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Demonology from a fairly extensive occult science has become a powerful segment of the commercially attractive idea, although the idea is not new — at all times people found attractive dark side, looking for the demon allies. Regardless of the fact that demons exist in reality or it's just a mystical belief, one cannot deny their presence in a common information space. People want to know more about demons, they are interested in almost as actively as the film stars or popular musicians. And if the name of Lucifer on everyone's lips, the demon Abaddon has gained widespread popularity relatively recently. Where did he come from, what and in what forms it appears in front of people?

demon Abaddon

Slayer from hell: demon Abaddon

Usually the primary source of accepted Jewish theology, gradually migrated to Christianity. However, there has been very clear Parallels with the Greek Pantheon of gods. Despite differences in spelling (in different sources - Apollo and Apollyon), we are talking about the same deity. Typical of ancient beliefs phenomenon — the dark side of the bright deity. Gleaming Apollo, nevertheless, sent down pestilence and plague on the enemies, fought, killed, and destroyed. A similar metamorphosis can be traced in Hindu mythology — the creative Mind (Shakti) in his dark version appears as the terrible Kali, destroyer and a murderer.

In Christian theology, the demon Abaddon is one of the princes of Hell ruling the furies. It is the ruler of the Seventh Circle, go to war, destroying and ruining everything alive. It occupies an important role in Armageddon — Abaddon will lead the hordes of ravenous locusts which in revelation is described as a pack of terrible monsters.


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the Abaddon demon photo

Expressive artistic image

For any positive hero needs a powerful and charismatic antagonist that will allow you to expand the plot in the right direction. It was the demon Abaddon as the quintessence of extermination and destruction is suitable for this purpose in the best way. Many believe that even Lucifer loses this, because his interests are more extensive, the sinfulness of too many faces, from perjury to gambling, so Hell, there are several conventional “units”. Each circle of Hell is ruled by a separate higher demon, and against the background of Abaddon stands out as clean and inevitable evil, with no branches. From the complete destruction of no tones and compromises, it makes the image of Abaddon even more frightening and expressive.

Popularity in the modern world

Computer games, fiction and poetry, music art, and finally cinema — one of the most popular images of evil, which is used to create an impressive artistic effect, it is the demon Abaddon. Photo or other image that captured the image of this demonic entity, strikingly different from each other. In old prints he is depicted as a classic devil with horns, membranous wings - or as a monstrous skeleton, covered with chunks of rotting flesh. In the hand of Abaddon has a murder weapon — a sword, spear or arrows.

In computer games, the appearance depends on the imagination of developers, it can be a chthonic monster such as the biblical locusts of Armageddon, with teeth, claws and breathes fire, or a humanised incarnation of the weapons of destruction. Cinema in this sense acts a bit sleeker.

demon Abaddon supernatural

Series “Supernatural”

Promote Abaddon has contributed to many television series “Supernatural”, where he appears as a knight of Hell, who wanted to seize power after the imprisonment of Lucifer. Contrary to the culture of contradictory images, where he appeared as a monster and as a pale expressionless young man in black glasses (Bulgakov "Master and Margarita”), the creators of the series decided to play on the contrast, and then there is a very feminine demon Abaddon. “Supernatural” generally famous for unconventional approach to visualization powerful creatures. Red-haired beauty was quite convincing in the role of a knight of Hell.

demon Abaddon actress

The Perfect image of Abaddon

The role of the demon is played by the actress of canadian origin Elaine Huffman, nee, Kalani. Before appearing on screen in this extravagant form, as the demon Abaddon, the actress actively acted in movies — the debut took place at age 13. She easily bypassed all the competitors at the casting and successfully beginning an acting career.

She managed to create in his own charming image of the demon, not burdened by human morality, and not to overreact. In “Supernatural” Abaddon conquers some perfect beauty and refinement, manners, amazing combination of charming smiles and cold eyes. Created Alanoi Huffman image unwittingly believe, without deliberate external aggression Abaddon looks more dangerous, unpredictable and uncompromising as the real destroyer of the Underworld.

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