Lost thing, how to find her in the house?


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Many people can tell how eyes is missing some necessary thing, as if by magic. Just lay in plain sight, turned away for a moment, and now is not able to find her. Vanish a variety of items, expensive and cheap, usually relatively small in size, and they can be quickly or very soon, and maybe never. If you have lost a thing as to find it with the lowest nervous losses? There are many explanations and ways to find a lost, but mystical reasons should not be discounted. It is not always possible to explain the disappearance of the logical and materialistic methods.

missing thing how to find

Why do things disappear?

Of Course, some objects disappear at the most banal, at first glance, reasons: someone took and put in place, you can blindly go and somewhere to stick. But why is this happening? Sometimes loss does not give any explanation — in a room no one entered, no one to joke. If in such circumstances, the lost thing, how to find her as quickly as possible?

To get started is to try to find the culprit and determine why. Perhaps mysticism is nothing to do with it, and then it is human or technical factor. If not, then it may be a house, evil spirits, machinations of witches or the influence of energy flows. In addition, psychics emphasize the probability of spontaneous selective blindness: the thing in place, it just somehow did not notice. If you lost something valuable to get started is to calm down and take measures to search step by step.


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Exclusion of the human factor

Before you begin your mystical practices it's worth checking the materialist hypothesis and to exclude the human factor. Were there intruders in the house? Maybe someone from the family members entered the room? The actions of others are often the cause of that missing thing. How to find her in this case? The easiest way to ask everyone who came into the room, perhaps someone took up this object.

The human factor also includes personal forgetfulness or disorganization of someone who has lost something important. You can remove the subject and forget about it, and then a long look, wondering and suspecting the influence of mystical forces. The disorder also contributes, sometimes desired thing lies quietly under a chair thrown in the jacket, while the owner searches through the entire room, trying to figure out where is the document folder or the TV remote. What disorder is often associated with the following explanation of the disappearance.

There is a special category of endangered things, which is typical from time to time to disappear. It's teaspoons, socks, keys, and other relatively small items. Researchers from Australia decided to test the theory of the mystical disappearances and began to control the presence of the teaspoons in the dining room of the University. This was purchased teaspoons, each was numbered. Every month, researchers checked how many spoons left, and five months later, disappeared without a trace almost 80% of all purchased items! In common thinking, a large part of the missing spoons were accidentally thrown away with food debris or stolen, but the way some failed to follow, and this is where lies the mystical.

to find the missing thing is a conspiracy

Dissatisfaction of the house

According to popular belief, goblins do not like poorly organized household and trying to attract the attention of the owners the only possible way — hiding from them important things. If you lost the thing as to find it in the mess? In search of good help restoring order, so the evil plan of a house acts.

If you are convinced that this is the house, then you can talk to him instead of wrestle with the question of how to find the missing thing in the house. The plot can be read on the web — find the web, it is easy for her to blow and whisper: “house Keeper, help, find the missing thing”. It is desirable to explain what kind of thing, especially if this is not the first loss. Otherwise could be lost in the past month, sock, and formally, the plot works, but not as much as you need.

You can Also whisper a broom as a sacred object directly related to the brownie. Even expressed in any form request for assistance in the search might work. Also helps tying a handkerchief to the leg of a table, chair or stool. Shortly after tying the knot disappeared object is being detected, and sometimes in the most unexpected place.

how to find the missing thing

The Machinations of evil spirits

In contrast to the sympathetic mood of the house, evil spirits loves to hide things from ordinary hooliganism. Just for the fuss and negative emotions. Please note: if, after such disappearance, you're fighting with family members, accusing them of theft or carelessness, then this is definitely a small devils. With them can also be negotiated.

“Damn it, play and give back”, — the simplest formula. How to find the missing thing, if you suspect the involvement of demons? Believers and helps to prayer. Needs to calm down and read any prayer that allows God's grace to descend on your restless soul. «our father” is usually on the ear, and the phrase “deliver us from evil" is perfectly suited for such cases. The priests suggest not to flirt with the devil and offer them bribes in the form of milk or sweets, only prayer will help to cope with the evil spirit.

how to find the missing thing in the apartment

Look for the witch!

If you've noticed that things go missing after a visit to the house was too sharp-tongued neighbor, is not necessarily theft. Perhaps we are talking about a witch, which is specially harmful, exclusively for professional purposes. How to find the missing thing in the house, if you suspect the work of a witch?

First and foremost, you need to weaken the influence of negative energy. For this approach like a prayer, and some ancient rituals. For example, is to pour the doorstep a handful of salt. This will not only prevent a witch from entering your home, but will cut off the flow of energy.

At the same time is not worth much to the witch of evil, because evil only breeds more negativity. On the contrary, it is better to pray for her health, to ask that the Light protect her soul, wish her healing from delusions. After that, the lost thing, if it was the witch, will be found.

The Impact of energy flows

Psychics claim that power flows may well be the culprits in the sudden disappearance of things. There are many explanations for this phenomenon, and to cope with this the help of different mystical schools. For example, the ancient art of Feng Shui just is intended to streamline energy flows, contribute to filling the house with light force, where things just disappear will not.

How to find the missing thing in the apartment, which formed a negative energy flow? To get started is to check whether the fault energy. This helps the candle — the tab open flame starts to crackle and waver, if it goes through negative energy. Christians it is better to use a Church candle, because each will be rewarded according to his faith. It would be useful to run through the apartment with a candle in hand to the latch open fire closed the circuit of the home. Oddly enough, a streamlined flow helps the above mentioned trivial cleaning, washing floors. This not only makes things, but also updates the power house. After this simple procedure, the lost thing, usually is.

how to find the missing thing in the house conspiracy

Unexplained mass Wraith

Following the sudden disappearance of things gives rise to random participants a clear sense of bewilderment and even fear. For example, you are going to give some item, put it on the table. The visitor is about to leave, and suddenly you both find that the subject is missing. It could be anything — a spool of thread, keys, envelope with documents. While you and your guest know exactly what did not take, it seems, not even left the room. Seemed to have involved some kind of selective blindness. Irrational fear appears at the moment when the subject suddenly found at the same place where it was last seen and several times made sure his absence.

The Reason for this confusion can be anything but the most frightening mass effect, when several people looking for the keys that lay on the table and find them there after a few minutes. You can blame it anyone: jokers, house, devils, witches and even aliens. In this case, to find the missing thing, the plot is better to use the easiest. Call the lost thing, let's say, the ring, and distinctly speak in an authoritative tone: ‘the Ring is just lying here, and better that it was back in this place”. Swipe a hand across his face, as if removed from the blindfold. Often this helps.

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