Who is the necromancer? Should we be afraid?


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Found this word in fantastic literature, the press, and you never know where else. Only understanding of the events would be incomplete if you do not understand what a necromancer. In fact, this image has long been used in horror movies. Remember that the evil magician who leads a Horde of zombies? This is the idea of necromancy as basis for creating scary scenes. Incredible and incomprehensible to most people forces, subservient to the even more strange thing that necromancerA person called difficult, what could be worse?

What is a necromancer

Aside from the widely publicized drama of the image, it turns out that we are talking about the black mage. In the power of “professional” features, it has the ability to give and to take away death! Most of the rituals of necromancers do with the murder. The victim necessarily becomes a man (now this is extremely rare). More traditionally, to obtain magical power by killing animals. This is a very ancient one. Sacrifices were popular at all times. Even the Incas did this sinful thing. Killing with the aim of obtaining not for riches and magical powers were practiced from earliest times. In varying degrees the ancient peoples believed that receive life energy of the victim (animal or human).

fantasy necromancerWho is the necromancer in the modern world

On pages of books you can often find such characters. But don't think that mages now exist only in works of fantasy. Necromancer – the creature is real. Only to meet him the common man is not very easy. A real magician-necromancer (necromage) will not notify the public of its activities on the pages of Newspapers or on the Internet. Yes it doesn't need. His life the average person is not interested. The only thing that binds him to our world – the energy he uses. She for him – as the money for us. It is the only substance with which he bad there, performing their strange desires and achieving their unclear goals.

necromancers, alchemists and all the otherIf the magician

It is believed that acromag not dangerous to humans. He actively attack and take away the life you have become. For this act he needs very serious conditions. But the child can push you off the balcony, if you want to strangle him, without asking who! Necromancer is more likely not to black, but the grey mages. His primary interest is focused there, where the mystery of death. But to give life he can. It's a miracle, it is in his power. Therefore, most people are looking for a meeting with him, trying to save from the death of his relatives. The deal the magician is reluctant. They say that a good mood can inspire you to help a despicable person.

What are necromancers

Among the magicians has its own division for “spec”. Mostly it is due to forces which they use in their activities. Together, they build their own relationships, not especially human-readable. For the most part, magicians are isolated life and strong “friends” do not communicate. One thing is for sure: necro-alchemists and all the others will appear only where there is death!

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