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New year holidays-is a popular time for prophecy and divination. The Old New year, in the night from 13 to 14 January, it is possible to penetrate the secrets of the future, because it is a special mystical time. It is believed that at this time on the planet creates a powerful energy vortex. The forces of good and evil descend to Earth to celebrate “a meeting of Melenki and Vasil”.

Tradition and history

We All know that the Old New year has been celebrated since then, as many countries switched to Gregorian calendar. But on 13 and 14 January Orthodox Christians celebrate and two other occasion. That they are associated with such traditions as the singing of Christmas carols and divination on the Old New year. So, the number 13 is venerated the memory of Saint Melania, and 14 January - Saint Basil of Caesarea. It is for this reason say that this night is happening “meeting of Melenki and Vasil”. Ceremonies that are held these days are pagan and direct relationship to Orthodoxy have not.

guessing the future

In this holidays to have fun: to dance, to sing, to visit, to cook and to eat various Goodies. Of course, before the fun was guessing. Young girls gathered together and tried to predict their fate. Over time, it became noticed that divination on the Old New year almost all came true. And in our time has preserved many such rituals. Somebody is wondering for the sake of interest, someone to really get to know their future. But, in fact, many – it's just entertainment. So, what is this ways to know your future?

The Guessing for the whole family

And you know that you can predict the future of not only themselves, but also friends, and friends? Each nation has for this is her secret. For example, in China, they bake the fortune cookies, but the Slavs sculpt dumplings. Some of them put surprises. Of course, the point is that by filling to identify what each person in this new year:

  • Coin – financial well-being.
  • The Ring ’ wedding.
  • Salted dumpling – to quarrel.
  • Sweet stuffing – a success.
  • Nuts – a lot of groupies or fans.

It is Very important to warn guests that the meal is waiting for them a little surprise, so they do not accidentally hurt his teeth. In the family circle is divination on the Old New year would be great fun.


About this ritual is known to many, although not all consider it safe enough. This divination allows you to see your future husband. For this in midnight from 13 to 14 January in room set up two mirrors opposite each other so as to obtain the mirror. Girl in any case should not appear. Between the mirrors put two candles. After that you need to read the plot:


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“my Betrothed, disguised! Come, face me in one of those mirrors”.

After, you need to carefully watch what they reflected. In a short time in one of the mirrors will appear in a future lover. It does not need to be afraid, it is impossible to say, but you need to carefully study the appearance of the guy, because soon you will meet.

the fortune telling mirror

Another, similar divination, performed with a single mirror. Girl needs to sit down in front of him and light the two candles from different sides. You need to look carefully at yourself. In a short time in the reflection you will see that behind you is a man. To him it is impossible to face. He may even say something to you or give any thing.

Learn husband

There are many different divination on the Old New year at her spouse. They are all very simple, but, despite it, many come true. It turns out that magical night from 13 to 14 January, you can even find out the name of her husband. Go out with friends on the street and ask the first passer-by men his name. And the name of your betrothed. You can also write different male names on small pieces of paper. Roll them and put them under the pillow. In the morning, just open your eyes and say, “Well, my soul mate, get to know?" and remove from under the pillow of one of the papers. The name on it will be the name of your future husband.

There is another interesting divination on the Old New year on her spouse that allows you to learn the first letter of his name. This requires a bowl of water, a candle, an Apple and a knife. Turn off the lights, light a candle, blow on Apple and over a bowl cut with a little sandpaper. Let her fall into the water. What letter skin will look like – and that is the first name of the groom.

Alignment maps

In the night from 13 to 14 January, any kind of prophecy shows the truth. For this reason, many girls at this time sit at the table and begin to -- to divine. In order to know the future, just lay out the simple scenario: “What happened? What is? What will happen?”. Tarot cards on the Old New year, you can carry out together with friends, and you can ask about any things. For this divination from the deck to pull three cards for each question.

Four kings

There is another way by which you can learn more about your husband. To do this, before sleep put pillow under four kings. In the morning, just opened his eyes, took one of the cards.

  • Heart – wealthy and attractive.
  • The
  • Of clubs is a serious and very responsible.
  • Peak – jealous and quarrelsome.
  • Diamonds – the most desirable and beautiful.

Divination by candlelight

With candles, and walnut shell, you can determine how many girls will get married first and who is last. It will also need a small saucepan with water. Each of the girls picks a small candle and sets it in the half shell. It is very important not to confuse the so-called “boat”. For this, you can stick a tag on each of them or just take a candle of a different color. Now all you need to put the shell, with candles on the water. If “boat” is sinking, it means that the girl is not destined to marry. Whose candle will burn down first, and the wedding will be soon.

Wax and water

Divination on the Old New year on the plugs can be accomplished by using a conventional wax. For this purpose it should be put in an iron tank and put on a small fire. When it melts, pour it into a saucer of cold water.

Divination on the old new year coffee grounds

Formed a bizarre figure, which can determine what happens to girls in the future:

  • Heart – love;
  • Cross – separation;
  • Zipper – unexpected news or event;
  • Animal (cat, dog, bird) – pregnancy;
  • Clock & ndash; financial success;
  • Angel – changes;
  • Butterfly – happiness;
  • The circle – difficult situation;
  • Spiral – the acquisition of something new;
  • Drops across the surface of the water – cash receipts.

Coffee grounds

Just like divination on the Old New year in the future can be carried out without wax and water, and with the help of delicious filter coffee. In principle, the values will be almost the same, but the divination process is a little different. The first step is to cook in Turku quality coffee and with grounds to pour it into the Cup. While you will enjoy the excellent taste and aroma of the beverage, you should think, what you care about. Mentally formulate your question. Leaving a little liquid in the Cup, cover it with a saucer, and turn sharply. On the picture you can see the answer to your question. Here's some values:

  • Star – successful resolution of cases;
  • Dog – loyal friends;
  • Flower – all desires will be fulfilled soon;
  • Axe/knife – you have challenges;
  • Fish & ndash; romance.

Read the book

A Great way to have fun and learn the answers to their questions is a simple divination on the Old New year using the book. Literature can be almost any. Perfect detective or romance, but the books is better not to use. Let's see how the book pages. Now you need to close your eyes, ask the question mentally to call 2 numbers. The first would mean the page and should be no more than pages in a book, but the second – the number of lines (usually not more than 15-30). Now open and read what is written there. This will be the answer to your question.

For fun you can also try another similar method. For this you need to use a large encyclopedia of the animals. Make any guy or the name of a friend and ask “what he is(a) an animal?”, then randomly open the book, closed my eyes, poke your finger at any place. Read what is written there. Sometimes it turns out very funny.

Divination in the name of Mr. right

Divination on the Old New year wish

Every girl has their secret and intimate dreams. Of course, it is very interesting to find out whether they come true. It was on the Old New year this can be verified, and for this there are a variety of ways. The first and most popular – the use of cereals or coffee beans. It is necessary to focus on the desire, take a handful and pour it on the table. Then you need to count the number of seeds. If even, this year the wish will come true, if odd-no.


Pets can also help to learn their fate. To do this, take pet, stroke it and send to another room (required threshold). Close the door and mentally formulate the question. Now, again, call animal. If it crosses the threshold of the right paw – the wish will come true if the left – no. Is that the pet does not want you to go. In this case, it would mean that your desire is formulated incorrectly.

With dogs, you can also find out where the groom lives. To do this go to the gate and say, “Zalai, zalai, sobachenka, zalai, gray top!”

Respectively, from the side where it is heard barking – there lives the one. If he barks its a dog, so he's closer than you think, and if within 7 minutes, the street is still quiet, you're not getting married any time soon.

Basic rules of divination

In order For the result of the divination was more truthful, must follow certain rules. So, guessing under the Old New year's resolutions can be with my friends, but the result is not worth it anymore to tell anyone. All the participants of such a ritual as if connected, but if the information becomes known and strangers, nothingcome true.

Despite the fact that some divination before the Old New year was supposed to be humorous, it is not necessary to treat them too lightly. Everything a person truly believes – it always does.

Divination by candlelight

It Should be noted that the Orthodox Church does not welcome Yule divination, so while their conduct is not necessary to read the prayer, be baptized, and think about God. If you are a sincere Christian believer, then this idea should be abandoned, since such rituals is considered a sin.

Before the divination on the Old New year in the future, you should not drink alcohol or smoke. It can attract evil forces, and answers to your questions will be untrue. You should not accept all the results as the truth of last resort and need to listen to your intuition.

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