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People's Attitude towards snakes since ancient times was extremely negative, as evidenced by existing Proverbs and sayings. So, the snake in human consciousness associated with meanness, treachery, meanness and betrayal. Moreover, even when pronouncing the name of this reptile man begins to experience an involuntary fear that introducing something cold and slippery. By the way, such negative stereotypes of snakes formed only in the Central and Western part of the world, in the East, is a respected creature. But as the Russian people do not feel to grovel this warm feeling, then a dream in which the dream of the Cobra, often do not Bode well, warning of possible danger.what dreams Kobra it Should be noted that the dream books of different authors somewhat disagree what dream Cobra.

Attacking Cobra

Most Often a Cobra, prigotovitsya attack means a certain enemy, which for a long time holds a grudge and wants to hurt you or your loved ones. A bad sign if the Cobra in the dream still attacked and bit you. This means that you can not avoid trouble, and evil people will prevail. You need to keep in mind that any dream where the snake attacks the dreamer, heralds the beginning of action on the part of your enemies. But if you manage to escape from the snake or, even better, to kill her, the trouble will not touch you. You also need to pay attention to what was in your dream even animals, except snakes. Dream dog means that in a situation with the enemy will take part your friend shows dream interpretation. The Cobra that bites other people, not you, warns you that soon you will unfairly hurt the devoted friend. Dream interpretation Kobra


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A Dream in which you relax to nature and then suddenly appears a snake is attacking you, foretells that some rash acts you will antagonize people. Therefore, once you have someone hurt in real life, immediately ask for forgiveness, otherwise you will become the enemy.

The meaning of the dream about the Cobra for women

Women are very impressionable nature, but because they dream books give the individual an explanation of what dream Cobra. For them first of all serpent means the negative male energy. This dream can have two interpretations: to warn about the imminent betrayal by the partner, or to indicate that your will is completely subordinated to your loved one. And while it did not lead to trouble, you need to get rid of its effects. Had a dream that you are bitten by the murdered someone a snake? So, your loved one will make you suffer, according to dream interpretation. This vision is a warning that it takes more strength to give to the relationship, if you want to avoid betrayal. If you dream you admire the snake, soon you face to experience oppression. However do not let that scare, because the situation will last not for long - soon you will save the people with influence in life.

What does a snake in a dreamIf a woman sees the snake of her partner, it suggests that soon their relationship will improve. Some dreams believe that the dream involving this reptile means that the woman will be provided attention.

Catch Cobra

Caught in a dream Cobra? In reality all your efforts will be in vain, and your proposed ideas will not be appreciated. The healer Evdokia explains what dreams Cobra, you hold in your hands. To develop a risky strategy aimed at overcoming difficulties and achieving goals. Known as dream Miller interprets this vision of the upcoming problems. As you can see, both interpretations foreshadow certain difficulties. Some dreams believe that the dream in which you are holding the Cobra, means a long journey and meeting a new friend and promises to the sleeping person, positive energy and well-being in the near future.

Kill a Cobra in a dream

If you dream that you catch and kill a snake then it is a good dream, said dream. Cobra, the dream is already dead, and will not get you into trouble. You can be sure that all the plans of your enemies will crash like a house of cards, giving you the opportunity to achieve the plan. In addition, the massacre of the snake means that you do not see ourselves any obstacles and ready to do whatever it takes to implement their plans. Cobra in the dreamThus, to kill a snake in a dream means that in life you will emerge victorious from any difficult situations.

To See a large number of snakes

Dream a dream in which you are surrounded by large numbers of cobras? It is a very bad vision, warning you that behind your back they plot. Moreover, several people are ready to make you vile, and therefore be very careful.

I had a Dream that pass by a large number of snakes? This dream speaks of you constantly living in fear. You afraid of everything, fearing even perfectly safe things.

Dreams of writhing snakes? So, you are plagued by remorse. Perhaps you have committed some improper act after which now embarrassed. So, if you see a dream, think that was done in spite of conscience, and try to change it.dream CobraNot so good if you had to find that the snake means in a dream near the cat, as this dream suggests that, in addition to the main enemy, there are still detractors who will try to discredit you. If in a dream saw a whole bunch of cobras, you know that around is a lot of people who envy you and are willing to go to any meanness to hurt. If dreamt a similar dream, be sure to look at their surroundings. Wondering what dreams the Cobra rolled in a ball? Such a dream warns that enemies are lurking and waiting for the right moment to attack.

See Cobra near you

If you had a dream in which a snake crawls by, then for a long time all the problems and sadness will get you a party. But still be more prudent to come true this dream. Cobra-snake, which is considered one of the most dangerous reptiles, but because any dream with her, even if she just looks at you, should alert. Dream a Cobra snake

In the dream see how a Cobra eats some kind of animal? Be careful, your property is in danger. To dream of a Cobra that dances to the tune, means that the evil plans of your enemies will be implemented. Cobra black suggests that soon can come the tough times. Saw a snake in the water? Wait for the appearance in their environment false person. Also you should know that the snake means in a dream, which winds its way around you without causing any harm. It is a good dream, it means that in reality you will suffer a strong sense, which can end the marriage.

How to behave in real life after a dream about Cobra?

Any dream, Cobra (snake) which somehow appeared, does not Bode well. But don't panic, because the night dreams is not that other, as a manifestation of unconscious thoughts of the person. Therefore, receiving an omen of danger, do not rush to make drastic actions, first try to observe how things are going.

To protect himself, after a dream, which had a Cobra, try to control your speech and don't do anything rash. Also, do not enter into conflicts, and to pay attention to the provocations of the enemies. Your restraint and patience definitely will be rewarded!

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