. In addition, light a Church candle and walk with it from room to room. Stay only in those places where the wick will start “sizzle” — let him burn out all evil from your home.

Find in the woods

If the person is very insecure, then unbalance it is capable of any sign. To find a knife in the woods, for example, portends the loss of something important to you, separation from a loved one. Too bad if you picked up the object. In this case, you can lose a family home — particularly accurate this sign is considered when your blade finds rusty. In addition, discovered in the forest cutting the subject promises you problems otherwise. It can be financial difficulties, disagreements with colleagues, activation of chronic disease and so on.

 big knife

Old or new?

By the Way, very important is the condition of the detected object. So, new and sharp knife — the symbol of difficult tests, which will soon meet in the way of man. Found Arsenal as if warns: careful not to cut yourself! At the same time broken blade indicates that the plans that you have high expectations, will soon collapse. Conceived does not become a reality. If the knife has rust — this is a warning of separation from a loved one. And it will happen not by your initiative, causing you to shed a lot of tears.

where to find a knife

Should I pick up?

Someone is afraid to detect dangerous object in your way, and someone is specifically trying to find a knife — a sign he was not afraid. Most likely, such a person is a collector of antique guns. And the search for ancient Arsenal — the way of life of the individual. Of course, the average person who saw the knife on the road, better to pass. It's easy to do if find a simple, old or broken. What to do when the naked eye can see that you have found a valuable ancient object? To protect yourself from the negative energy of the previous owner, take into account useful advice.

If you want to leave...

To Find a knife — a bad sign. So, want to take Arsenal to his home, take a few simple rituals: they will protect you from the negative impact of the findings. First, picking up the knife from the ground, throw a coin in the place where he lay. Thus, you conclude with the dark forces the bargain by buying your desired thing. After that, she starts a new life in your hands, having lost the last of the aura. Some people this ritual not only cleanses the knife, but the magic of images turns it into a happy thing — a talisman that will bring good luck. Dreams of the owner of the bladed weapons will be fulfilled and hopes will be realized.

The Most suspicious and superstitious proposed another solution to the problem — read over finding prayer «our father”, will sprinkle her with Holy water and mentally refer to the angels, asking them to protect you from the dark forces. In addition to clear the item from the evil energy, it can be omitted in the river with fast current or in the spring. They say the water is perfectly removes all negative.

what to do if you found a knife

The Value of loss

To Lose a small or big knife — is also a bad sign. For men, the disappearance of the subject — the symbol of danger that threatens his life. Particularly popular is the belief in the Nordic countries, and from there it came to the Russian land. Severe Vikings, followed by the princes of Moscow, was afraid of this sign. In the old days, the presence of any weapons guaranteed life to its owner. When it disappeared, the warrior was going, nothing could protect him. Therefore, in our days, the loss of a knife for the men — a warning about the impending threat. With regard to women, for them this loss — a sign of family problems and health problems.

Offsetting effect of the padding

And at the end I would like to tell you what to do if you found a sharp knife in the house, being sure lining. To neutralize the negative you can use simple steps:

  • RUB the body with salt and rinse with warm water, presenting at the same time, as flows and negative energy out.
  • Step out of the shower, dressed in clean clothes. Comb the hair.
  • Open all the Windows wide open and burn in a saucer branch of St. John's wort.
  • Start cleaning: first wipe is clockwise all the mirrors after you wash the floor with water, which dissolved the sea salt.
  • Light the candle, having her across the front door right to left. First draw a line at the level of the eye, then — around the lock and handle. Walk around with a candle all corners of the home.
  • Wash your hands and do not think about the bad. Because, as you know, bad thoughts materialists.

sign to find a knife in the woodsAs you know, trouble's waiting for the man, if he is “lucky” to find a knife: this is a bad omen. Therefore, seeing the subject on the street, better go away. If you don't believe in magic, feel free to take the gun. Only one of skepticism will protect you from the influence of dark forces.


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