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In this article we will give the answer to the question, which religion in Russia exist. The Russian religion is the complex of Church movements, entrenched in the lands of the Russian Federation. As a secular country, Russia defines the Constitution, effective from 1993.

What is freedom of religion? The Constitution is the document that guarantees the sovereignty of religion, and independence of conscience. It provides the right to practice personally or in conjunction with any other belief or not believe in anything. This document can be freely promoted, choose to have a religious or other beliefs, operate in accordance with them. It is known that the Federal law of 26 September 1997 No. 125-f “On the religious Association and the freedom of conscience" assured "equality before the law regardless of the views of and relationships to faith”.

religion in Russia

In Russia there is no specific Federal body to monitor the observance of the rules of religious organizations. It is known that in the USSR under the Council of Ministers there was the Council for religious Affairs.

The Basic creeds appearing in Russia are: Buddhism, Islam and Christianity (Protestantism, Orthodoxy and Catholicism). At the same time part of the Russian population does not believe in God.


What proof of God do you know? I want to tell you that the Lord of their evidence acts provides: acts either have it or you don't have faith. In Russia is official statistics of membership in the structures of the devout: the law forbids to find out from citizens their religious affiliation. As a result of the piety of Russians you can talk only after examining the results of sociological surveys of the population.


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It is Interesting that data of such events is twofold. So, in the blitz survey from 2007 of the Russian Orthodox Church said that her followers are about 120 million Russian citizens. And the leaders of Islam at the same time believed that the country's population from 13 to 49 million Muslims. But in Russia remains only 144 million souls! Therefore, one of the denominations greatly exaggerates its prominence.

freedom of religion the Constitution

In August 2012, the service “Environment” held a national research «Atlas nationalities and religions” in 79 of the 83 subjects of the Russian Federation. Here's what she found:

  • 58,8 million (or 41%) of the inhabitants of Russia belong to the Russian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Christianity).
  • 9.4 million people (or 6.5%) believe in Islam (including Shi'a, Sunni, and those who do not consider themselves neither Shia nor Sunni).
  • 5.9 million (or 4.1%) of the population profess Christianity, but do not consider myself neither Catholic, nor Orthodox, nor Protestant.
  • 2.1 million (or 1.5%) of the population profess Christianity, but are not believers and do not belong to the ROC.
  • 1.7 million (or 1.2%) consider themselves classic the religion of their ancestors, are the forces of nature and different gods.
  • 0,4% (700 000) of the inhabitants are Buddhist (typically Tibetan).
  • 0,2% (or 350,000) of the people are believers.
  • 0,2% (or 350,000) of people call themselves Protestants (Lutherans, Baptists, Anglicans, evangelists).
  • 0.1% or (170 000) people consider themselves to be Eastern religions and spiritual practices (the hare Krishnas and Hindus).
  • 0.1% (or 170 000) call themselves Catholic.
  • 170 000 (or 0.1%) are Jews.
  • 36 million (or 25%) of people believe in God but do not belong to a particular religion.
  • 18 million (or 13%) did not believe in the Lord.

It is Known that in July 2012 the service is “the Voice of Runet» conducted a survey, which revealed that the righteous are 67% of Russian-speaking visitors of the Internet.

A study by the Levada Center, conducted in November 2012 showed that the percentage of believers in Russia were distributed as follows:

  • Orthodoxy – 74%.
  • Protestant – 1%.
  • Catholicism – 1%.
  • Atheists – 5%.
  • Refused to answer – 0%.
  • Islam & ndash; 7%.
  • Judaism – 1%.
  • Hinduism <1%.
  • Buddhism <1%.
  • Another <1%.
  • Undecided – 2%.
  • To belong to Any religion – 10%.

The FOM for June 2013 looks like this:

  • Orthodoxy – 64%.
  • Do Not consider themselves worshipers of God 25%.
  • Other Christian denominations (Uniates, Protestants, Catholics, Baptists, etc.) – 1%.
  • Creeds – 1%.
  • Islam – 6%.
  • Difficult to answer, are unable to name a specific denomination – 4%.

Russian Christianity

Religion in Russia, as you can see, was widespread. Christianity is represented by three basic directions: Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Catholicism. In this country there are also followers a variety of new Christian denominations, sects and cults.


Agree, religion in Russia is ubiquitous. Will try now to study Orthodoxy. It is known that the Law of the RSFSR of 1990 (dated 25 October) was replaced by the Federal law of 1997 (from 26 September) №125-FZ “On the religious Association and the freedom of conscience”. The introductory part contains the adoption of “extraordinary role of Christians in the history of Russia”.

The Orthodox Church in Russia represented by the Russian Orthodox Church, old believers ' associations, as well as the large number of alternative (non-canonical) structures of the Russian Christian tradition.

In the Russian Christian Church is the largest religious Association in the lands of Russia. The ROC considers itself to be historically the first Russian Christian community: its government is officially the beginning was founded in 988 by the Holy Prince Vladimir, according to established historiography.

law about religion

According to the leader of «Russian Public Movement" of the analyst Svyatenkov Paul (January 2009), the ROC de facto is in a special position in the current Russian society and political life.

Promotion of Orthodoxy in Russia

How common religion in Russia? In March 2010, polls were conducted a nationwide survey, according to which 75% of the residents consider themselves Orthodox Christians. It is noteworthy that only 54% of them studied the Bible, about 73% of Christians observe the religious tenets.

Tarusin Mikhail Askoldovich, occupying the post of head of the sociological Department of the Institute of collective design, believes that this information is absolutely nothing shows. He said that these were only figures of modern Russian national identity. If we assume that the Orthodox people who are at least a couple times a year participates in the sacraments of communion and confession, their total 18-20%.

Analysts believe that the polls show that an overwhelming number of believers call themselves Orthodox on the basis of national consensus.


So, there is a God or not? Can anyone show any proof? God nobody saw. Nevertheless, historically Latin Christianity in the lands of the Eastern Slavs were present with the birth of Kievan Rus. Very often the rulers of the Russian state changed its attitude to the Catholics: either reject them, or favorably received. Today, the Catholic community in Russia has several hundreds of thousands of believers.

We know that in 1917 in Russia the October revolution was accomplished, but the Catholic churches continued to operate freely. And yet the Soviet power in 20-ies in Russia began to eradicate the belief. At the time of troubles was shot and arrested many Catholic priests, looted and closed almost all the churches. Many active members were arrested and deported. In the RSFSR after world war II there were only two Catholic churches: our lady of Lourdes (St. Petersburg) and St. Louis (Moscow).

proof of God

The Image of Christ not left Russia since the early 1990-ies, the Catholics resumed its activities in Russia. There are two Catholic Apostolic administration of Latin rite, the College of Catholic theology and of the higher spiritual Seminary.

Federal registration service in December 2006 reported that Russia has about 230 parishes, a quarter of which has no temple buildings. The wards consist of four dioceses, together United in the Archdiocese.

In 1996, in Russia the Catholics, there were from 200 to 500 thousand souls.


The Number of Protestants in Russia, R.N. Lunkin is estimated at three million people (2014). He said that more than half of them are members of a large number of Pentecostal churches and neoplasticeskih. Other major Protestant denominations include the tens of thousands of faithful citizens: Baptists, Lutherans, Evangelical Christians and Adventists.

According to the number officially issued by the Ministry of justice religious organizations Protestants in the country are in second place, behind only the Orthodox. By the way, Protestants in the Volga and North Caucasian Federal districts are also inferior to Muslims, and in the far East region takes the first place.


The Image of Christ worship and Jehovah's witnesses. One of them...

Article in other languages:

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ES: https://tostpost.com/es/el-desarrollo-espiritual/21496-la-religi-n-en-rusia-la-religi-n-del-estado-y-de-otras-religiones-de-l.html

KK: https://tostpost.com/kk/ruhani-damuy/21457-d-ni-sen-m-memlekett-k-d-n-zh-ne-bas-a-da-d-ni-sen-m-az-rg-zaman-y-res.html

PL: https://tostpost.com/pl/rozw-j-duchowy/21419-wyznania-w-rosji-religia-pa-stwowa-i-inne-wyznania-wsp-czesnej-rosji.html

PT: https://tostpost.com/pt/desenvolvimento-espiritual/21423-religi-o-na-r-ssia-estadual-de-religi-o-e-de-outras-tradi-es-de-f-da-r.html

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