What are the signs of death at hand?


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Ever Since man first picked up a stick to knock the fruit for lunch, until today, when scientists are trying to uncover the secret of the God particle, people are scared of death and the complete lack of information of what followed in fact.

Perhaps that is why in ancient times they were looking for warning signals about the possibility of her approach. Signs of death in hand is no exception. Palmistry – one of the oldest Sciences on the planet, which for millennia on particles collected together his observations and handed them over to the elected keepers of secret knowledge.

Palmistry – top stories

The fact that even in the stone age people to pay close attention to the study of the arrangement of lines on your palm say numerous cave drawings and hand prints found in caves in France and in the province of Santander in Spain.

Who knows when ancient people first drew attention to the fact that each person has their own set of lines, which also changes periodically, but even before there was the science of palmistry, signs of death in hand (photos you can see later in the article) have them interested.

signs of death in hand

It is said that 5,000 years ago had done a great job on the study of the human hand. For example, in the writings of Valmiki Maharishi each of 567 stanzas is devoted to a separate line with an explanation of its causes, and disclosure of meaning, the signs of death in hand it is not an exception.

Science or quackery

Since mankind was always drawn to the unknown or shrouded in mystery - from the structure of the universe to Ouija - palmistry became one of the Sciences, which is or was recognized by the great sages at the highest level (kings and nobles), or burned at the stake as witches.


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There is still no definitive explanation of what it is – science or quackery. But no one can deny that the signs of death in hand (photo shows an example of divination), success, wealth manifest themselves in people in different ways.

Moreover, the lines on the palms are indeed prophetic and in most cases true, but in relation to the death of today still a bit different. If 200 years ago, much less a few millennia, signs of death in hand true with an accuracy of 100%, with the development of medicine, they began to indicate the possible outcome, not final.

 palm reading signs of death in hand photo

In our time, palmistry is not a science, but to study it at the Institute in Mumbai and in “the National Academy of palmistry", which was begun in 1940 in Montreal.

Signs of violent death on the palm of your hand

“Seal of destiny” – so often referred to the signs on the palms, but this is fundamentally wrong. All the lines on hand change constantly, some disappear and others appear, just occupied with daily chores and ignorant people don't pay attention to it. Only those who are really engaged in palmistry, can see these changes.

Such transformations mean one thing – the program of self-preservation have failed, its consequences (death) to the person warning and given a deadline to fix everything. One character death is not enough, it must be accompanied by additional signs that appear more often as soon as the person gets closer to the inevitable end. But if they were accepted, the investigation of their appearance – fixed, the associated symptoms may not appear.

Showing not only signs of death at hand, but also its specific form, for example, violent. These include:

  • The Sign of the Hoop on the line of life – the attempt of an assassin.
  • Located on the phalanges of the little finger oblique lines are harbingers of death by bladed weapons.
  • When the life line curves in the direction of the thumb and twisted – the person will die from fire.
  • Curved lines on the knuckles talking about drowning.
  • If the plain of Mars appeared a semicircle, he foretells the death in battle.
  • According to the science of palmistry, sign of death at hand in the form of a line of mind, dangling at the end, Herald the death from wounds in the head or throat.

palm reading sign of death at hand

It is Important to remember: one should not seek the worst characters on her arm without the assistance of an expert in palmistry. Incorrectly interpreted the safe line may give rise to paranoid suspicions and fears, which, in turn, will cause the appearance of the signs of death where none had been before.

Signs of death by natural causes

Death – the most unpleasant sign that no one wants to find on his palm, but this will not go away, so it's best to know in advance about the possible scenario of the fate to prevent it, than to die in the Prime of life or negligence.

Many people can save a rudimentary knowledge if they have the mark of death on the hand looks like and what it means:

  • Short line of life-brief existence.
  • When in the middle of the line of life is seen deepening with black dots – the death will be sudden.
  • If the life line is directed to the middle finger and crosses the heart line, the death will be sudden.
  • If the line of mind is brief in the area of the heart, possible death from hypertensive crisis.
  • When the line of the mind ends in the plain of Mars, soman dies from lung disease.

signs of death in hand photo

Getting such predictions from the signs on the palm, should not be taken as the final verdict. Life line can become longer if you take the time to their health, nutrition and way of thinking.

Definition of the date of death at the palms

They say the specialists of palmistry, the life line can indicate its duration or approximate date of death. For this you need to correlate it with other lines and to perform the calculations. There is no big deal for someone who is well versed in the names of the lines where they start, and what is the relationship with each other.

Great palmists

Among the scholars who left their mark in the history of palmistry include the following names:

  • Hartlib (Germany, labour “the Art of palmistry" 1448).
  • Hagen (Carthage, Chiromantian 1522).
  • Belote (Italy, 1640).
  • Casimir D’erpentine (France, “Chironomia” 1843).
  • Adrien de Barelli (France, “Secrets of the hand"1860).
  • William J. Benham (US, “the Laws of scientific hand reading" 1900).

sign of death at the hand as it looks

In our time the works of these great scientists are the Foundation of the study of palmistry, and they can befall anyone. It's not only fun but also useful, because it is better to know in advance that bore the marks on his hands – death, love, wealth or devastation, success or failure. All of this – the stages of life that affect a human hand.

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