Prayer before the court for a favorable outcome


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People say that can not renounce from two things: from prison and from Sumy. The court can bring a completely innocent person slandered him or substituting. And what about the poor guy to do if he has no wealthy patron, no money for a lawyer? We need the Lord to turn their alarms, He has to ask for protection.

The prayer before the court is necessary for a repentant sinner. He's probably a decent human censure, but the Lord will soften the sentence, if you see that a person is aware of guilt. What is the prayer before the court to help really, who can reverse it? Let's deal.

prayer before judgment

What is in the soul, and the life

To Begin our conversation about what prayer to read before the court, arguments of relationship with God. Try not to dismiss seemingly useless words and think about them after reading. People often complain that I can not reach the Supreme law, once in earthly trouble. Say, read a prayer before the court, and still the innocent suffer. And in turning to the Lord put such a person? As prayed?

The Saviour says to every believer that takes his cares on himself, only to come to It need. This means boundless, utter trust in the Lord. Hard Mature, independent the man to feel like a baby, and unable to move without the support of the parent. But this state indicates the immensity and completeness of the trust.

As now pray? No confidence in expressing the soul, and demand from the Almighty to do something or other, based on their imperfect understanding of the circumstances. This prayer, read before the court, not what is heard will not only be harmful to the sufferer. Pride, the desire to subordinate the will of the Almighty. Thinks the cunning that he sees his soul is black and only listens to the words. But the opposite is happening.


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prayer before the court for a favorable outcome


Got into serious trouble associated with law enforcement quite difficult to look at the events from a philosophical point of view. And should understand that nothing we are just not given.

In your situation has two sides: the sufferer and “offender”. It seems that the court is against the one whose case is considered, the investigators (prosecutors) are trying to erect false accusations at him, that is injustice going on. And invests in their prayers the poor bugger himself and his family the thought of the offense where the guilty decision.

This is pride. We are talking about the desire to become a judge and blame other people. And this allowed God, if you believe Him. So, to free the soul, it is necessary to take all sides are equal, subject only to the will of God. Do not try to prove Heaven their point of view, don't attack another without evidence. We should forgive those who trouble you create, to give a decision on punishment of the Lord. It will bring peace and purification. One who does not sin even in thoughts, the Heavens always hear, regardless of whether he prays or not. Of course, this does not mean that we should not fight for their rights. Emotionally involved in the altercation should not be hurt in the soul of accumulate.

prayer before the court for a favorable outcome

Who to draw a prayer

Arriving at the temple, the person is lost from the abundance of icons and faces. It is a completely natural phenomenon. Modernity is that religion we encounter very rarely, in fact, are illiterate in this sense. Don't know what to do - please contact any officer. One will tell another, more kind and considerate. Christ said that the temple – is not a building, but a Union of souls, walking along on his way, supporting each other. But with this in mind and go to the Lord.

Look at the icons: what will trigger a response in the soul, to the and come. And clergymen tell you that you need to treat to the mother of God, the Lord, if the innocent suffer. But sinners and their families better will help the prayer to Nikolay before the court. Only the repentance must be sincere, then the Wonderworker will change the situation, would pull out of the hand of the punishments of the sword and put it in her excuse.

How to pray?

A few words about what to say and how to behave. The temple is better to go in the morning, to the service. Dress in simple clothes. Women are advised not to apply makeup, remove jewelry. More heads need to cover with a handkerchief. The pectoral cross wear, but do not expose for show. It is a sign for you and the Lord and not for others. Before the threshold is supposed to cross themselves and to bow respectfully. Only then can the house to enter. If you can't understand what prayer is before the court need to say, then read on the eve of the trip to the Shrine of the book religious. In such a situation it is good to remember the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. Here is her short description.

a prayer to Saint Nicholas before the court

For thought

In one village lived two people. One was engaged in physical labor, considered himself modest, humble and most ordinary. And second, the Pharisee considered himself righteous, because he condemned others. They went to pray together. The Pharisee said: “Lord, thank you that I am not like sinners and criminals, and this publican. Do Thy commandments, fasting, praying, tithing give up!” Andthe publican stood modestly did not dare to raise your eyes. And in my heart his words only are found: «Lord! Be merciful to me!” Jesus said that he was dearer to the prayer of the publican, not uplifting ourselves, not condemning others.

Prayer before the court to Saint Nicholas

The Parable are we led to understand that the words do not need the Lord. He sees the soul and all that's going on. No matter whether you're reading text from a prayer book, or invented it themselves, will be heard the fact that heart is. But those people that are not accustomed to turn to the Lord, still lost, don't know where to start.

prayer before the court of Nicholas the Wonderworker

That's about say:

  • «St. Nicholas! You are the protector of all the suffering. When life showed such miracles of mercy, stood before the Throne of God for his kindness. Please protect me, Lord servant (name), from the injustice of the judges of the things of the world, slandering the innocent, their malicious slander. You, Saint Nicholas himself felt what it was like to be imprisoned, will lose. How has helped many seeking mercy, and not leave me in a terrible situation. Amen.”

Prayer before the court for a favorable outcome to the most Holy Theotokos

This text is a free translation from the old. Used since ancient times to protect themselves from injustice and tyranny. You need to say the following:

  • “the blessed virgin Mary, to the knowledge of the mind all of us lead. Receive the prayers of the unworthy servants of the Lord, with faith and profound emotion I bow before Your most pure icon. Ask thou of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, to be granted wisdom and sent to the fair decision of judges. And we inspired to humility of spirit and obedience to destiny. Holy mother of God, lead us by the truth and connection of the warring parties in the Union of love of all, deliverance from the darkness of pride to the light of the spirit. We praise the wisdom and justice of our Lord Jesus Christ and give him praise. Amen.”

what prayers before the court

How many times to recite a prayer?

This question often comes to mind is the person who have no one more hope than God. Prayer before the court for a favorable outcome of the case is read until, until you get satisfying result. And you should start not before the decisive day, and as soon as injustice came into your life. Every morning is recommended to start with a reference to the virgin Mary. This can be done at home. Don't stop, whatever happens. Rely on a Higher justice, and trust the support of the Almighty. Until there is a trial or a consequence of, pray with an open mind. Of course, often the case is delayed for a long time. But in this case it is not necessary to lower hands. Trust in the Lord but in the Church go sometimes. The Almighty will definitely help.

The Desire to win – it is a sin or not?

If you are pursuing litigation, for example, of a material nature, then also we should not forget about the Higher justice. Will help sincere prayers before the court. To win, it is recommended to take internally. It is clear that I want to be a winner. But this is also seen pride, which equals a lack of faith in the Lord. If you think these words are not important, talk to a priest. It costs a lot more than all uttered in the pride of prayer. Communication with God occurs when your soul begins to understand that everything that gets – it is His Supreme will. Humility now is perceived as a lack of ambition or talent. And became even more interesting and not especially do we inspire such thoughts, if not the devil leads those advocating a selfish approach to life?

Who to contact to win

Judge for Yourself, humility – trust in the Lord. It does not deny the desire to establish themselves in the world, earn money, implement ability and get a well-deserved reward, and the desire to win in court what is rightfully yours. But it is very important to understand that trust in the Lord, which trust must be absolute. As the child turns to the father with the problem, knowing that the better you will understand and you pray.

But we moved away from the topic. At the throne of God many Holy souls. And stands out of them Nicholas. A lot of good he did in our world, even when his spirit was flying over the ground, and his body lived. Now believers trust him grief. Prayer before the court to win justice to this Saint is drawn. Yes and his name is appropriate – a miracle worker. People understand that in the most unfavorable situation only he can change circumstances.

prayer before the court to win

How helpful is prayer?

Have the current people, educated supernova technologies, one habit that helps in many situations, but not in ours. People looking for reviews, comments of those who tried to use a particular method in a similar situation. Look at everything from the outside and judge for yourself whether you need this kind of information. A person has problems, he suffers unjustly. Of course, I want the poor fellow to “the pill” from his grief. And she, by the way, there – it is a prayer. But is it possible to rely on in fellowship with the Lord on someone else's opinion? Only your soul knows exactly how and what to tell the Almighty, and the answer she gets. Other people have different circumstances, thoughts and feelings. They themselves pray to the Lordtrust, not reviews online. Whether in such an important, intimate thing to draw on the experience of others, sometimes people you've never seen?

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