1988 - the year of what animal? General characteristics


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Year of birth 1988 gave the world extraordinary people, bright and noticeable. However, as they say, “all is not gold that glitters". With these people it's nice to chat with them want to meet you. They are the soul of any company, cheerful and carefree.

1988 year of what animal

1988 - what year's your sign?

Born in the year go through life under the sign of the Dragon. They are extremely active, full of vitality and health. They are honest, love the truth and strive to avoid backbiting and hypocrisy. They are incapable of diplomacy and cannot keep their feelings to please someone. These people prefer to speak straight and whatever happens happens. The consequences care about the least. Dragon trusting, though not as naive as a Pig. It is easy to deceive and to cheat. All his senses sharpened. Very often Dragon worried for nothing. He always strives for perfection. This person is very demanding. He finds fault with yourself sometimes more than you need. The same requirements it imposes on others. However, as a rule, gives he more than asks.

year of birth 1988


1988 - the year of what animal and how does it affect the character? The dragons are short-tempered and irritable. Often their words ahead thoughts. They don't long to think before to say something. Often this quality a disservice. However, others should not ignore the opinion of a Dragon. Natural intuition and extraordinary intelligence make it a wonderful Advisor. These people can help you and give good advice in a difficult situation. The dragon is fickle. He easily fond of and enthusiastically takes up new business, but only on the condition that he likes it. This versatile person, generous, strong-willed and resilient. Many give in to his charm and happily followed the indicated path. Thanks to its qualities, he easily rises to power.


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1988 what year horoscope


The Dragon is not directly interested in money, but will never lack for anything. So reads the horoscope 1988. Year what animal can bring so many great people like this? The dragon on the shoulder any profession. He performed admirably as a doctor, warrior, priest, artist, politician. In any case, he will Shine. For this person the main thing - to choose a goal in life. He would go to her all imaginable and unimaginable ways and will succeed. The only negative – it can equally select as a good thing and bad. In any case, he will succeed.


1988 - the year of what animal and what threatens its satellite? Love the Dragon knows no equal. Its like the opposite sex. However, he rarely lends itself to this feeling. Because of this he rarely disappointments in love. The dragon is often the cause of despair and Heartbreak love for him. He is interested in easy and as quickly cools down. It is very difficult to tie to something. He is alien to many of the values, which for some play a huge role.


Very rare to see a young Dragon married. Generally, they pull with it and often remain bachelors. Lonely life they like. Freedom of action, thoughts and feelings makes them happy. Dragon does not like to be dependent on someone. Here is the answer to the question: “1988 - the year of what animal?”

1988 year of what animal compatibility


Happy will be the relationship of the Dragon and Rat. The latter is very patient, and for the sake of love is capable of many sacrifices. She would be happy to use anything that will give her the Dragon. In turn, the Rat will be able to help him succeed. Her critical mind and a great love of money to push the Dragon to do great things. A good relationship will develop with the Snake. Her intelligence and intuition will serve both well. With Cock a little more difficult. It will contribute to the success of the Dragon and live in the shadow of his glory. But it is necessary to go something not - the Rooster will immediately disappear from view. About 1988 - the year of what animal, should think and cunning Monkey. Together they make a good team both in business and in love. These two perfectly complement each other. The monkey is easy to make fun of the Dragon. But she does this not out of malice. The dragon should understand it and in any case not to be offended. Relationship with the Tiger will be filled with passion and fire. This is an explosive mixture. If they want to be together, you will have to tame its character. The dragon should avoid the Dog. She sensibly looks at things and may bring up to a frenzy with his pessimism.

horoscope 1988 year of what animal

How the rest of life

The First phase of his life will be difficult, filled with emotion. It will be a lot of demand from loved ones and may not always be able to get it. A temper many times will play not in his favor. It will cause many problems and in the second phase of life. Those who know, the 1988 - the year of what animal, I can say that these people have all the luck.

It Often happens that the Dragon is surrounded by people who do not get tired to admire. It is very flattering and relaxing. People of this sign rarely know real grief, and if they run into trouble, we prefer to quickly forget. The complex nature and constant sense of dissatisfaction may prevent the Dragon to behappy. But all his aspirations and dreams are not in vain. They will come true, though not immediately. In the last phase the Dragon will attain all that is worthy. He will be rich, loved and healthy. But do not think that the representatives of this sign easy fate. The impression of ease and fun that they produce, can be deceiving. Dragon – a bright personality. He wants to Shine and conquer. However, many use it as a carnival figure. He should be afraid to be deceived and to believe less in the word new acquaintances.

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