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The Schwinn Bicycle was in the stores in our country recently. Before they were presented to us single models that were purchased under the order. What is this mark? And why is it so popular not only among fans of Cycling, but also among professionals worldwide?

A Little history

In 1895, Adolf Arnold and Ignaz Schwinn created Arnold, Schwinn and Compani. Within ten years the company has become a leading Bicycle manufacturer in North America.Bicycle schwinn

After a hundred years, the firm has become a world leader in the manufacture of high end two-wheeled “machines”. But, unfortunately, everything, even the most successful firms, sometimes going through a difficult time. Despite the fact that the company has taken the leading position in deloproizvodstva, she had not the first to produce mountain bikes, which came from the pipelines of their competitors in the late eighties. This and other failures in production have led Schwinn to a complete bankruptcy in 1993.

In 1994, the family owned company back in business. There have been major changes in the leadership of the company, production was moved from Chicago to boulder, Colorado. Thanks to competent management, in just a short period of time the company managed to regain its former glory. Updating the production and assortment of Schwinn was born again.

Bike Schwinn is well known and loved in the United States of America. For many professional athletes it is a classic, a benchmark of wielostronne. They have won major international competitions famous athletes. Like other successful companies, Schwinn has its own research centre, where tested and designed all the parts of the Bicycle, development of new advanced technologies. schwinn bikes reviews

Despite its global popularity, bicycles Scwinn in Russia is little known, so often their price is much lower than models of a similar class competitors. Purchasing a bike for middle or high-class this brand, you can save from 5 to 20% of the cost, nothing lost, neither in quality nor in design.

The company's Lineup is very solid. It is possible to see professional bike with Schwinn carbon frame, road racing model, walking samples, children's and women's options, cruisers and electric bikes. But it's not all the products of the company. In parallel, it produces a large quantity of goods for fitness.

In the ratio quality-price, the company could compete for a leadership position in the global velotron, so if you do not mind a not too great reputation of the brand in our country, then you can buy a bike Schwinn.

Find the right model in the company's range and like active rest. They will be mountain bike Schwinn mesa. Established in 2012, it represents a reliable and inexpensive model suitable for the development of the style of crosscountry.Bicycle schwinn mesa

Everyone who was lucky enough to test models of this brand, they liking. It should be noted that not only Amateurs, but also professionals like the products of the company Schwinn. Bikes, reviews of which only enthusiastic, happy to buy and young cyclists. Children's models are very diverse. They feature a bold design and an appropriate level of security. Steel frame very strong, and in places a special burden further strengthened.

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