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After seventy years of persecution of the Church in our country began to revive not only churches, but also monasteries. More and more people are turning to faith as the only means of gaining peace of mind. And some of them choose a spiritual feat and a monk, preferring the bustle of life, monastic cell. In the ordinary sense monk-it's monk, a hermit, a monk. But in the Orthodox tradition is the person who only accepts monasticism. He dressed like a monk, but can live beyond the convent walls and were not given the monastic vows.

the Monk is.

Degree in Orthodox monasticism

Monks and nuns for life are a series of steps-degrees of monasticism. Still not chosen the final path of monasticism, but living and working in the monastery called the monastery or trudnicama. Received a blessing to wear the cassock and skoufaki and made the decision to remain permanently in the monastery, a novice called novice. Rassophore novice is the one who received the blessing to wear monk clothes-a robe, hood, kamilavka and a rosary.

Then rassophore novice, took a firm decision to become a monk, taking the monastic tonsured rassophore. Monk – the last symbolic rite the tonsure of the hair and took the naming of a new name in honor of its patron Saint. The next stage – the adoption of a minor schema or a small angelic form. Thus a monk is a rite of monastic tonsure, or mantle, gives the vows of renunciation and obedience, change the name of the patron Saint and blessing of the monastic robes. The last rites of accepting the great angelic image or great schema includes repeating the same vows, symbolic hair Postrigan another change the name of a patron Saint.


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Monasticism as the degree of monasticism

“Monk” – is a word that was formed from the ancient "injection", which means "single, solitary, a hermit." So Russia called on monks Chernetsov. At the present time in the Orthodox monasteries are called monks, not the monks, had the small or great schema, and rassophore – wearing a robe, those who only expect the vows, the final adoption of all vows and naming a new name. Thus, here the monk – it is like a novice monk, and monasticism is a preparatory stage before mantle vows. According to the canons of the Orthodox Church in the monks vows can be made only with the blessing of the Bishop. In the convents, many nuns spend all their life in this monastic degree without taking the following.

The Vow of the monk

the Vow of the monk.

The Person taking monasticism gives special vows – commitment for life before God to obey and keep God's Law, Church canons and monastic rules. After passing the test – art - start extent of monasticism. They are not only monastic robes, and different rules of behavior, but also a number of vows are given before God.

Three main, which are given by the rassophore monks at the introduction into the monastic degree – the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity.

The Foundation of monasticism, the great virtue – is obedience. The monk must renounce their thoughts and will and act only on the instructions of the spiritual father. A vow of poverty – the obligation to live according to the commandments of God, to endure all the difficulties of monastic life, and to renounce all worldly goods. Chastity, as the fullness of wisdom, represents not only the overcoming of carnal desires, but spiritual excellence, their achievement, continuous presence of mind and heart in God. Chaste must be the soul for the sake of pure prayer and continuous residence in the divine love.

The Man entered the path of monastic vows must renounce all worldly things for the development of the forces of the spiritual life, to do the will of mentors. The renunciation of the old name, the renunciation of property, voluntary martyrdom, life in hardship and hard work away from the world – all these are indispensable conditions must be met by a monk for making angelic images.

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