Horoscope compatibility: Leo and Leo compatibility in marriage


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The Lions are much different from the rest giroskopicheskikh signs of the zodiac uncontrollable temper and violent temperament. Very often they enter into a relationship and create a family without love. In man they are more attracted to the social importance and material wealth, rather than human qualities.

Love compatibility

Leo and Leo compatibility in marriage

Leo and Leo compatibility in marriage is quite low and in some cases doomed to “failure” between people. According to astrologers, such a Union is extremely rare, as both sign see in each other competitors and strive to be leaders in relationships, they are not willing to make concessions and compromises. A serious relationship is possible only if two lions will be engaged in a common cause that can unite their views and to direct boundless energy in the right direction.

The Boring everyday life and everyday problems they are not able to constructively address – their routine upsetting. Family life will be like “volcano”, each trying to pull the blanket on itself, and to dictate the rules of life. In this hard battle, no one will make concessions. Even intimate life will not be able to reconcile a few – nor the slightest compromise is not ready to go lion. Compatibility in marriage is very complex, and sometimes after a long relationship, there comes the gap.

Leo zodiac sign General characteristics

But there are exceptions to the rule, in the case that both will be able to tame my pride. Then their life will turn into a real pleasure, and his nights in long hours of enjoyment. People of this sign know how to give a sexual life romantic character, they can spend hours playing in the prelude and to enjoy the company of each other. Harmony in the intimate life is not a myth, but an achievable reality. It is worth noting that in tandem Leo and Leo compatibility in marriage can be prosperous, but very rarely.


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General characteristics

The Element of lions – fire, they are under the protection of the planet from the Sun. They are from early childhood, occupy a leading position, always active and cheerful. Those born under the constellation of Leo appreciate the splendor, luxury, chic, eager to control the world around them, love to manipulate people and bend their will. But despite the dictatorship is a negative and predominance in the nature of tyranny, these signs are very fair and noble.

They are stubborn, their innate excessive frankness and a complete lack of a sense of self-preservation sometimes rises against them. Zealous desire to resolve unclear situations and conflicts often becomes a problem and takes them out of balance. In their character there are good points such as honesty, loyalty, generosity and loyalty. To society and even his family is very demanding zodiac sign is Leo. General characteristics only generalizes the similarity of the characters of all the people born under this constellation. Major weaknesses - vanity, flattery, arrogance and pride.

Leo woman compatible in marriage

Psychosexual characteristics

Fiery signs - extremely passionate and sensual person. Lions are easy to passionate love-impulses. Although they are rarely seen due to their pride to resort to casual sexual relations. With a great desire for this sign will be able to seduce any partner and it's easy to enchant.

Typical Leo powerful and sensitive at the same time, he presents himself as the true conqueror, and strives to be on top. It is important that the partner was loyal to, only then he will perform sexual acts. Both men and women of this sign giroskopicheskikh prefer a gentle and strong bond.

The Lions are very regular in behavior and prefer proven “trails”, rarely change their habits. They surround themselves with only noble allies, clearly fulfilling their wishes and orders. They position themselves highly intelligent people who know how to rule the world.

The Female lion: compatibility in marriage with other signs

The Lionesses are never left without male attention, next to their person always crowds of fans. They are by nature vain and like luxury. If a man isn't paying enough attention, not gives gifts and flowers, such a worthless fan, he'll never win a favor.

To Tame a Lioness it is impossible, therefore, when choosing such a woman, think – you pull it or not. Should carefully examine astrological compatibility signs. Lion it will be able to understand which of the zodiacal constellations it is most suitable, and who can develop a perfect relationship.


Both passionate and eccentric nature, the Union is favorable.

Leo compatibility in marriage


The Marriage bond is impossible, as both are very stubborn.


The Union strong and durable. In a pair will dominate the lion.


The Prognosis with Cancer is generally favorable, as the Cancer give their partner.

The lion and the lion

Compatibility in marriage it is difficult to imagine because the two leaders in the same apartment will be crowded. The relationship promises to be hot and passionate to the end.


A male Virgin family life will turn into hell. Royal arrogance, eccentricity and stubbornness not to the liking of the virgin.


With Weights is also unlikely to succeedto build a serious relationship. The turbulent temper of a Lion and the love of freedom Scales will not be able to get along.


Union with Scorpio disadvantaged.

horoscope compatibility signs Leo


Here is a perfect option for a Lioness. He will continue to inspire wife.


With Capricorn will be very difficult. Both will fight for a place under the sun.

Aquarius and Pisces

Unwanted marriage with the Aquarius and Fishes.

Man-Leo: Zodiac sign compatibility

With a RAM – a good and long Union, although there may be scandals and misunderstandings.

Calf – severe the marriage bond. The relationship will constantly be conflicts, but it is unlikely to provoke a divorce.Leo sign compatibility

The Twins – and profitable relationship. Sensible women-the Twins will be able to find an approach to emotional and eccentric lion. Harmony and romance for a long time will be to accompany the couple.

Cancer – promises a rapid separation.

Compatibility Horoscope - Leo the Lion - promises a long and bright relationship. The inevitable friction and emotional outbursts. In sexual life everything is fine.

With the Virgin marriage will develop in a perfect way, but in that case, if the pair will not dwell on domestic issues.

With Weights quickly establish warm and sincere contact. Life together will be peaceful and joyful.

With Scorpio relationship rests only on the intimate life. Marriage is inevitably doomed to failure.

With Sagittarius well formed business sexual Union.

With Capricorn dark and short-lived relationships.

With Aquarius contradictory ties, although divorce happens very rarely.

Fish to be quite successful and prosperous Union. Lion need to carefully monitor the fidelity of the wife, not to stay with the nose.

How to position Lion

It Should be noted that Lions are susceptible to flattery, so if you want to attract his attention, usually speak gentle words of praise in his address. They love being admired, idolized, show tenderness and kiss. Women of this sign are ready for days to listen to compliments. Male Lions are no different – the longer the companion admires his courage, strength and determination, the more petting and love she gets in return.horoscope compatibility Leo

The Lions absolutely do not accept, when they are compared. They are true narcissists and carefully monitor their appearance, require the same from a partner. Anyone who wishes to seduce a Leo, just have a good and expensive look. People of this sign are very sensitive approach to the design of your love nest. To create an intimate atmosphere they are ready for more. To curb the stubborn Lion is almost impossible, he can only adjust.

The Lions are ready to enter into a relationship with a less graceful, smart and sexy man, but this Union will last as long as the life partner will be completely dissolved in it, to cater to all whims, desires, to share his point of view and to be on the “role”. The male lion chooses his wife's meek and modest girl of Royal blood. Female Lions, however, prepared to consider an ordinary guy, as long as he was generous, attentive and affectionate. Practice shows that partners of this zodiac sign are losing their individuality, blending into the satellite.


Summing up, it should be noted that all information on astrological compatibility brings the evaluation function on the basis of which it is possible to approximate zodiacal affiliation in General. A more detailed horoscope based on birth dates of the couple. From the above we can conclude that a long and happy life can live the marks lion and lion. Compatibility in marriage of two members of a constellation depends on the planetary aspects. Learn how to find compromises and to listen to each other, then no horoscopes you won't be able to separate.

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