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Many people are acquainted with the horoscope, zodiac sign, and the similarity with real characters and habits of the representatives of these descriptions impressed them. So often when parents expect replenishment in the family, they turn to horoscopes to find out about your future kid. Because children's descriptions of characters can not only to acquaint parents with the nature of the baby, but also to suggest how best to raise such a child, what would be better for him and much more.

For Example, a small Scorpion can immediately recognize from the cradle by expressive, hypnotic eyes. This magnetism will not leave a small representative of that mark throughout his life. When the child-Scorpion examines a father and a mother, I feel like he looks into the soul and knows much more than those who made it to the light.

Description child

Children under the sign of Scorpio are very attracted. No matter what their appearance, they from birth are very strong energy and can influence others almost on a telepathic level. There are different children born under this zodiac sign. Some of them are noisy, confidently learn about the world and demanding to him.

baby Scorpion

There are children with very deep inner world, while they are calm and quiet. Such a child-Scorpion is very nice, is neat, seriously, it will not throw food or to indulge in during the meal. If he shazde clothes, then he asks you to change him.

Sign of the zodiac Scorpio (children). Characteristics in kindergarten

These children have a hard time in kindergarten. According to them, everyone is trying to hurt them. No matter what the reason, they will still pouts and gets all confused. Even the smallest request of the teacher may seem to them a compulsion, as if infringing upon their rights. Any little thing causes such children have a real emotional storm. Any dispute they take something important at the level of world scale and will be the last to prove his innocence by any means. This is a terrible Quibbler.


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Scorpio: characteristics of the sign. The child in the school

Lack of Restraint and impulsivity can be very harmful to them in school. In most cases, the whole school, regardless of the ages, knows about the child-Scorpio. Academic success they will be different, it all depends on the student. Child-Scorpio can be a good student and a bully. Strict and overbearing teacher cause them to have respect, weak – on the contrary, irritate. They have a good memory and a strong sense of purpose.

child Scorpio girl

It's impossible to quarrel because it is vindictive and vengeful children. They never forget their own grievances and are willing to live with them all my life. Like to choose victims and mock them either morally or physically, depending on personal preference. The only way to avoid it – to create all the conditions so he just didn't have time to look for victims. These children love to criticize, they will be able to find even the smallest detail.

The child

It's unpredictable kids, it's their uneven temperament. With them you will never get bored, because they can easily switch from a passive state into a feisty and impulsive. At birth the baby already has intimate experience. He is very distrustful and suspicious, even people close to you. baby boy ScorpioRighteousness they believe always, so do not be surprised if a small child will tell parents about their rights very early. It is worth noting that such children simply are not able to give. Therefore, in order to persuade them to do something, you need to have ingenuity and wit. Cunning and deceit will manifest itself in the child very early. Fighting and finishing moves – one of the early qualities of small Scorpions. And if they are unable to convince someone, then that will be tricky, but did not retreat.

They Have no fears, so to beat them in the dispute almost impossible. It is also worth noting that these children have a wonderful sense of humor. There is one pattern that can be explained only by the consumption of a small Scorpion. Around the time of his birth (maybe a little before or after) in the family someone will die.

zodiac sign Scorpio baby girl

Education of the Scorpion

Parents are very concerned about the question of how to raise a baby-Scorpion? For a boy of Scorpion and girls, we need a friendly, harmonious, but at the same time and strict environment. He constantly needs to prove that parents are more important to him, not otherwise. Strictness in this matter in the first place, but the humiliation and high-profile showdown unacceptable. These children respect strength, but if not, then they immediately take the situation into their own hands.

For them in the people, dedication, self-confidence and uniqueness. It is important in every way to show them that they are important and valuable, for example, consulting them. This will instill in them a sense of responsibility for parents. Thus, a child will be aware of your full rights in the family and begin to prove your worth. Otherwise, he will manifest a bad character. In principle, the behavior of which determines the zodiac sign Scorpio for children who can study,if you carefully observe him. If not, baby will forever remain a “mystery man” in the house. It does not apply morals, he hears the parents only in case if it will talk on equal terms.

Scorpio characteristics mark the child


From an early age should be taught to love people. Child-Scorpio (male) is very aggressive and it can corrode it from the inside, leading to troubles and diseases. Just teaching him to analyze other people's actions, you will be able to explain that conflicts should be resolved carefully and quietly, otherwise the flow of aggression can not be avoided.

Over any lack of this sign need to work carefully, so that the child-Scorpio (boy) did not see. You can watch movies or read books together and then discuss the story. Representatives of this sign are very hard to perceive pressure, but I love to understand yourself, how the world works.

children under the sign of Scorpio


It is Also very important to teach Scorpio to love yourself. Besides natural propensity to violence, it is even more hard on yourself. If a child child-Scorpion, the girl, in particular, considers himself ugly, this is very bad because she will drive herself scores and beat yourself up. These children love to be alone. No need at such moments to try to climb into their soul. They must always remain something mysterious and secret, Scorpio girl has that right. But note that the representatives of this sign a natural inclination to drugs.


It is Important to instill in him compassion for the weak and defenseless, after all, the birth of a child-Scorpion is ruthless. Need to limit toys aggressive and negative cartoons and fill it the world of good fairy tales and stories. A pet will also help to awaken the child's responsibility and the desire of good.

The Representatives of this sign – the most prone to criminal activity, so it is very important that nothing is missed in their upbringing. The boy is a Scorpio, which brought up correctly, will be very courageous and stubborn, he was independent and proud, such people capable of the feat. If the intelligence of the baby will be at a high level, the zodiac sign Scorpio - a child, a boy or a girl, choose a decent and light way. Only high development and high-quality education is able to protect him from the evil path.


Very often, Scorpions manifest occult powers. So watch out for the baby, it needs to be protected from any mysticism, especially when you consider his natural sensibility. If it is too late to protect, apply a maximum of efforts to explain him all the danger of these occupations and Hobbies. It is better to go to Church with him - this allows the sign of Scorpio. The child will understand the spiritual world is completely under your control.

What diseases can be

The weakest point of a child-Scorpion is the lower part of the abdomen. Very often at an early age can manifest cystitis, and from there the disease may go to the kidneys, as in the zodiacal circle they are very close with Weights. It is therefore important to ensure that the treatment of any disease ever to end.sign of Scorpio for kids

If in the process of upbringing a child is beaten or yelled at, in the future, expect frequent visits to the neurologist, because hysteria – a very common disease among representatives of this sign. Zodiac sign Scorpio-a child (a girl especially) is weak before the hepatitis, measles and dysentery.

Scorpios often early begin the sexual life. Because of their temperament it can be messy, and accordingly, visits to the doctor can be frequent.

However, these children are very strong, so over a sick child should not be worn, better to give him a chance to rest.

What professions fit

Scorpions are more suited to those professions, which are based on dedication, endurance and patience. The manifestation of the fighting spirit is very exciting representatives of this sign. Police or military service perfectly to fit them. The boy is a Scorpio will be happy to play spy, and this interest, emotions will remain with him until the end of life. Thanks to his intuition, they become excellent investigators and forensics. Any disclosure of secrets they are subject.

You Can also consider the political and social activities. Many representatives of this sign choose the path of human rights defenders. Also they'll be fine with medicine. In the field of journalistic activity they will also be where to turn, because there are many unresolved cases of secret fraud, and other dangers and mysteries, awaiting his announcement.

Boys Scorpions love cars and guns, also they are attracted by the aerospace, aviation, chemical industry and space.

Among the representatives of this sign a lot of creative people, who either create masterpieces, or be the perfect critics.

A Baby Scorpion (the girl) might be interested in alternative medicine and healing. Among her interests – phytotherapy and cosmetology.

Remember, to impose on the profession, such a child is impossible. The zodiac sign Scorpio (girl or boy) will choose it himself thanks to his intuition, whichis very well developed.

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