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When you have enemies and detractors, you can get from the evil eye or the evil eye. To be subjected to damage any person, but if it is induced deliberately, to get rid of magic effects is more complicated. You should know how to determine damage to themselves and their loved ones, but we will specify that only the healer correctly and completely determines what type of damage induced and by to determine spoilage

Ways to identify the damage, you should consider the sort of self diagnosis before going to the hospital. You are unlikely to be cured on their own or will be able to diagnose myself, but you can tell by some signs that it is time to seek help.

One of the main signs of damage – your status in the Church. Spoiled people hardly stand the service, he was overcome by weakness and yawning, some are even losing in the Church consciousness. If you light a consecrated candle and crossed it himself, a sign of spoilage is the crackling flames and the appearance of black ash. Severe damage causes the candle to fade.

So how to determine damage while staying in the Church it is not always possible to answer a number of questions:

how to determine a spell on yourself

  • Do you feel odors "nowhere" to hear strange noises in the apartment, noticing the corner of my eye shadowy figures?
  • You suddenly started to lose weight, to be ill unknown disease, a diagnosis that the doctors can not clarify?
  • If you are Plagued by nightmares, groundless fears and the expectation of something terrible and unknown?
  • Do you look at your reflection in the mirror?
  • Do Not you think, what are you all doing still, and the tide has turned?

Sometimes induced by a stranger or picked up in the “bad” the site of damage. How to determine if you got the damage, not necessarily intended for you? Its symptoms are the same as normal, but appear after certain events or visiting certain places. To protect yourself from accidental damage, follow these guidelines.

how to determine spoilageFirstly, don't pick from the ground a trifle. Sometimes small coins even spread with the special words on the ground with a cross or other magical figures to convey the damage.

Second, near the cemetery or the Church do not look when you were called out to a stranger. You cannot answer the questions, if the stranger does not say Hello.

Third, observe the rules of behavior near a cemetery or Church. Be baptized at the inlet and exit of the Church, do not talk loudly even near these places, do not touch other people's things even just to watch.

We are only briefly described how to determine a spell on yourself. There are special rituals and fortune telling, for example, rolling out an egg, which show signs of damage. If you sometimes wonder for yourself on the map, the damage will not allow you to predict the fate cards will fit into a conflicting or unrelated to the situation of the combination in situation will prevail spades the suit of Swords (if you read Tarot).

Turning to a psychic or a medicine man, knowing how to determine the damage, you will Refine or refute their concerns. Sometimes the presence of damage is seen to the people where they can ruin your destiny or accumulate sins.

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