Taurus - sign of the zodiac. Key features


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The zodiac Sign Taurus - the element air. People born under this sign possess good mental abilities and commercial acumen. At the direction of their abilities in the right direction, man can achieve great success and material prosperity.

The Description of the zodiac sign Taurus

Taurus - sign of zodiac - this is the type of people who can live to a good old age, having no serious disease. 

Diseases and afflictions that are typical for Taurus: diabetes, various rash, fullness and obesity, allergies, cough, gout, nervous disease and mental disorder, brain disease, headaches, fatigue.

The Disease is transferred is quite difficult, recovery does not occur quickly. Most taureans a lot of smoke to quit the habit for them is almost impossible. Besides, they don't like sport, exercise a burden, they are not able to sit on diets, hence there is a tendency to obesity.

Precautions: to protect the throat, feet keep dry and warm, avoid drafts.

Taurus zodiac sign. Character

This is a sensitive and sentimental people, they are peaceful and patient, more ready to endure and to listen to his side. Don't like to fan the conflict, as it does not tolerate disharmony and uncomfortable feel. But the limit of patience is still there and if it is reached, the cells get really bad and can't control their actions.

They are very careful about constantly checking everything. For them, tend to return home from work thinking about a switched on iron. Taureans do not like to think and make decisions based often only on their intuition and not listening to the voice of reason. Among them, more than for other characters you meet are atheists.


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This is a sign of the zodiac has an exceptional memory, so he easily learning and quite often it's high-qualified specialists.

Taurus zodiac sign. Love

The Light never appears at first sight, it comes slowly and grows quickly. Often, a Taurus himself is not aware of his love, but when he realizes that people dear to him, starting to achieve it by any means. No matter how thorny the path, Taurus did not stop, even if the feeling is doomed to failure. But the love of the representatives of the sign Taurus touching, tender, and no gimmicks.

Taurus men give your woman warmth and love faithfully. They try to please their companion to comply with her wishes, surrounded by the constant attention and gifts. But inherent in them a huge sense of ownership. They are not able to forgive betrayal and deception.

The Female calves are constantly demanding from their representatives for proof of love. Having confidence in the sincerity of a partner, they become the most affectionate and gentle, love to spoil my man, loved it and cherish.

Both men And women are very temperamental in bed and require from your partner's full impact.

The Family life of Taurus is harmonious of them are just wonderful parents, which is fun to engage in with their children, but at the same time they are quite strict.

Taurus zodiac sign. The profession

At school the Bulls are confident in your professional future and strive to earn more and at the same time, they like attracts financial well-being.

Well manifest themselves in the construction and design field. The architecture, the interior of the premises, any area of construction. There is a predisposition to, occupations related to fashion and beauty. There is a ability for poetry and pedagogy, the economy and stock business.

Taureans easily undertake any business, is followed by a reward and perform it with full dedication.

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