What falling knife? Folk beliefs and omens


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Not every small event in everyday life was awarded the honor of becoming the topic of signs and beliefs. But there are items such attention to the behavior continues unabated for centuries. Moreover, the knowledge passed down from elders to the youth with the instruction to share them with descendants. For example, you know what a falling knife? Fork or spoon, being accidentally on the floor, portend a guest. And the knife that portends what wants to prevent awkward observer? Let's face it.

what falling knife

Why a knife falls on a floor

People say that sharp objects just not popping up. Yawn to anything. A knife falls under the table – wait for the visitor. Look how it lies, where the edge is directed. Of course, plans and sketches to do not be offered, but mark the position of the knife is necessary. If the knob is directed toward the drop – to worry about. Comes a familiar person, I missed, probably. His intentions are pure and innocent. The cutting edge looks in your direction? Expect trouble. The visitor come with evil thoughts. People believe that the knife warns that you should not be overly naive, to welcome the guest with open heart. Be sure that it will spit. To disassemble, to which the blade drops recommended more on the basis of its appearance and settings. So, if he's got a smooth blade, the conversation with the visitor will be peaceful, may peace. Ribbed or notched region portends a fight or confrontation.

Knife stuck in the floor

Among the different signs of cutting and piercing objects are especially bad. They should be aware of if you want to understand exactly what a knife falls. To drop a tool that you cut the bread – to losses. The family quarreled because of lack of funds. In ancient times it was believed that this knife need to be protected especially not to pass it in awkward hands. Tool for cutting bread was always separate. His owner kept to himself and did not allow anyone to use it. And this was not done from Caprice, but because the mother or grandmother told her since childhood, what a knife falls to the floor. Sign old says that if he sticks in the Board then there will be a terrible – the house will be dead. People feared and tried to prevent bad omens. By the way, the older women taught the young people how to act to ward off trouble from the threshold. But more on that later.


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why a knife falls on the floor

The Knife hit handle

There are exciting signs of cutting tools. It happens that his arm will move the blade first touches the boards or plates. The people believed that such an event portends a merry company. Wait for friends to visit, which will come suddenly and fill the space with noise and bustle. By the way, they will bring treats and cheer, and delight. In General, nothing bad will happen. Even more interesting, when the knife falls on the street and accidentally stuck a stick in the ground or snow. It is considered a harbinger of a great feast. If he had to fall from awkward girlish hands – have the wedding feast. Only luck is not talking about roles on this beauty. It's possible that she will become a bride soon. The young man, the event promises a feast with friends. Older people, Myronivsky the knife on the nature, too, will have to go to the celebration. Overall, the omen is good, it promises a pleasant pastime in society, good, sincere people. Of such a belief is often overlooked, they interpret those interested in what the blade drops. Now this is how to prevent trouble.

why a knife falls on the floor omen

Methods of neutralizing the bad will take

It Happens that the cutting tool heralds a guest, but you don't need it, no time to entertain the visitor. It is recommended to quickly raise the knife, to substitute under a stream of running water and say: “the Ladies sit, I don't go”. People believe that a visitor's plans change and he will pass your threshold. If the tool falls, portends trouble, it should be sprinkled with Holy water and leave to very dry. I wonder if you older relatives were told as a child what a knife falls? Share secrets kind in the comments. Right, bit by bit, we are all together and maintain a large and diverse ancestral heritage. Agree?

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