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At first glance, the Capricorn man seems soft and vulnerable, but the stars have skillfully placed their traps: the appearance is deceptive.

Capricorn man: characteristics of a character in the work

Capricorn male characteristicsThere is no doubt that under this Zodiac sign are born the best employees. This single-minded people who know the value of their words and actions. Such personality traits as prudence, patience and resourcefulness, a positive impact on their career. Often the Capricorn holds the position of Director of a commercial enterprise with a large staff. Men of this sign expect a career politician, actor or writer, have good scientists and doctors. Proverb “Patience and a little effort” – the best feature of the sign. Capricorn man chooses a profession, on the basis of those personality traits, which he was awarded the stars. One of the best areas of activity may be associated with the mountains (climbing and mountaineering), banking, engineering and real estate. Feels Ibex and the head of the chair of trade Union, party and state apparatus.

Capricorn man: characteristics of a character in money matters

The Main feature of men born under the constellation of Capricorn – feature of the sign of Capricorn malePrudence, which is often confused with excessive caution, frugality, and even avarice. To achieve its objective, the Capricorn is willing to endure hardships and privations, will never go in circumvention of the law, and the innate honesty in the end always brings it with the right people. He is not inclined to empty spending, it's prudent owner, carefully counting their wealth and building plans for its enhancement. He is confident that work – the main weapon in achievement of the goals.

Capricorn man: characteristics of the mark in matters of health

Who is familiar with representatives of this sign, is surprised their ability to look younger by the day. Boys-Capricorns seem to be wise old men who are always on something thinking. With age, the young man loses the seriousness, acquiring Capricorn man characteristics in loveInstead of a cheerful disposition and carelessness. Kids up to seven years characterized by ill health, but it passes. The weak point in the body of the mark – the musculoskeletal system, particularly the bones, ligaments. Should be afraid of bruises, sprains and leg injuries. With age, the male Capricorn is susceptible to arthritis, deafness and hypochondria, which involves constant reflection about their illnesses.

Capricorn man: characterization of in love

Usually shy and modest, they suppress their passion from time to time. And only after completing his studies, starting their own business and firmly standing on its feet, Capricorn allows himself to plunge into the surging ocean of love. Young men capable of a long time to accompany the girl home, but did not kiss her. In adulthood Capricorn man comes to the decision to enter into a marriage of convenience, weighing all «over» and «against». In connection with the long period of maturation Capricorn often almost thirty years, remains inexperienced in the intimate sphere, after he tries to catch up. Male Earth is not accustomed to flattery and acting out of love, here, as in any other field, it has to be fair.

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