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In the world of magic there are many ways to obtain the necessary information and to perform any rite. Everyone who has magical powers, holds its own rituals that help to achieve this. They usually remain secret and not open to the uninitiated. Many magicians use runes, which carry incredible power and energy. The use of this power should be very cautiously, otherwise it can destroy the lives of the careless mage, and the person is ceremony.

Diagnostics runes

What is rune

Visually, the runes represent the characters in any medium. It may be an ordinary paper, cardboard, leather and the like. The power of the runic symbol is not changed depending on the material, because the value is the token itself. Only he carries a certain energy.

Many mages claim that the runes are an alphabet consisting of energy. He connects our material world with the world of the higher forces. This relationship is permanent and results in our world a certain power, depending on the symbol itself. Beginners should keep in mind that runes are not a sign of something and they are not invented by man. We have the ability to use the energy of the runes, and this should be done very carefully. Note that the ability to deal with ancient signs cannot be acquired, it is innate. There is a rare category of people who have a predisposition to read the rune symbols and use their energy.

Runes diagnostics

How did

Until now, historians can not say how he came into our world runes. These symbols are found in ancient Etruscan tombs and among the ruins of settlements of the nomadic Germanic tribes. Always the symbols were identical to today's, which allows to make a conclusion about their ancient history. Many scientists openly declare that the runes were extraterrestrial in origin and is clearly system-generated. They draw an analogy with the alphabet, allowing to establish communication between people. In the same way runes help to speak with the higher powers.

The Official version of their appearance is associated with the tribes of Northern Europe, where they are widely used. According to the legends of these peoples, One God during his wanderings, accompanied by suffering and loss, was able to obtain the energy alphabet from a higher power. In turn, One gave this knowledge to people so they can use it for good and to have communication with the gods.

Runes of the diagnostics of negativity

How to use runic symbols

Experts suggest you to create runes with his hands. In this case, you get a strong bond with these characters, it will help you to get the right information from the higher powers and to perform various rites.

Note that before working with the runes, activate them. Unfortunately, the ancient ritual of the activation was lost in antiquity. But experts say that to make the characters "live" using their energy. For enough after manufacture to hold each rune in his left hand and give her some of his powers. Before this process you should unmistakably know every rune and its meaning. After activation is strictly forbidden to give the characters in the hands of strangers and get them as entertainment. And you must be clear about why you need these symbols. Your preference depends on what the force will awaken in the ancient signs.

It is Not necessary to touch the runes in a bad mood and physical condition, this may affect their energy and compromise your connection. Don't forget that to store the symbol in a special pouch and often to communicate with them.

What you can do with runes

The Runes allow you to do a lot of magical action. It all depends on your abilities and energy. Many magicians have skills of drafting renogram. These combinations of characters are able to summon to our world a different strength. These can have protective, healing or any other force. Also specialists runic cleansing the human aura and create certain installation. Showed good diagnostic runes. We'll tell about it in more detail.

Becoming the diagnostic

What is runic diagnostics

Beginners just starting to learn the wisdom of runic divination, is often confused in specific terminology. Confusion arises mainly with understanding what is divination and diagnosis of runes. Many believe these concepts are identical, but in factthis is not so.

Divination on the runes are made to clarify certain events. This can be information about past, present or future. But the diagnosis of runes is when you need to clarify a magical effect on the person, or to any of his business (hobby, business, etc.). If you have damage, the spell or the evil eye, the characters have to be revealed. And you can, if the correct formulation of the question even to find out who exactly brought with it a certain magic.

Runes, diagnostics: how it works

The Diagnosis is a snapshot of your current state, it completely copies your energy component. If you are induced damage, the symbols immediately it will reflect and show in what sphere of life is negatively affected.

Keep in mind that the information from runes is not programming - it is given to change the situation, so using the ancient symbols you can first to reduce the impact magic effects to a minimum and then cancel them.

I would Like to clarify that the diagnosis of runes may only be conducted in a setting of complete tranquillity, and the questioner must be able to read the symbols intuitively. Several runes formed a certain message that must be perceived only as a complete set of information.

Value in the diagnosis of runes

Runes: how to make a diagnosis

In Order to correctly make a diagnosis with the help of ancient symbols, it is necessary to observe a few rules:

  • One rune can be only one question, otherwise the answer you will receive;
  • All runic symbols have to be charged your energy;
  • After analyzing the response, make sure that you start to act.

Do Not forget that the runes represent energy. So their answer involves energy costs. Your actions, in turn, will fuel the runes. Diagnosis the following case is more simple and efficient. According to experts, after the rune diagnosis, any action triggers a series of events, leading to gradual resolution of the situation with which you approached the original characters.


Currently, there are many ways and options for the alignment of the rune diagnosis. But most often Gad performs the following rites:

  • Protection;
  • The identification of negative magic effects;
  • Cleaning of the chakras;
  • Diagnosis of stav.

On each of them we pause and discuss in more detail. So, everything in order.

Diagnostics negatives (damage, whammy, curse)

Most in demand that can offer you runes, diagnosis negative. This ritual is performed with the help of several rites. But newcomers most of them will seem too complicated, so here are two simple runic alignment on the definition of negative:

  • Rune lots.
  • Rune simple setup.

For any of these rituals to focus on and correctly ask your own question. Keep in mind that the question should not assume a brief answer. Think about it and ask figuratively, to enter the essence of the problem. Nobody will be interested in the negative impact, if you do not feel its manifestation in a particular area of your life. So try to start the scenario with the right question. After it, it is necessary to pull out four runes, asking questions. Each character has its own attitude to the problem:

  • The first reveals the essence of the problem;
  • Second - the conditions under which it all happened;
  • Third - which way the energy is directed to the problem;
  • Fourth is a possible outcome of a situation.

All characters must be put in front of him and to think again about the problem. If you correctly read the runes, then you get the real message with the options.

The Second scenario, the negative also includes pulling runes one by one, but in this case, the question needs to be more substantive. You need to ask about corruption in the specific sphere of life, but the answer would not mean the absence of negativity in a different region. You can get runes as many times as you need for more information.

Rune: the value in hands on magic negativity

The Value of the runes in the diagnosis on the negative is very important. You first need to memorize the symbols that clearly indicate the damage:

  • Perth (just inverted).
  • Laguz (in the literal and inverted).
  • Eyvaz.
  • Hagalaz.

If the datathe runes drop, in combination with the rune Odal, you have the ancestral curse. In the case when a combination of bad rune with a symbol of Mannaz, the man himself courting yourself in trouble.

Rune case using symbols you can define, as it was under a magic spell

  • Gebo means gift.
  • Odal symbolizes the lining in your home.
  • Berkana or Largus point to the food, which came magic.

Keep in mind that runes need to be considered together. If necessary, you can refer to the symbols and ask the necessary questions.

How to diagnose protection

If you are just beginning to work with ancient runes, you need to do this alignment, as diagnostics of the protection. Runes in this case, the prompt availability of protection, its nature and power in the moment. Primarily, this ritual is worth doing for yourself, it will help to better distribute its energy. The Magi are advised to diagnose the defense, their own and others, every time you plan to work with the other person. It can have a powerful shield that can bring you trouble.

Diagnosis on protection is as follows:

  • You will need five runes that need to be put on the queue.
  • In the upper row from left to right are placed two runes;
  • In the second row in the same manner and under the first two runes;
  • The fifth symbol is placed between the third and fourth in the last row.

Each rune has its own meaning:

  • 1 - the presence or absence of protection of nature;
  • 2 - view of this protection;
  • 3 - presence or absence of magical protection from the outside;
  • 4 - the nature of the protection (dark or light magic);
  • 5 - General characteristics (update frequency, the force of the external impact and the like).

The Value of the runes in such hands is treated according to the General characteristic set of symbols.

Diagnostics protection runes

Rune diagnosis of chakras

Diagnosis of the chakras runes are not the most popular alignment. But it can bring some benefit. For carrying out the alignment you need to focus on the chakra that you want to check. You need to start with the mental and enter in a state of complete relaxation. As soon as you relax and feel ease in all body parts, take both hands and shake their runes. The winning symbol will indicate the state of your chakras. This action is necessary to comply with all seven chakras in turn.

In good condition indicate the following rune:

  • Fecho;
  • Tors;
  • Ansuz;
  • Raido;
  • Gebo;
  • Iera;
  • Algis;
  • Soul;
  • Manas;
  • Angus.

To Worry is if dropped:

  • Hagalaz;
  • Nautiz;
  • ISA.

Additional questions trebuut:

  • Urus;
  • Kane;
  • AVAS;
  • Part;
  • EVAs;
  • Lagos.

In Addition to the nature to the value of each of the dropped runes should be added to its original value.

As: what is and how to do diagnostics

If you want cool to change my life, you can make a rune of becoming. Diagnosis of runogramma will help you to test the effectiveness of the applied symbols. Becoming is a few runes, meaning the installation. They should be applied on the man or his photo. Most installations have long been established, so you should not experiment and invent your own.

To Diagnose becoming three runes. Before you pull them out of the bag, to mentally ask about the work of stav for you or the person on whom it is imposed. The first rune indicates the essence of the elongated rod, the second its impact, and the third is the final result. If you have any questions, you can pull clarifying symbols, but don't forget to ask the right question.

Interpret the meaning of signs is necessary based on shared values. At first it may seem complicated, but with experience and growth of the gift you will be much easier to work with the runes and interpret them.

Runes how to make the diagnosis

Runes are absolutely extraordinary magical tool. They can protect people and completely change his life, pointing her in a different direction. But do not forget that all magic requires responsibility and caution. Otherwise, you run the risk of incurring the wrath of the higher powers. But they still best friends.

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