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What you need for the baptism of a child? You must, first, choose the temple, which will be performed the sacrament. The rite of baptism belongs to the chief sacraments, which help a person in life.

In the Church need to approach that priest, who is entrusted with this duty. He will have to hold a conversation about the essence of the sacraments, to tell you what you need for the baptism of a child, including about who can be godparents. The temple will record all the data about the child and his parents: date of birth, surname, name, patronymic (for this you will need to present the birth certificate of the child and the passport of father and mother, as well as uspremniku).

The conversation with the priest will have to come all four parents – normal and godparents. Without this conversation, the priest will perform the sacrament: the godparents must know that it is necessary for the baptism of the child, and meet the requirements, which makes the Church.

Traditionally, baby supposed to be baptized on the eighth or the fortieth day after birth. Godparents make a commitment to raise him in the Orthodox spirit.

Godparents need to choose good friends, close friends, and even better - relatives. To spiritual parents have the obligation to replace the child's parents, if with them something happens. The Church says that they are responsible for your godson before God in the same way as for their own children.

But if the selected persons do not belong to the Orthodox Church, they are better at uspremniku not to invite, because man, he is not a believer, nothing will be able to give his godson in the spiritual life.

Godparents (Church – uspremniku) may be two, four, six...

According to the canons of the Orthodox Church may not become their own parents, spouses - have the same godson, children under the age of fifteen, corrupt, and suffering from mental illness. And, of course, people who do not profess Orthodoxy.


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The responsibilities of godparents are not limited to gifts for birthdays (birthday) or birthday. They are obliged to pray for his spiritual child as well as your children. In addition, among their duties is to educate the godchild spiritually, to teach him the prayers, attend the temple together and take care of his morals.

Before the day of the sacrament is warned about the need for baptism of the child, parents should go to confession and receive Holy communion to stand ready for the ceremony. You also need to know by heart "Symbol of Faith" in baptism, the child will have this prayer to say on behalf of the baby.

The ritual necessary to buy a special shirt, so-called kriimu (Risco). This white cloth or a large towel or a large cloth of fine fabric, in which the child is wrapped, removing it from the baptismal font. It and everything else you need for the baptism of the child, buys the godmother: christening shirt, the cap for boy with blue ribbons for girls with pink. Baptismal shirt decided to store all his life. Risku, according to custom, after the baptism are not washed, and wrapped in her baby if sick. The godfather of what you need for the christening, buy pectoral cross with chain. It is for the priest at the beginning of the ceremony to the cross was consecrated before to wear during the sacrament.

In the temple the godfather should come in a decent form. Women should be covered (a shawl, a scarf or hat) head dress should be below the knee, no cleavage. Men should refrain from too ordinary clothes, but also shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, from home or sportswear.

In the baptismal rite involved the priest, the godparents, the baby is invited. According to accepted in the Church canons, the parents, especially the mother of the child, can be present in the sacrament.

Having Prepared everything necessary for the baptism of a child, the parents on the appointed day come to the temple at the beginning of the ceremony passed his uspremniku. The sacrament usually takes place in a special room inside the temple, which is called the baptistery (or baptistry). One of uspremniku (boy – the godfather, the girl-mother) to take the person keeps on hand. The priest performs the sacrament in the white robes, who are supposed to wear for the holidays gentlemen. First, a priest passes with the incense, saying a prayer, on the perimeter of the Church or baptistery, where will be performed the sacrament. Then the participants of the ritual face West to renounce Satan. Three times the priest asks the baby questions about whether he renounces, and spiritual parents are responsible for him, disavowing. Next, the godparents recite "the creed."

The turn of anointing: the priest, the so-called structum deals symbolic crosses on the forehead, eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears, breast, hands and feet of the baby. And at each anointing he says: "the seal of the gift of the Holy spirit. Amen." The godparents (the baby) every time I answer: "Amen." After that head  cross astrosaurs the strands of hair that wminute in specially softened wax pellet and remain in the temple as a pledge of consecration and a symbol of sacrifice to God.

Then the priest performs the final act of baptism-threefold immerses the baby in the font. Wet child the priest again passes into the hands of godparents and they wrapped it in Risco, draining moisture. Then the baby wears a cross and put cooked baptismal garment.

There is one last step: churching. The priest takes the baby and carries in front of the Royal doors of the temple – if it's a girl, the boy makes in the altar – he can someday become a priest.

Taking going toddler on your hands, the godparents agree to a commitment before God all his life to educate the godchild in the Orthodox spirit, to raise him as her own child and to answer for him, as for the blood of children, at the last judgment.

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